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Episode 344: Wheeeeeeeere's GOONBA?!... THERE'S GOONBA!

July 31st, 2015, 11:30 am

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Reply zignoff, June 9th, 2015, 12:24 pm

Now for the review! So I'm assuming many could say, why do a review of this? it's basically going to be similar to the last one that you praised, well, the thing is, I won't really be praising this one. let me explain why.

Alrighty so today I shall be reviewing the new Monster Hunter Ultimate 4, and while review of 3 praised the game, this one will not be as nice. Let me explain why.

Now let me get the basics out of the way.

Graphics, Sound, Music, and Controls will be scored the same cause they are basically just as well done and haven't changed much, nor have they needed to change much, the game looks sounds and for the most part controls beautifully. So if you want to know what they find my old MHU3 review lol.

Story 8/10: Now this score is compared to MHU3 story, this story is much more in depth, we get to see how more of the world functions, and while it's not a amazing story. It does a better job at conveying the people and the world and how it functions compared to the previous game.

One of the major story functions is to show of the new mechanic, know as the berserker virus. This is an unknown element that causes monsters to go into a bloodthirsty rage, and it is worked into gameplay well. You create a caravan to travel the world and find the reason for it. That's as much as I want to say so as not to spoil it.

Gameplay 4/10: And here we have the crux of the issue, the thing that MAKES Monster Hunter games, and I must say there are ALOT of bad sides to it this time, and alot of thing that caused me to really dislike this one.

What I am about to complain about is the kind of stuff that people will constantly spout "Git GUD" without the common sense to realize I have completely all the missions solo, and online. However it was a serious struggle due to alot of reasons, but not due to being "good".

One of the new things is the new moves for previous weapons, the 2 new weapons a bug staff, and a charge ax/sword.

I really wanted to play the bug staff, but it's combat was not for me, alot of micromanaging to make the most of it, and it was simply not worth it, along with that the weapon has a very limited combo to work with. It's major redeeming function is to take advantage of the new jump and grapple mechanic. I will explained this later.

The Charge Ax was surprisingly better then I thought it would be. The basic word and shield mode is used to build up charges, after it is maxed is when you change it to the ax mode, which is basically the same as the switch ax' ax mode from the previous game, with a few different swings really. But it's major attack which works off the charge is devastating, however, it takes so long to use and leaves one so open it's not very useful except for a downed enemy, and even then only on a tired enemy due to it's huge wind up.

Overall the new weapons while nice, just can't out do the Hammer in my thoughts still. However even the hammer was struggling due to the new virus mechanic in the game, which I will explain now, the Virus starts to appear later on in the story and has an effect of causing monsters to become more furious. What this means in most cases is that the most of the monster enter a endless hyper mode that drastically boost damage and speed. Along with that the enemies will run you ragged, and the effect never wears off naturally, and while they do get winded, the move so fast that and due to being able to skip zones to get food, if an enemy does get low on stamina it takes no time for them to recover.

The only way to remove the virus is through a stone you get later in the game, and even then the stone has a time limit after applying it to your weapon, and that time limit it stupidly short for how many hits it takes to bring them our of the berserker mode.

Along with a major change in the system where the enemies now have more damage and less hp, and let me first say... BUUUUUUULLLLLLLLSHIT. Enemies not only do more damage, whatever reduction in their hp is minimal if any, most enemies take a LONG time to bring down, in fact alot longer then what they should take. This may be due to how more cautious one has to be on some of the enemies due to how hard they now hit, but I found that the enemies took far longer then they ever did in MHU3 to bring down, even with top gear designed around my class.

So even with the best maxed armor gear at the time most enemies can damn near one hit kill you in berserker mode, or combo you so easily that the game becomes and needlessly annoying game of wait for the opening and hope you can get it without being killed. Fights have become more boring and time consuming and I don't believe this was the original intention of the mechanic, but it is what it has become.

One of the mechanics that is introduced to help you is the new grapple mechanic, which is used via running of a cliff or a slight incline in the land, once one has jumped into the air you can attack and if the attack hits have a chance of knocking the monster over and starting a grapple. IF successful you can knock the enemy over for a few free hits, and while the grapple mini game is not hard, getting it to work is more of the issue.

You see there is no way to maneuver or dodge in the air so you have to be very precise to hit with the jump attacks. Most of the jump attacks ranges and hit zones are quick and short, making the process more of a needless pain. Infact the jump mechanic will more often get you killed or hit, as some zones are covered in the the slight inclines and any running will send your character jumping off them, leaving one wide open or even moving you into the height to be hit by an attack you are trying to avoid.

While the idea is a great one, the application of the mechanic is a doubled edged sword and even then one side seems to hit a little more often then the one you want. The final issue with the combat mechanics at this point is the new "Improved" hit boxes, which are said to be more accurate and tighter, funny because I would call them completely botched. I literally had moments where my entire hammer would swing through an enemies head, or body and hit nothing, however the enemy can easily hit you, and will constantly, the amount of issues with these mechanics is frustrating and unfair most of the time to say the least.

So this is one of the first of the major messes of the game that one has to deal with, the next happens to be one of the biggest complaints, in MHU3 you had a mechanic I throughly enjoyed known as Free Hunt, this mode was an unlimited time mode where you could fully explore the starting area all you wanted. Hunt, fish, gather or just relax. My hopes were that this mechanic would evolve to have more of the games zones available to freely explore. Sadly this mechanic is completely removed for a god awful random dungeon expedition mode, while the timer is endless for a free hunt style mechanic. The variety of this mode comes with no camp, no exploration, no real gathering, just some very basic hunt, in which enemies can actually run away. The map doesn't work and gives a vague idea of the area.

It's linear and has no real point, and lastly and most damning it's boring and useless. Everything that made the free mode hunt in the previous game useful is now gone. Those taking a huge chunk of the game I enjoyed gone and useless.

Lastly, the final mechanic change from the previous game, the companion system, the chuka companions in the previous game have now been change to the felines, which is fine for the most part. Now for the most part the system is the same you have felines you level and they fight in combat with either a slash weapon or a blunt weapon, the key difference here though is that the feline system is a clustered mess of crap. You see in the previous game with the chuka characters each would have a mask and set abilities you could give them to customize to be set up how you want them. However in this system the felines have various random abilities which means you have to needlessly farm them constantly to get the ones you want. Not only that there are upgraded versions later.

Which means you will have to refarm them all over again needlessly to get the more powerful set ups of them, a completely tedious process which is a huge time waster. The major pay off to them is that the cats are far more useful in combat, and have special skills that only they can use, those consist of a super healing and buff skill, a tank, and a rocket mode. THe cats have their uses, but the abilities always happen to when the monster leaves the area and most the time the skill is wasted making it useless 90% of the time.

Overall Score 5/10: The game has some improvements, but most those improvements are outweighed by a the majority of bad issues that came with them. The game is still fun, but it loses points for making the game more of a chore then an addictive joy. I can recommend buying if you can get through the issues I noted.

Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom is a Registered Trademark of Hudson Soft, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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