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Episode 218: Now that's a weak point if I ever saw one!

May 9th, 2014, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, February 27th, 2014, 3:11 pm

Review of Bravely Default So today I will be reviewing Bravely Default!

Ok, so this is the game that caused a huge uproar in the JRPG community, causing squareenix to rethink their plans for their rpg's and a harold to the return of True JRPGs!

You know when a game like THIS causes this a big of an uproar, then the JRPG market truly is desperate for some JRPG's cause this game is average across the boards in almost every aspect. Allow me to explain.

Graphics 7.5/10: Now in terms of the worlds design, it is truly rich in color, and the towns and dungeons are beautifully done in a rich water coloring style background, the background in the fights are the same, so why not a near+ perfect score?

Well for one the characters models while "unique" and I praise them for trying that uniqueness, they all look the same except for the more extreme designs, and share almost barney rubble design traits, while not as bad as the watermelon with toothpick that FF4 for the DS did, the design just for me seem dull most the time.

Another problem consist of the battles being squished so close the enemies are at times 2 feet from the faces of your characters and just seems clustered and sloppy. Making the more beautiful backgrounds almost unnoticable.

Sounds and Music 8/10: Granted you can change the voices which for me was good cause the english voices made my head hurt, for the most part, they did a good job on the voices, the music for the game and battles are good, for what I remember about it, again nothing more noticable beyond it got the job done. Same with the sound effects, they sounded good, nothing special.

Story 3/10: Yea, I'm saying it the story was god awful in this, and....


Ok so let's start out with the major plot, an evil force is causing 4 elemental crystals of power to go dark and these crystal keep the world in balance, they are what makes the worlds life exist. When they go out the crystal of wind stops the winds form blowing, the water crystal causes the waters to rot, the crystal of fire causes flames to no longer burn, and the one of earth causes... well honestly that one isn't ever really explained. Like most of the game.

You play with a group of 4 One the woman know as the Vestal of Wind Agnes Oblige which is basically a priestess of the crystal who takes care of them and protects them, and will restore them in power if they are in need. Ringabel a pervy handsome man who has lost his memory and carries a book that tells of events that seems to tell of events, but some do not seem to line up with what he is seeing. Edea Lee, a woman who is the daughter of the Duke of Eternia, one of the major villains in the game story who later joins you when she finds out that the vestals of the crystals are not the bad people she has been lead to believe by her nation, lastly Tiz Arrior a young man who witness his home town and little brother become consumed by a great chasm, which is caused by the world falling apart from the crystals weakening.

The basic story is tiz meets agnes and finds out about her mission to restore the crystals and hopefully restore the world before the great chasm appeared and caused all the bad things to happen. Along with Agnes is her fairy partner Airy, who is a being supposed to come and assist the vestals in restoring the world's crystals and restoring the balance.

As one goes through the meet a wide variety of characters many of which all come from the forces of eternia, all with the simple objective of working to stop the Vestal of Wind Agnes from restoring the crystals.

And HERE is when the story starts to hit the skids and burrow into the dirt about 5 miles underground. Various characters you meet keep going on about that the vestal must NOT restore the crystals and must be stopped at all cost yatta yatta yatta, and FUNNY enough your characters are open to wanting to understand why, and want to see things on their side.

However instead of wanting to explain what the truth is, they either want to butcher everyone, and make themselves out to be cartoony levels of evil for the sake of doing it, and/or others who seem to be Decent enough, just say... you wouldn't understand, or come up with some other moronic excuse that prevents you from finding out the truth. And then once everything goes to hell they are basically, "OH GOD WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN!", and I answer BECAUSE YOU KEPT BEING FREAKING CRYPTIC ABOUT IT THAT's WHY!

Now just to let you know most of the story elements are done by the "FORCED" side missions I say first because one you need them to find out a majority of the story, and second to get the extra classes avialable for gameplay, but funny enough, these are the ONLY side quest in the game. So really they aren't even proper side quest as they are part of the main story and needed for the major gameplay mechanics. So other then the job side quest there are no other side events, or content, the game is bare bones in terms of world content.

Now comes the NEXT big lemon here, after restoring all the crystals, a pillar of light appears and Airy explains that she needs to enter the light and release all the energy to restore the world to it's proper balance. So you go into the pillar release, the light and then SUDDENLY...

You wake back up in the first town where you started with EVERYTHING the way it was when you started the game, however you still have all your gear, and all your characters are together, wondering what happened, it seems the world has mysteriously "RESET" and you now have to go about and restore ALL 4 crystals again and TRY AGAIN. Yes, you heard me, and at this point you are probbly near the 40 HOUR mark of the game, and now you are basically going to do the whole game again, except luckily you have an airship and can use it form the get go.

As you go through the game you can do the side quest to fight the bosses from before except harder, but also their personality or some of their backstory is slighty different, apparently their is a version of you in this world that has already done these things, but for some reason have disappeared. With each person you meet and talk find ways to "FIX" things that went wrong the first time. However as you do these things you find that some events are playing out differently from both your previous world AND the book ringabel had.

