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Episode 347: caution when wet.

August 14th, 2015, 11:30 am

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Reply zignoff, June 9th, 2015, 12:36 pm

Batman Arkham Review! Since everyone and their grandmother have probably done a review by now. This might seem alittle late, but atleast it's not as late as my last one.

So the third and final installment to the arkham series, does it ed with a great bang, or fizzle like one pf those snake things.

So let's start with the scoring this will be based off the PS4 version.

Graphics 8/10: For the most part the graphics are beautiful. One of the best looking games there is, however, being more realistic in nature the graphics will age like most any other focused on more realistic nature. Most of my grips consist of some of the characters designs and the annoying ass weather effect, the rain can make it very hard to see where one is going and clutters the screen. But overall, those things can be forgiven for how amazing the game looks and plays.

Sound/Music/Voices 9/10: For the most part I can tell the voices are mainly the WB cartoon counterparts still which is an A+ for me and are acted mostly well except for Arkham Knight and Scarecrow, and from what I can understand, Mark Hamill is still playing joker which kicks ass, slight spoiler there, but by now everyone should know at least that Mr. J is still around, I'll explain how later. As for the music, what little there was, was excellent, and sounds everything played well and is crisp and clean.

Controls 8/10: Overall the controls are fine, though they do at times cause cramps in my hands due to how many puts have to be held at one time, and the mission selector has issues.

Warning of spoilers again ahead here getting into story sections.

Story 5/10: As for the story well, it sucks mostly, really for the final installment to this series you'd suspect having been built up like it was it be amazing and original, as was most the first two, however, it seems the main story writer was a huge fan of the god awful Dark Knight Rises, and decided everything should be cliche and the major villains should defeat us mainly by BORING US TO DEATH.

Scarecrow releases a small sample of a new fear gas on a diner, and shows the results which are not pretty, and then warns gotham and allows everyone to leave if they want to, the main reason for this is the fact he basically has a weapon the will cover pretty much all the united states, and it didn't matter what they did. Mostly this leaves Gotham city completely empty, and only cops and criminals to threaten it. Kind of a cop out really, but the major issue is that scarecrow will call you constantly to "taunt" you constantly throughout the game and he sounds like a half asleep science teacher, giving the morning news report on how apples god bad in great detail.

TO counter this POCKET FULL OF ENERGY, is Arkham Knight, who sounds and acts like a 5 year old who had a spanking and his lollipop stolen, he is constantly whining, and screaming at the top of his lungs at you throughout the game about crap, that really after you find out who he is, which is not even remotely a twist even if you didnt know batman's history, everything that happened to them was their own FAULT.

Now along with both the major villains being boring as hell, the story being a retread of Dark Knight Rises in all it's awfulness, an "True" ending that makes no sense at all, what does the story have that makes me give it more then a 1?

Well eventually the in the story you get fear toxined and it causes an issues with elements from the backstory, apparently the joker virus from the previous game has mutated, and in some people, they are "BECOMING" Joker, and when the Fear toxin hits you, it causes Joker to show up as a semi sub conscious being that interacts with you. With Mark Hamill doing the voice still the Joker is the only good thing in the games story, and makes the game worth playing for that reason alone. It's hard to explain how it works, but trust me when I say it's worth it.

Gameplay 7/10 : Lastly the Gameplay one of the most important elements. Now in terms of the the predator and Batman combat gameplay, this is the STRONGEST and BEST it has ever been, polished to a mirror shine, I didn't suspect it could get better, but they did, batman is faster, has even more tools and moves, and they all work impressively.

However on the negative side enemies are more varied, and that's really in a bad way, and become more of a hassle causing the game to break flow alot when you got a good punch up going. Along with this a good element is the co-op combat, during some sections, you can have cat woman, Nightwing, and Robin helping and allowing you to do cross finishers and such, as you fight you build up a bar and once it's filled can do a instant takedown which makes you swap to the other character, this can cause battles to flow AMAZINGLY well and is some of the highlights of the game.

However, the few bad issues still cause the game problem, the fact we still only get a single NG+, why I don't know, but it ruined motivation for me to complete the game a second time, as I knew I would be unable to keep replaying all the good sections.

The main new gimmick though is the Batmobile, and this is a mixed bag, I LIKED the Batmobile, both modes were fun, the chasing pursuit mode, and the transforms style combat floating tank mode, the issue with them is that the one never evolve much, and they are used FAR to much.

Lastly to get the final TRUE ending, which is terrible for contradictory reasons, requires to 100% EVERYTHING, and there is alot, but the problem is it's mostly all the same stuff over and over. Becoming annoying and stale quickly. Even more so with the 250+ riddler trophies.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

The game is good, and I barely had an bug issues only 2 come to mind, But nothing that ruins the game, however, the game fills like alot is padded in a bad way, and the fact the season pass is 40 bucks for some short and bad content. My recommendation for this game is to wait for the 20-30 dollar GOTY edition with everything in a year :P

Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom is a Registered Trademark of Hudson Soft, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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