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Episode 220: Oh how the mighty have FALLEN and can't get up!

May 16th, 2014, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, February 27th, 2014, 3:15 pm

South Park SoT Review! Today is the south park and the stick of truth review!

Alright so here we are South Park the Stick of TRUUUUUUTH!

It's boss, it's awesome, it's the best thing EVER!..... Is probably what you are hoping I would say, but let me say that has about as much of a chance of happening as me getting into a month long orgy with Daphne Rosen, Amy Anderseen, Vanessa Blues, and Denise Milani!

See, the hype for this game is the fact it's a GOOD south Park game, which it for the most part IS, it's good for a south park game, but only because ALMOST every other south park game is complete garbage compared to it.

But that's not to say this it's a BAD game by any means, but it's nothing more then barely average at best.

Graphics 10/10: Normally I believe everything can improve somewhat, but there are the times when something is intentionally trying to look like something and I have to base off that, and as a South Park game, trying to look like South Park this game does it in the best way possible, I can't say anything bad about this, it perfectly matches the source material.

Sound/Music/Voices 10/10: As with the previous score, everything here is intended to match the show and feeling and it does, every voice is done well, acted expertly and matches what it should, of course it should the creators were behind it.

Story 6/10: The story is pretty simple, you're the new kid in town, who has moved in after some hidden thing happened in your background, you meet up with the south park crew starting with cartman who is doing his thing and kyle and the others who are doing there's that thing being a pretend game about humans and elves. While this is happening another main plot is happening in the background which starts with aliens crash landing after taking you up to be anal probe, to the government comes in to clean up the goo that poured out from the ship and makes become Nazi's zombies. Also while this is happening you and the gang fight over a mystic item called the stick of truth in a battle of men versus elves, and there is an event with under pants gnomes.

See It's dripping with silliness akin to the world of South park but here is the reason for the lower score. This game's story was said to amount to a total of a FULL SEASON of south park by the creators themselves.... No offense BUT NOT EVEN CLOSE, minus the gameplay, the total amount of story and video amounts to about MAYBE 4-5 episodes. More like a 2 and a half to a 3 hour movie MAYBE and that's being generous. I literally gave 60%+ of the whole games story in that previous paragraph. So points lose for how short it really is.

Gameplay 3/10: Here is the first of a number of scoring stumbling blocks. Let's start first with the gameplay. The game works on several good "references" which is kind of south parks thing, so it's probably the only reason it gets a passable score. Adventuring around the town of South Park, works similar to that of the classic SNES JRPG Earthbound which is what they even said it was inspired by. To bad they didn't take more from it, like it depth, large world and content.

Ackward things unique to the universe of SP can be seen and asked of you form left and right, and while not many the side quest are unique enough, from getting mr. slaves special PACKAGE from the mail office, to playing hide and seek with the kindergarden's.

The major problem comes from the pay off, really you don't get anything of real use, or infact ANYTHING AT ALL, so doing them isn't very rewarding other then the chuckles. The world is so small that one can visit the whole town and have most the side quest done in about an hour or 2, and I mean this quite literally as I did it.

Combat works off the combat in the simple Paper Mario or Mario and Luigi Games, where in you press a button to defend an enemy attack at the right time to take less damage, and do certain motions to make attacks do more damage. Pretty simple, right? Which is amazing how badly they could screw it up with the amounts of poor balance and BUGS.

Many times the various que's for the motions to do the attacks, (Cause a number of which will fail completely if not hit just right) will stop working after so long and continue to stop working through most the game, combine that with the various lag burps the game had during combat that throws off timing, he combat itself like the rest of the game at times, is a chore.

Along with this you will get various abilities as you go through the story that help you get around, such as anal probe teleporting, gnome shrinking magic dust, and farting powers. All used for either story or exploration reasons, but really most the exploration is just cock tease chest or collectables. I should also mention the RPG elements are limited due to a VERY low level cap, but even with a higher cap, the skill you have are all pretty useless and very situational, making many pointless.

