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Episode 499: I don't need no stinkin vari---AGH GOD! MY FACE IS MELTING!

January 26th, 2018, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, October 15th, 2017, 8:27 am

Some props out to shows. Want to throw out props to shows I have been enjoying recently and earning my respect.

My Hero Academia wonderful anime/manga which captured the reasons I enjoy ones like One Piece, full of indepth world building, good characters and emotional scenes. Highly recommend it.

Adventure Time, I know I'm probably late for this train, but I finally sat down with this since it is having it's final season, and winning an emmy, and it deserves it. While the starting seasons are enjoyable when the series starts showing it's serious story telling sides it's well done and interesting and when season 5 starts the series it's an impressive peak, and while it has earned my admiration. One other series has earned my admiration and respect to the core.

Steven Universe, with a slow start but when halfway through the first season starts on a emotion filled indepth world and character building from that point on that I can only say gave me Kenshiro man tears. I want to say Rebecca Sugar has rightfully earned my respect for achieving what I have tried for for over 20 years. To prove western writers can make a show as deep and complex as anime such as One Piece.

What they do with the characters in the show is amazing and manages to have same sex relationships which don't seem forced at all infact like adventure time heavily focusing on love, life and even death in ways surprising for this age range of show, and is minor compared to the rest of the character. Pearl being my favorite for being a genderless alien being who is one of the most human characters with flaws and basically she is a lesbian by our standards and yet not even ONCE pushing it into our face cause it's not their defining character trait, like how most shows like seem to make them being gay know right out they're gay and harping on it the entire episode. Pearl is revealed through her character, emotions and actions over the length of several seasons. One of my favorite episodes being Rose's Scabbard.

With proper characters, story, and world developing it reminds me WHY I am still doing this and still try to do, because she actually GETS IT. I am currently working on a very indepth fanart for her and a letter thanking her. After it's done I plan on posting it here.

"Super Metroid is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, and all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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