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Episode 280: Oh yeah, I've been here before!

December 12th, 2014, 10:00 am

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Reply zignoff, September 7th, 2014, 11:58 am

Today a review on Hyrule Warriors. So here is a review on hyrule warriors.

Well next up another Dynasty Warriors game designed around the Legend of Zelda universe, I must stress right off the get go, THIS IS NOT A LEGEND OF ZELDA GAME!, OK?!

This is a Hack 'n Slash Warriors style game, people seem to stupidly going into this game with the wrong mindset and not doing their research, and then bitching for stupid reasons.

So now that we have that out of the way here is my review on Hyrule Warriors.

Graphics 9/10: Overall the game for the Wii U shows some very clean and beautiful graphics, many hundreds of enemies on screen and character designs are detailed and accurate, with alittle touch of Koei's design in the mix. The battlefields harken elements from each of the games and each one does so perfectly. Each area takes design elements from the various games like Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess and Orcarina of Time. No Wind Waker or Majora's Mask quite yet everyone sorry.

The game also takes elements from the older 8 Bit era Nintendo game, using thee exact map from the original game as a map to explore and do missions from as an adventure type mode for extra content outside of the games story mode.

Story ?/10 : I mean I could score this, but it seems more of a place holder building off various lore elements from LoZ series to make a story. Apparently there was this goddess who watches over time and the tri-force itself, and as she watches over time and saw the events of the Hero {Link} continuing to save the world, and in the end getting blue balled by Zelda, the goddess ends up falling in love with the hero, and then the evil that is the force of Ganon corrupts this love and turns it into a negative emotion. Which she then takes the tri-force of power given to her by Ganon to try and take over the world.

So take the story for what you want. Pretty ordinary LoZ stuff really.

Controls 3/10: While the controls on the Wii U pad is not a specific problem, the reason for the lower score is the moronic idea of only allowing the Wii U Pro Controller to be used, and not the original Wii Classic Pro, when they're both the same controller, which unlike the Wii U version of Smash Brothers can use both of them. Instead if you don't have them, you can use the wii mote, but the normal attack function is locked into the waggle function of the wiimote, which sadly is not accurate enough to use for precision button combo commands, making doing the combo's a lot more of a pain then they should be.

Sound and Music: 7/10: On to the sound effects first which are beautifully done, each sound effect is taken directly from the source material, and it's done in a wonderful way, from the dododododooo from finding a hidden path to the treasure dandandadaaaaaaa! Along with that the music has been remade beautifully in the more rock style that Koei does with many of their songs, and they are really well made, but the reason for the lower score is the fact that there were so FEW songs that they became massively repetitive quickly, even more so with how much content the game has which it having isn't a bad thing at all. But without a good track list listening to the same 5 songs will get old quickly.

Gameplay 9/10: As with many times over the warriors games these games while having more simplistic mechanics, hold a ton of fun to play and lots of content and almost always solid in design. While not the most intelligent AI, it can be rough on higher difficulties, which every reviewer would find out if they stopped playing it on easy for their review purposes.

The gameplay is simple, pick a character, get placed on a huge battlefield, and go ass banana wild slaughtering tons of enemies. Lately I hear people say there are TOO MANY enemies, and I wish I could send them a digital punch in the face like that episode of family guy where lois dad sends peter an email. The whole point of these games is to be a massive bad ass on a huge battleground mowing down thousands of enemies, if I can't get over 1000 enemy kills a stage i'm not happy :P

The characters consist of a list of various characters from the 3 games mention, ones like Darunia he Goron Chieftain, one of my favorites, to Some odd characters like the Bug princess from Twilight Princess. Each characters are very unique, but the problem does happen is that there are not many characters to choose from, and some are not created equal, and while each person will have one or 2 favorites, sadly to 100% the game you won't get to use them as much as you like and will have to use characters you down right hate.

The game modes consist of a linear story mode, and the adventure map mode which has various challenges to them such as kill 500 enemies in 10 minutes, or kill a certain enemy based off a riddle. This can be tedious and means there are not alot of stages where you can just go nuts on and kill thousands of enemies. When you do find those stages the game shines, but the other issue consist of the fact that has come from other Warrior games such as having the skill to swap characters mid battle or movesets.

It means that the fights can get boring when you send so long on one battle field and can only use one character as the movesets are not exactly deep as one would like considering some of the past games. So the secret here is take the game in small doses, don't burn yourself out on it, and you will get hours of fun out of it.

Rent or Buy? I suggest buy, and while I'm at it, get the Season pass, which adds whole new maps, level cap increases and new playable character which adds alot of replay value, and with it only being 20 bucks it's one of the very few worth it.

Finale Score 8/10, While there are things I didn't like the some of the whole is this is another brilliant Warriors game with an ass load of content, built upon a solid system.

"Megaman/Rockman is a Registered Trademark of Capcom, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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Reply qazox, December 12th, 2014, 10:09 pm

Good luck there Wily.

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