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Episode 202: Death has a life too you know!

March 14th, 2014, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, January 7th, 2014, 10:54 am

Here is the Review! So here is the Earth Defense Force 2025 review!


Alright troops the earth is in danger again from the ravagers and we the Earth Defense Force are here to make sure the Earth is safe, I'm going to give you a briefing on everything you need to know to protect the Earth!

Graphics 8/10: Now she may not be the prettiest thing out there, but she's clean and crisp looking, and let me tell you that she gets the job done, and when you're out there among a dozen plus cities and landscapes that are the size these are you won't even notice, or care for that matter as when you realize the maps are damn near 100% destructible, things are hare happening as they are you'll be to caught up in defending the earth to care.

While the world out there may not be pretty, know that the enemies are well detailed and you will be able to know them form the surrounding, and while they may not be top of the line I'm sure, know when there are over 100+ on the field coming right for you to destroy you and the world you live in it, as before gets the job done. As do we the EDF looks snappy to, but where not here to win a beauty contest, soldier we are here to save the earth.

Now lastly, the weapons and special effects now these boys look fantastic, with detailed design, projectile effects that variety in a wide number of designs, all the explosions, bullets, and body parts flying will really show you what the EDF can REALLY do.

Story 9/10: What's there to know, sometimes short, simple and straight to the point, and it is the best for getting the job done, the Earth is under attack 8 years since the last Ravager attack and they are back with greater numbers to FINISH THE JOB! So no time for some emotional experience, or boring drama you just need to go out there and save the Earth Solider!

Music and Sound 8/10: While we don't have the best actors in the world, again they get the job done, and they do it with B Movie levels of cheese on top so good, it will bring a tear to your eyes! But it isn't silent either, we'll have a constant stream of music playing through your helmet for you to get into the mood the EDF aspires to be, what kind of music you ask? Hell if I know the explosions, weapon fire, and enemies death cries will be too awesome, loud, and numerous to ever hear it for the most part!

Gameplay 9.5/10: But here is what the EDF is really about across over 85 missions solo and an additional 10 missions online on top of those missions, we have lots for you to do out there, and don't think you go out there with just a rifle and a bazooka, oh no we have over 700 weapons for you to choose from spread out amongst 4 character classes. However, the ravagers are already on the move and have stolen most of our weapons, as you fight back the Ravager threat, they should drop what they have and once you are successful in your mission and bring it back we can give you full access to it! So now let me go over what we like to call the classes so you can find out what kind of solider on the battlefield you are!

Ranger: The elite first and last line of the defense, they may not be anything special, but they are easy to use and they get the job done, if you aren't sure where your talents lie then the Ranger is the one to start using. His weapons include, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Grenades, Sniper Rifles, Anti-Material Rifles, Grenade launchers, Rocket launchers, missile salvo's, healing guns, flame throwers, and many more, and don't think these are all just basic weapons, the EDF is always improving their weapons to give you more bang for your buck! We have shotguns that fire over 100 Bullets per shot, Grenade Launcher Shotguns,and even Missiles the size of nukes!

Wing Divers: This all female unit are the goddesses of the battlefield, and I admit my second best class to use. While sporting a jet pack that allowing them fly around the missions, and energy weapons, such as Laser Lances, Lighting Bows, Laser guns, Beam cannons, Plasma Launchers, and Sentry grenades, and many more weapons. Sadly the jetpack is still in it's early phases and has a limited time before it over heats and has to cool down leaving the Wing Diver Defenseless, as the weapons reload off the jet pack system also, so careful management is needed to fully use this class.

Air Raiders: The Air Raider is a tactical unit that is for those who have a deep grasp of the game, and who are doing missions with other troops on the field, Solo action is not recommended! While they are dependent on the location and available resources of the EDF meaning that in underground missions their full power is not realized, the Air Raid makes up for it with his wide variety of gadgets. From Turrets, to sticky bombs, mines,Web trap guns, and Artillery Strikes which range from full building size nukes, missile barrages, and secret Satellite Blaster Finger of God weapon, he also has the ability to call in vehicles, ranging from Tanks, Bikes, helicopters and a fine variety of mobile mech weapons! However the major issue is that in order to get some you have to give and the majority of the Air Raiders weapons reload via getting kills, if all your weapons are used up and you are the only one left, well it's mission over, so unless you are with a group you can count on, make sure to bring atleast one weapon you can reload like the web cannon!

Fencer: Lastly and my most favorite class and the one I main the Fencer, this power arm unit is the muscle of the EDF, while taking the skill of an expert to master, the class offers alot back if one can master it, with weapons ranging from Gatling Guns, SUPER flame throwers, Giant Shotguns, Large missile and nuke launchers, and for this class, melee weapons are a big thing, Force Shields, Energy Swords, Blast hammers, power Spears, and my personal favorite, the jack hammer, a piston blasting weapon with Giant Mech fist, you'll be like a robotic Chuck Norris on the battlefield people! However the draw back is the Fencer is slow the heavy armor means no dodging roll like the Air Raider and Ranger, however the fencer does have the potential to move as fast as the wing diver, however learning how to get that speed and movement will take some effort and learning of the EDF forces mechanics.

Final Score 9/10: Rent or Buy?! Soldier doing anything less then joining the EDF is a crime against nature and gamers as a whole, the EDF needs you, and while we may not be the prettiest thing out there in this artsy fartsy world out there, we do bring you something that the world has failed to do in the highest priced junk lately, a fun, and simple experience with literally hundreds of hours of gameplay other there, I myself have already clocked in 100+ hours on the field and barely have 50% of the weapons and barely 10% of the game finished with over 5 different difficult with the enemy showing it's real might on the final difficulty Inferno, and many of the best unique weapons held by them, I've literally only completed these missions on easy with only the Fencer and Wing Diver, however many hours were clocked on group missions, however not everything is golden, joining group missions seems to be testy and the services connecting them can cause some disgruntlement. However the rewards for joining 3 other people online and going to town is better then any any AAA garbage out there can deliver as of late!

So with this final word I beg you that if you are a gamer, to go out there and fight along side and many others, if you just let yourself go and have fun, then you will get your monies worth for sure.

With that I only have one thing left to say.... The Ravagers Mother ship is upon us and over 90% of earths population is gone, we are the only ones left to stand in it's way soldier, but never fear... the EDF NEVER SURRENDERS!


"Castlevania is a Registered Trademark of Konami, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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Reply qazox, March 14th, 2014, 5:32 pm

I agree with Death here. If you can't game 24/7, then why bother? ;)

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