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Episode 198: That tickles my funny bone.

February 28th, 2014, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, January 7th, 2014, 10:06 am

New Review Today! For this Friday I'm going to Review the 3ds Game One Piece Romance Dawn!

Alrighty whelp let's get started, this is one of the first RPG's to come out for the One Piece series, and I had somewhat high hopes for this, and while "SOME" of them were met, most sadly were not. However this does not mean it's a bad game by any means. Read on and see what I mean.

Story 4/10: Now how can this be One Piece has a great story line as I praise to the Heavens every day, and while I say yes it does, the games HANDLING of it is piss poor. With a few somewhat well remade cutscenes, not nearly enough I might add, the actual was the story is explained is through some still images of the anime, and some little pictures which barely even change to emote.

Sadly I hate to say, cause I HATE to say this ever about anything, the STORY section as it can be loosely called is "For the Fans" as only the fans will have ANY clue as to what is going on cause the story sections do such a bad job at giving you any idea what is going on, along with this is another problem the game has, it's REALLY bad translation, incorrectly named moves, still doesn't use Nakama at all, over usage of words that make no sense, such as Dude, Bro, and "GANG", just cause this to become a disastor.

Lastly the final issue as while the game "START'S" strong enough with hitting up every fight before the grand line with alot of detail, it gets REALLY sloppy after you enter the grand line, almost 30-40 chapters are skip in some areas an in others multi ARCS like the Skypiea and Davy Back fights are not even in the game. The game goes from the fight with Alabasta to Enies lobby, with that nearly 100+ of not more are lost from that So bad points for that.

Music/Voices/Sound 8/10: The music sounds decent, but does get repetitive after awhile, but other then the intro nothing fantastic, a majority of it fits though. The sounds are well done everyone characters moves and attacks make the proper sound accurately for the most part so no problems there, and the voice over's seem alot less half ass, and alittle more into in this time around, so it helps out the experience.

Graphics 8/10: For the most part the graphics are good, they are clean, colorful, the characters designs are well made and look like the anime, the areas sadly could have benefited from some extra work on the zone design as most of the design and backgrounds are a repeated tile over and over, some areas are well done, the world map however is really well design and almost has a kingdom hearts style feel to it. Special moves are mostly well done, and they captured a lot of the characters in the way the move and function.

Gameplay 7/10: Ah the meat of the game, and what your are buying a game for, not the emoting, art, pretty backgrounds or music, or even story, those things are there after the gameplay, and the gameplay is what is important, and for the most part this game has some fun in it's combat system, however the problem is that the combat system is really ALL it has. The game is a pretty linear gauntlet game like the Tales of Xillia game, actually really their both quite identical, lack of variety in environments and enemies, their "sidequest" is not the best as one is just poorly done and Romance Dawn sadly only has optional dungeons to build up characters.

The combat which is the major element, is deep and works on multiple levels, the basic attack command works off an almost Xenogears style mechanic, using a combination of moves with Y and A to create combinations of attacks Building up points known as tech points to do ultimate attacks, very few complaints here, one is you start out having 4 action points which determine your attacks per round, and you have eventually a total of 8 slots. However you never get more then 4 points a round and there is almost no way, nor reason to get more then 4, guarding only gives you 1 more total point, so levels, gear, etc. nothing ever really gives you more total points per turn or start of the fight, which action points determine how many attacks you can have a round, however since since you can only ever four real attacks and the rest ultimates, and depending on the ultimate can require all of you tech points, it's impossible to make full use of this.

Lastly, the game has no real side content, the story missions take you from gauntlet to gauntlet, and the side dungeons, which have no story or side quest elements, so only real use is for items and xp, you travel from location to location in the story mode complete the story, there isn't anything to keep the game lively for long and sadly tedium does run through the game quickly, just like Project X Zone and Bravely Default which I will be reviewing later.

Overall 7/10 for anyone 7.5/10 for One Piece fans: Rent or Buy, well since the game is a limited run your chances of renting are remote as hell, as for buying, that is a hard one, as while the physical copy is a limited run I believe that it will have a digital release later. So for all it's potential it sadly doesn't live up to alot of it, it could have been AMAZING, but sadly it's just above average, the combat makes the game, but other then that the game doesn't have alot to offer.

"Castlevania is a Registered Trademark of Konami, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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Reply qazox, February 28th, 2014, 10:16 pm

I always wondered how they did do that....

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