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Episode 256: That's not how one cops a feel!

September 19th, 2014, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, June 11th, 2014, 4:20 pm

This weeks review! One Piece Unlimited World RED! Alrighty so here is a review based off of the PS3 and possibly the 3DS version.

Whelp here it is, something I was giddy with glee about playing, and seeing released in the US, I bought a PS3 and a 3DS copy just to support this product, I even helped a friend get a PS3 copy..... and now we both regret it immensely. While by no means a bad game if you haven't played any of the rest of the Unlimited Series.... But a person like me who has, and even imported and modded my Wii to play Unlimited Cruise 1 and 2. This game is extremely lacking, Let's get started shall we.


Story 9/10: The story overall I liked, the major villain Red is one of the Level 6 escaped criminals from when Luffy went to break out Ace from the maximum security prison during the Marine vs Whitebeard War arc. Said to be on pair with Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger, but he had no crew. A man of mystery, the first scenes of him are shown with Smoker and Marine Version Aokoji (Who at this time has become a free agent and left the marines), attacking various marine vessels.

After that the next scene opens up with the Straw hat crew heading to an island to meet up with the master of a Tanuki they met out adrift on the ocean, after landing and separating to adventure around, the crew minus luffy is all captured, Luffy must go out and find the rest of the crew and find out what is going on.

Simply enough, but to go into more of it would give spoilers for it. That and I have yet to actually bet the game, which I'll explain why later.

Sounds/Music/Voices 9/10: Subbed only so be ready for that, however considered how much better the JP voices are compared to the god awful hacks Funi got (Robin's I want to live scene has been completely ruined by Young's lack of emotion bland ass acting), So no real worry for me, but this might turn off people who don't want to read, they do the job well in this game and it feels like that are trying for sure. As of the Music it's very fitting to the game and has a great one Piece feel, Ganbarion has done this well from the get go anyway. Along with that the sounds are directly out of the source anime material so it fits in beautifully.

Controls 9/10: The games controls just fine, everything is very responsive and handles well on both versions.

Graphics 9/10 on the PS3/7/10 on the 3DS: For the PS3 they did a BEAUTIFUL job here, their are slight issue with the models being CGI 3D but, they did an EXCELLENT Job with the cel shading on this one, everything looks straight out of the anime. The 3DS version however looks more downgraded, the cel shading isn't very vibrant compared to the console counter part, and also, their is no 3D option, for a game that was BUILT on the 3DS which is one of it's selling points that is a rather big thing in my thoughts.

Gameplay and Content 3/10: This is where the game takes a MASSIVE nose dive. For players new to the game and one of the reasons I had a hard deciding how to approach this, the game by itself if you haven't played any of the others is a good game. However for people who played even the first Unlimited Adventure for Wii it's a huge nose dive. The game has been massively stream lined and you barely have any combat mechanics now, a jump attack, a basic combo, and I think one dash move. Infact some characters no longer even have combos, ones like franky and ussop only have a long range gunning attack and are only useful for long range support. Making them dull to play.

You no longer level up your moves, you no long have 8 array of unique attacks, which in unlimited Cruise 2 allowed one to swap out between movies and create a custom combo attack, super moves are extremely limited, and the ultimate team combo attacks are now a generic animation and not the full animated unique specials from the anime based attacks like 1000 Ib cannon that Luffy, Sanji and Zoro did, or the 1 billion dollar bounty Barrage that Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Robin and Franky pulled off.

A good idea yet again turned bad, is the party system which allows a team of 3 to go out and adventure together, which one can swap between on the fly in combat, HOWEVER once you set out with those 3 you can't change out of them while in the adventure, which before you could swap to ANY character at ANY time at ANY place in the previous games. Mixing this with the fact many areas have character specific events like Zoro cutting down a gate and Robin reading Polygraphs, means you may have to go through an area 3 times in total to get everything.

The crafting system is still present, as you build a town up which is one of the neat parts, but now it's done off screen without any influence from the, infact interaction with the crew as a whole is non existent, where as before you get on the Sunny Go and go out to sea to travel between location, able to to watch as each character lived and did their daily activities, Zoro Training, Robin tending to her garden, franky and ussop in their shops.

The crew barely even shows up in town and does anything but stand around. Now this may sound like nit picking, but the fact is these elements gave the game a life of their own. Along with a Life of their own, the gathering for fishing and bug catching have been reduced to a bunch of god awful dance rhytem QTE mini games, where as before, fishing actually felt like FISHING, and the bug catching felt like bug catching requiring one to watch their pace slowing approach the target and net them.

Lastly the game has hardly any content, and what content it has, has no lasting appeal, nor does it have an use, while the game now has a leveling system as a whole, the game can be beaten pretty easily. Mix that with the fact the Zones themselves aren't remotely the size of the previous games being so small that one can run get through them in about 5-10 minutes with fully exploration of them, other then the character specific areas.

The game has a few additions ones being like the collusiem mode that adds the arena from the recent dressosa and allows players to play as other characters in either solo or 2 team base combat, which completely gives items in the main game. Also NG+ which wasn't in the original release of the game which allows for carry over of a number of things, however all these things are rather pointless and hardly make up for the lack of things in the gameplay department.

Final Score 4/10: Rent or Buy? If you have never played the series you won't have the high expectations to live up to and this game will feel like a fresh experience and unique of itself, so I can suggest buying it, even more so since the game is reduced in price. However for previous fans, the game will feel hollow and boring, and a huge step back, which is why I gave it a lower then average score.

"Megaman/Rockman is a Registered Trademark of Capcom, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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Reply qazox, September 20th, 2014, 12:08 am

I hope for Goonba's sake, MC put on a glove first....

Reply Darkog (Guest), September 22nd, 2014, 9:11 am

Are you mad? @qazox: MC wouldn't ever do such thing!

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