The BALANCE on the game is all over the place, I played a mage, out of the 3 generic mage, fighter, and thief, and one "unique" jew classes and for 90% of the game my character was brokenly over powered and this happened in the first hour of the only 10 hour game, due to the various mod systems. I had a buff on me and my gear that caused my fire mage attack to heal me for like 10% of my hp and 10% of my magic each HIT, and I had a move that would hit like 7 times. Eventually I had upgrades that added ADDITIONAL side effects out of each hit making enemies just fall into a heaping pile of vomit and piss.

Now at times the game would throw in a weird difficulty spike in the opposite direction, such as a boss fight where if you beat one enemy he then runs away giving super power ups to his body, which caused the enemy going from hitting like 2 50's, to hitting 3 times with 200's, and when that happens they go 3 times in a row also. At this time you only have 600 something HP and your alone. So even with perfect timing it's impossible to survive, and with no possible way to know when it will happen, this happens a couple of times in the game with no way to counter it and it does become very tedious.

Content and replay value 1/10: Lastly, and the most important thing, is the games lack of overall replay value, content in the game is very limited, and even if for the most part decent, the game makes straven marven look like peter griffen from family guy when standing next to it on straving for content.

You see the game without the video's barely last 5-6 hours for ones FIRST playthrough, and that is with damn near 100%ing it. On a second playthrough one could easily beat the game in about 2 hours. Here is the thing though a joke is only funny the first time in most cases, and when one is repeated 50 times it does get old, and without any New Game plus content, the only reason to play over is to try the other 5 skills from one of the other classes, and see the very FEW response changes to choosing the other side in the story which really doesn't change anything.

Without any incentive to play over the game is a shallow RPG that is far to over priced, and barely function most the time, with constant script errors forcing restarts, freezing, gameplay lag and bugs. Along with the lack of proper balance and odd spikes in difficulty. This game is insulting as a RPG, but it's GOOD for a South park game.

Overall final conclusion 4/10: Rent, Buy or ignore? Well atleast RENT it, but don't pay anything more then 15 bucks for this. The game wants to reference a much better list of games, like Earthbound, but this game isn't even in the shadow of Earthbound's greatness, it's more like the penis of an ant, in the shadow of Earthbound's greatness.

Last thing, first let me say 2 things that will give a arguement, the first is the game is quality over quantity, ok the problem with this remark, is one no offense that statement is moronic in the sense, because games should be BOTH for starters for the production values, and the fact that is what they USED to be before the god awful AAA crap, and second this game is not quality in the least, here is a thing to ask yourself if the southpark was removed from the game, would you even get it? Infact this game would be a cheap 5-10 buck INDIE game on steam or xbox if not for southpark.

If you're getting it for southpark then you could use the 60 to get almost ALL the series as a whole. If you're getting it for a RPG, then there are MUCH better ones to waste money on. As it is, this game is good for a chuckle, good for a one sit down playthrough and then quickly forgotten.

"Castlevania is a Registered Trademark of Konami, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, May 17th, 2014, 12:29 pm

And I agree! @qazox: Overall it IS a fun game and I did enjoy my time with it. But The massive amounts of bugs, mixed with the lack of content and replay value really hurt it, and finally with how quickly it was over, is what caused alot of my negative thoughts on it.

Also getting the last Chinpokemon only gets you an achievement you actually don't get any item or gear for it.

It is worth a rent, it's fun while it lasted, and being short wouldn't have bothered me AS MUCH with proper replay mechanics to add in more fun on repeat plays, but lack of these really hurt the game in my thoughts.

And while the development was bad for this I will give them that, this really just to me is not a 60 dollar game, if you break down games like Chutlu Saves the World which is like 3 bucks, and is like 10 hours long, and a damn fine game with lots of content unique characters and such, and many unique mechanics.

Well you can see the problem here.

Only the being south park is peoples defense for this game being 60 bucks. It's a fun game, but not worth that much when there are so many games just as good for Waaaaay cheaper.

User's Comments:

Reply qazox, May 16th, 2014, 8:12 pm

Re: SP-SoT.

Considering the development hell this game had, THQ folding (and obsidian only used to clean/polish mostly), I was just glad the game came out. If the game was about 25 hours long and had a new game+ mode, with appropriate leveling of enemies and/or ability to play as any of the 4 main characters, then this game would be almost perfect.

I wasn't dissatisfied with the game, as I deliberately tried to get 100% first time through, (missed 1 damn chinpokamon). But it should've been better. :/

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