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Episode 359: Off to the market!

October 9th, 2015, 11:30 am

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Reply zignoff, June 9th, 2015, 1:22 pm

Review of J-Victory Stars. I mentioned this game awhile back, and now I'm happy to have a review for it!

Alright let's get started here.

Story 5/10: Since this is a more fighting game, the story isn't as much a focus, but I don't by that, basically you pick an arc, which sticks you with several characters from various shonen manga. The arcs are basically themed around 1 character form a team with each of the 4 major shonen jump animes of this time. Dragon ball Z, Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

The story is almost exactly the same for each person, so picking your team doesn't really change much, "God" basically calls for people to enter a tourney which of those who win get whatever they want.

Simple staging plot, but it barely evolves really.

Gameplay 7/10: Now while the game's combat, is by no means a over complex mess, nor is it Ultimates Ninja storm naruto Dumbed down to the pisser. The game has both light and heavy attacks, dashing attacks and aerial combat, along Ultimates and Supers. Also unlike Simpler fighting games, each characters handles drastically differently, meaning while they might share the same combo strings, each characters works through them in a different speed or approach. Example, Luffy in his combo's can activate higher Gears and Haki power ups if he keeps doing combo chains, which really make him very over powered, even more so when he can instantly go up a power rank with his energy charge move. Goku on the other hand has to charge Ki, but if he can make both his bars he goes super saiyan can fly, and gets access to a bunch of new moves.

One of the things I dislike, is the leveling system, in the story the characters level up, but that's not what I dislike. As I believe all games need to start adding more depth with leveling system and such, but the problem is when the leveling system only seems to be there, to well, BE THERE. Leveling doesn't unlock moves, higher stats, new characters, or well ANYTHING. It's the kind of leveling system that does jack shit, if it should my stats, and those stats had an effect on the gameplay, I might actually like it.

Next I should mention that though you can unlock everyone for play through story mode, you can't actually USE everyone in story mode. Only a select number eventually you get all the teams from the various arcs to play as, and an occasional bonus character temporarily. You can't play many characters like Frieza, Kenshiro, Raoh, Kenshin, Bobobo-bo bo-bobo, etc etc. Which really killed my like for the game.

The story mode had alot of potential as well is what is said, with random encounters, several huge maps, and even co-op gameplay, the developer did the bare minimal it feels like.

Also let me put into a special note that the co-op split screen is some of the most god awful retarded design ever, basically unless you have like a 60+ inch screen, don't even bother, as the game does the vertical bar through the map and then cuts those in half to give each person a seperate screen which makes no sense as many of the items on the screen can easily be shared. It was a half ass and lazy way about doing such a thing.

Content 5/10: Along with a very short, yet grindy story mode, we have versus, and a little challenge where is probably where you are going to get your most fun out of the game as it allows you to use any character you want and co-op it, and while me and a friend had some fun, it was a fleeting fun, and it only lasted like a day before we had done everything, they should have forgotten that god awful versus garbage and focused instead on making a really deep and fun adventure fighting co-op game.

Sound and Voices 10/10: All the sounds are very accurate to the source material as is the voice actors as well as they seemed to be into it.

Music 5/10: While there were some good songs here and there, nothing stood out in my head really.

Graphics and design 8.5/10: Overall the character models were really good, animations were well made, stages were mostly good except with some pain ones to navigate. Each characters unique art was taken into account and looks good in the game.

Overall score 6/10 Rent or Buy? Rent if possible atleast to try it, buy it if you find it for 15 bucks maybe 20 if you are a huge fan. But as for anything more then that, I give a slightly energetic MEH to this game.

"Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom is a Registered Trademark of Hudson Soft, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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Reply Piggytail (Guest), October 10th, 2015, 7:31 pm

inb4 MC goes to some game with hunger mechanic.

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