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Episode 522: My posse!

July 6th, 2018, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, April 18th, 2018, 9:53 am

And now the Classic Sonic Mini Review! Yea forgot to do this in the sonic game!

And forgot again... Sigh sorry everyone been a busy week. Basically my editor has quit and I have had to start doing 100% of everything myself, googleadsense has given me issues and ProjectWonderAd is shutting down. Been a problematic week.

The thing is, I have never really seen the appeal of classic 2D sonic games. I'll try and give a short review. Though.

Graphics 8.5/10: Honestly design and graphic wise Sonic games have always been pretty top notch. Always colorful, vibrant and nice to look at, from the Green Hill Zone to the Chemical Plant, Sonic has always had amazing stage graphic design. But not "gameplay" stage design in my thoughts and we'll get back to that.

The reason I gave it slightly lower then perfect is that while good in look, the stages are rather random as one goes from place to place. One moment you are in a odd grass lands and then next in a casino city, then a evil mega fortress. I get some of the idea, but it never felt natural in most cases. Mario has this problem to.

Story 5/10: I mean there really isn't any in story til the adventure games except symbolism, which works for most, you are saving little forest critters from some evil mad doctor. Pretty straight forward stuff.

Music 9.5/10: If there is ANYTHING near perfect and even then most of of what isn't is my own personal taste in the style is that sonic has ALWAYS ALWAYS had stellar music. To the crush 40 in the adventure games to the jiggles in the classic first games. I can't think of many games with music as memorable as Sonic games.

Audio 5/10: Average in general. Things pop, jumps are loud and hits buzz.

Gameplay and Control within 4/10: Here is where things get dodgy. See as I said I have a problem with the 2D games in general for a number of reasons, I believe sonic only became good when it finally got into the 3d realm and was more about the speed and flow then the platforming of earlier games. I know people say you CAN do a stage fast, but whenever they try to show me I see nothing, but only ONE specific path that is fast and it's a mixed bag if it will go perfectly.

You see one of the biggest problems is that classics are a pretty heavy platform based game, NOT a speed based game like Generations, Unleashed and Sonic Forces, where the speed and flow are about reflex and memory. I am sure an arguement will be made that 2d is the same, but the problem with that is that it is bollocks. See the major difference is perspective of the character and environment. Understanding how a stage flow works and memorizing it is a lot easier when you can SEE it, and in classic games you barely see 5 feet infront of you at any given time. As for Newer ones the fact I can SEE everything coming means I can understand what it I need to do.

Along with that the controls for Sonic games go hand in hand, the controls in 2d are floaty and feel stiff, sonic hands like a drunk cow at most times and stages are design with a more gimmicky platform aspect in mind as opposed to the 3D speed and flow ones. Everyone remember the Unleashed Werehog stages? I do, cause the fun fighting aspect was not there enough and the god awful sonic platforming that hurt the flow all the time was.

This is of course my opinion and I could spend hours typing out the reason for my problems with 2d sonics, but this is meant as a mini review. Overall sonic 2d games are ok if you like that kind of thing. But I never did.

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