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Episode 314: Awakening part 23

April 10th, 2015, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, January 13th, 2015, 11:40 am

DragonBall Xenoverse Review! Well here we go the review for this week.

Dragonball Xenoverse!

So let's get started on this, Dragonball Xenoverse is an original story based off mostly on the DragonBall Z universe, and has had akira toriyama help with the story and tooken heavy aspects from the MMO series DragonBall Online. So to explain alot of the reasons there are so many saiyans and Majin Buu characters around, you will have to look it up as it would take to long to explain.

This game is not really a fighter like those boring tekken style dial a combo budokai games, though this was made by dimps the people who did them, but more follow the anime simulator Tenkaichi games, you know before they went god awful with Ultimate Tenkaichi and Battle of Z.

So if you are looking for a heavy in-depth fighter, then what the hell are you doing here, go play Blazblue or Guilty Gear :P, this is about creating your own hero from various races in an original story to save the DBZ universe.

Story 8/10: Compared to the recent Battle of Gods and... ugh Revival of F, the story for this one is very original and well done in most cases. You are a person who meets a set critique from a wish made to the eternal dragon by alternate time Trunks the one from the future of a different history of DBZ. Apparently his little trip caused some serious issues, and has been enlisted by a the Supreme Kai of Time, to work as a Time Patroller a person who goes and fixes unnatural issues in history. So after you make your character, you start off with trunks working to repair issues in history.

During your tour around the place, an emergency comes up, an unknown dark energy is causing various key element sin history be different DRASTICALLY altering the events, such as Raditz avoiding the special Beam cannon and killing everyone, or Super Buu blowing up the earth with the fight with Ultimate Gohan. It's you job to stop this event and return things to normal. While the game does not hit EVERY event everyone would like it to, it does well with what it has it work with, and your involvement can have some unusual outcomes. Such as YOU being the one hit by Ginyu's Body Swap. Overall I enjoyed it and found it a very refreshing new take that I hope they build on.

Music/Sound/Voices 7/10: The voice acting overall is well done but I listen to the much superior Japanese version, yes I know that makes me sound like a weeabo, but let me ask you this, in a movie would you have wanted the guy who did Professor Xavier to be anyone else then Patrick Stewart or would you be fine if they got a 12 year old year girl with throat cancer to do him? No you'd want the person who looks, sounds and can freaking ACT, and this is the same thing I toss at anime, you want somebody who can act and give proper emotion and sounds like the original character and how you would suspect him to sound, 90% of the time is not what the English dubs sound like.

VA seem very into it compared to the One Piece games of late which is a shame as one of the things I bang on about in the One Piece anime series is how damn good the VA are, but I guess even they get bored doing the same thing over and over, as it stands the VA does sound like they are for the most part enjoying it.

As for the sound effects most sound accurate, but I deduct a point for the sound bugs, such as certain movies having other movie sound effects, the music is ok, nothing to jump up at me, I barely noticed it really, and on the PS3 you can't have a custom sound track, so no kick ass Music like Flow's Hero song, the only thing good from the battle of gods movie. So yea some negative points for that, but it's funcitional and fills in the gaps most the time.

Controls 8/10: While most the controls work, they are kind of all over the place and take time to get use to, such as the move to lower yourself from the air is the right stick button, which is kind of annoying, mostly though the game responds properly, and works after getting use to it.

Graphics 9.5/10: As graphics go you can't get much better then this, everyone is beautifully rendered, shading is excellent, shadows are well done, the colors are vibrant, in terms of the visual appeal, it's DBZ and it's gorgeous, the cel shaded characters with more realistic backgrounds is an odd choice, but they blend together well. However one downside is the fact that you don't have permanent area damage, so kind of sucks, but no real deal breaker. I can see these being cleaner and better, but regardless they are some of the best seen.

Gameplay 7.5/10: This is a toss up, I'd LOVE to give it a higher score, but there are things that leave a bad taste in my mouth. So let's get started.

This game is about making your own character, learning various moves and building your dream character, that being said, there are no real Alien races nor android races. You can recolor a human character in such as way that makes them look like an alien or android, but no different heads or body anatomy to look "alien".

Races consist of Humans male and Female, Saiyans Male and Female, Majin Buu race, Fat male buus, and extremely hot ass Female prono star buus, Namekians, and Frieza Ice Demon/Frost-Jin race. I went Frost Demon, cause I always wanted a hero version of Frieza's race, though I hate frieza personally. So started my journey as Epic Hero "Winter" :P

One down side is that character customization is still rather limited, and there are not alot of choices for appearance, and nor for function in combat, every race gets a set combo, and you can't change it to have say the fighting style of Burter from the Ginyu force or Perfect cell sadly, this can make combat rather unfair and slighty boring at times, as certain characters like my frieza had a infinite juggle combo for the most part. Making him alittle over powered in the basic attack type.