Now remember that book I mention at the start with Ringabel? Yea as you went through the first playthrough the book was a heavy story item that helped give ideas of how things happened, but seemed that some things turn out SLIGHTLY differently, now the reason I mention this now is cause now if you guessed it, the book as is ringabel is from a PREVIOUS world, from the world that YOU started out in as you are from a different world from the one you are at after the first restoration.

Now as you progress and you unlock the the crystals and restore all 4 of them and try to restore the balance YET AGAIN!, As you did in the previous world. Now you do this again, take airy tot he pillar of light and then she tries to restore the balance, everything yet again goes white. Then you again wake up back at the START of the game AGAIN, and you have to go about releasing the crystals AGAIN.

Yes, AGAIN, and this is when you start to notice some things, the major one is Airy the Fairy's wings, it would appear that Airy's wings have NUMBERS on them, and the number is counting down EACH and every time you restore the world. At this point her wing has a 3 on it, when you first MET hear an Agnes it had a 5 in it's design, which means and you can guess, you have to restore the world and do it all over AGAIN 3 MORE times. So if Airy's character and the changes to the title screen haven't given it away by now, then let me tell you, Airy is evil there you go.

Now along with this sour note, the game itself and world HARDLY changes, no new events happen really EXCEPT one which appears to get the final job unlock, but other then that nothing really changes, which also is a shame as each time you go to a NEW WORLD, events are changed in such a way that if it took affect in the game's story, it would have made things interesting and kept it fresh, however, the enemy characters mention ALL these changes in the world that makes things sound VERY cool and you'd love to learn more about, but then does literally nothing with them.

You literally do nothing different and do the same game 5 times, and each time finding out things that either don't matter, don't have an effect on things, or things that you already new.

Lastly once you do get to the last world and find out the truth you go to fight the final boss, a powerful monster know as ourorboros, who you find out had you do the restoration in order to connect all the thousands of different worlds, and release him so he could consume them all and become strong enough to go to the celestial world, and destroy the gods there. Now this part is handle really well once you get here, and how the fight proceeds is pretty damn awesome.

Well except for one key part where you find out that APPARENTLY TIZ, has a celestial being in him and has had one in him since the start helping him and the others, except this is the ONLY time it is ever mention, it is never hinted, nor explained or anything it just is there and was there and you never new. PLOT TWIST!... except not really as their was never anything in the plot about this.

After you beat him, and start watching the ending then everything returns to MOSTLY normal, the game pulls a number of dicks moves though, the major one being that Tiz apparently then gives "BACK" what he had, so it seems he knew he had it, but it was never plot worthy or what not sure, and then Tiz either "dies" or enters a coma at the end.

So yea, I could go into further detail, but good god I think thats enough the game starts out generic, enters an area of interesting IDEAS, but does it all so poorly that it's just a bore to experience.

Gameplay 5/10: IN terms of the gameplay well it's pretty average as the score suggest, the game play is based on a turn based traditional style JRPG back in old school games, you pick a move, you see what your movement list is and then activate the turn and everything plays out. You get jobs that change your skills and abilities which allows you to customize your experience in the game, however the problem is there are VERY few useful classes out of the wide variety.

In the end you will really only find the few exploitable skills and use them as one of the game problems is the lack of proper balance, I understand bosses should be hard, but they honestly hit like a train in this game, and even with over leveled the enemies can do various instant kills in mass. Example being one of the final worlds you have to fight 6 of the super class bosses at once, and several of their moves cause them to basically instant kill a number of your characters each round making some fights just a chore of luck instead of a strategic skill based planning.

There is literally no side content other then the forced side story quest which I mention earlier, and the rebuilding Tiz's city mini game which can be used to help get better gear and moves. The problem with this is how the game takes forever to do anything with it. The problem with this is that it really requires the need of friends and street passes, and if your are like me and don't have many friends, and even less with a 3ds, this can be a chore as each friend gives you a new person to build the city and unless you have enough people come of the projects can take 100 hours to finish up.

Other then that though, no real side events, quest, content that takes up your time, like Xillia the game is bare bones in terms of content, and is basically a big gauntlet of fights Dragged out by the stories padding, and repeated boss fights.

Finale Score 5/10: interesting ideas, brought down by average limited gameplay and a story that thinks it's clever but is really drawn out, padded and boring as hell with little to no pay off.

I can't say wither to buy, rent or pass, thats up to you at this point.

"Castlevania is a Registered Trademark of Konami, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, May 10th, 2014, 9:44 am

Basically yes. @qazox: Yea, and even with over leveled stats and the right set up it still takes awhile to. So yes, it takes 5 complete playthroughs of the same exact fights only slightly harder the second time, but after that the enemies don't get anymore power ups, but their set up's change. But only the side quest bosses, the bosses for the crystal stay the exact same.

User's Comments:

Reply qazox, May 9th, 2014, 8:57 pm

Jeez, so you basically have to beat the game 6 times, to actually beat it? O.o No thanks.

Reply gothaman1, May 12th, 2014, 3:32 am

hmmm.. can you review persona 3?

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