Now one thing they changed and I hate this alot, from the demo we had 6 stats, Health, Ki, Stamina, Physical damage, Ki Damage, and DEFENSE. Now physical damage worked with both basic attack and the super and ultimates known as Strikes attacks, however when the game finally came out Defense had been removed and strike and basic attack were seperate. Personally I found this to be a stupid move, because how hard you physically hit shouldn't magically go down if you do a super combo move which focuses on PHYSICALLY HITTING THE ENEMY. It's just stupid and I don't know why the changed it cause, you take alot of damage easily in this game, and I'll explain why later.

Now as I said the gameplay fighting mechanics are like the Tenkaichi/Raging Blast style games, Minus the raging blast mode which would have been nice for physical type fighters. As it stands you fly around beat up on enemies in the field, and when I say enemies I mean enemies, as stages can now have up to 6 enemies on the field depending on the fights, most times though it will be 3, but even these can be uneven as you don't get the same advantages as the AI.

Let me harp one of the first problems the game has in terms of balance, in terms of super and ultimates, you have the physical base strike ones, and the ki blast types, Completely remove the physical strike ones from your mind, cause the developers did, strike supers and ultimates are pratically useless compared to the Ki blast types, along with not even having a 5th of the list of ultimates the Ki blast users have, most are easily avoided and interruptable with even a basic punch. While Ki users can stand there and take a BUNCH of hits and some even have invincibility windows.

Now I mention the stats earlier and you might be wondering about "Stamina" you see things like Transformations and Evasion skills take stamina well except SSJ which takes Ki strangely, while Ki and Strike supers and ultimates take Ki, So characters with transformation focus builds, which sadly there are only the saiyans, need to focus on having high Ki to stay in SSJ mode, it's fair and balanced as in reality even as Goku pointed out with SSJ3, it cost alot of energy and stamina and they do run out.

HOWEVER with that let me lay down another issue, you see as you are fighting in the game, the enemies who have "transformations" such as Super Saiyan for Goku and vegeta, have this the problem with these known as INFINITE KI AND STAMINA, you see while the player and even your own team members, which your allowed 2 others besides you to balance the fights, don't get this when your transformed, so for most cases it's useless other then saiyans who get semi infinite Ki.

For the enemies though, they don't lose either stamina nor ki, which means they are free to spam ultimates... CONSTANTLY, and they will, and some quest will require you to fight solo at times the first time doing them against 2-3 transformed enemies, which during this they spam ultimates and as invincible 90% of the time doing it, so the game can be VERY unfair and frustrating.

This sucks alot as Frieza's race is designed around strikes, and let me tell you I regret not just saying screw it and dumping my points into ki blast :P.

Ah yes I forgot to mention one of the good things about this game, we have a proper leveling system, as part of the game you now level up and can use points you get every level to raise stats making a custom fighter, which has been a great.. GREAT thing for me, games without some rpg mechanics in my thoughts are getting out of date and aren't generally worth my time in most cases, it doesn't have to be much, but adding depth to a game needs to be happening over this graphics boom, like that god awful The Order 1886 or whatever it called that has like no replay value, no depth, and barely any gameplay, most of which is a generic check list.

How this works is through the games quest system where you fight unique little fights on various settings and sides, like one where you fight WITH Raditz to beat goku and piccolo, or where you train with all the characters. Usually to fix errors in the history.

You get experience and money from these, which you use to buy gear which changes the appearance along with increasing stats, which this is a good and bad thing, as though building a character a certain way you can boost those specific stats, there isn't enough variety in clothing and it's stats but a specific set up, such as Frieza races gear focus's solely on Strike Supers and ultimate states.

Lastly let me hit up one of the final both kick ass and bad things, the LOOT system, yes to get a majority of the moves, which are your fighting abilities the game has a range based loot drop system, the kind of system that's more like Borderlands in that the lack of understanding is that loot is more fun when you can GET it and USE it. Loot drops from quest range from being ok, to being 100 times trying and not getting it. This wouldn't be AS bad, but the game as ANOTHER pain in the butt, known as the ULTIMATE Finish, you see quest have a set of secret requirements to gain access to hidden fights, which also have special drops one can only get from it.

The problem? They are ALSO on a RNG loot system, so though you may do the required objectives every time, out of 20 fights, only 2 of those may the ultimate finish happen. So the problem is not only a bad RNG drop system, but also a RNG system within a RNG system, and THAT can wear very thin.

Overall Score 7.5: Buy or Rent? I love the loot, gaining levels, building my own character, and being a part of a new unique DBZ story, the game has some issues that need to be looked at, but like Sonic generations and Megaman X Command Missions it's GREAT start for what could become an epic series, let's just hope that unlike Sega and Capcom, Dimps and Namco/Bandai don't let this one rot after seeing so much shine. I can clearly say, the overall package weighs out all the bad, and trust me I harped on the bad, but the good is SOOOO worth it.

I can recommend buying, but if you would rather play it safe atleast rent it, even if you aren't a fan, you might be after you play it.

"Megaman/Rockman is a Registered Trademark of Capcom, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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