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Episode 174: Got to catch 'em all?

December 6th, 2013, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, August 22nd, 2013, 11:52 am

One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Review So here is review day for Pirate Warriors 2! Was it a success at being better?

The answer is, a very much hell YES, with a slight kind of :P, allow me to explain in the review ahead.

Graphics 9/10: The graphics overall seemed to have been cleaned up more and are crisp and as coloredful as ever, the new character models are beautifully designed and match the anime character to a tea. They really know how to make the characters look just like the anime at Koei.

Sound/Music 9/10: The voices themselves sound alot better since they aren't redoing previous scenes and are focusing on new content they seem to be alot more into it, the voices still being subbed (Thank god as the US voice actors suck so bad), are full of energy and sound more like they are into it, then the previous game.

The sound effects match those of the anime brilliantly, and the music fits in most locations and being able to select which song you want to hear during a stage helps alot. Though I do wish we had some remixed intro themes from koei like they did for the first Fist of the North star.

Story 7.5/10: Yea, thankfully not following the story line cannon this one gets to experiment some what, while I'm grateful for that, the way they went about it was... well BAD, it's more of a what if retelling, Oda has done this before, and honestly I don't care for these, he did something similar with the Chopper movie.

The what if retelling has it as if he hadn't met Chopper yet, and it was right after Enies Lobby as they had franky with them, which means like 5 arcs without chopper, and it just wouldn't have worked. This is basically if the events of the War hadn't happened yet, and Ace and Whitebeard were still alive, yet it was after the timeskip... it's really odd.

The being said, while that is bad, the actual plot of the game is really interesting, while running from the marines the Straw Hat crew comes across a lab. with a bunch of odd black dial objects (an Item from the series) and a white one that luffy picks up. The black ones activate and a black mist infects a majority of crew, and only Nami and Luffy escape, along with that Smoker who was chasing them crew is infected, all the characters infected go beserker and starting fighting each other.

Luffy has to team up with smoker to work together and gather other memebers from various groups, to help solve the problem of the black dials and get the strawhats back together.

Gameplay 9.5/10

Now for the meat of the game, did they fix everything I complained about? MOSTLY, the game now has over 75 Stages, each with their own set up of enemy generals and grunts. The enemy numbers have been so magnified thank the anime gods, as now battles see anywhere from 2000-3000 kills on average, which is a MUCH needed improvement over the previous 200 you'd barely get.

Though all the new stages are really well designed and very open like more traditional style Warrior games, they are a tad small still, but they get the job done, however the older stages were not redone, so the square line square tactic of the previous game still comes into play, but the stages have larger enemy forces so it makes up for it so they seem better overall.

In terms of characters the previous characters have returned, and some minor tweaks to the before time skip crew, but nothing drastic, but moving them aside though the after time skip crew and all the unique characters are very original, with various mechanics many of which play out well and create many tactics for the new characters.

While SOME characters are better then other, they all still work effectly enough to get the job done, and in the previous game on of the bigger issues was that non logia users had a major disadvantage to logia users when they entered hyper mode. As of now, everyone has a form of hyper mode that allow characters either completely unique movesets, or allow them to add extenders and new finishers to current combos.

Speaking of combo's sadly the combo system has tooken a hit, and the combos have seen a reductions of a couple of combination, which IM sad to see go, however, they only removed maybe 2-3 various movesets and many lead to cloned finishers, now don't get me wrong the movesets are still easily doubled that of normal warrior games, and about 10 times that of the massive downgrade that was Ken's Rage 2.

Along with there own unique skills, and abilities the game has also seen to add special elements unique to the characters to add more to the game which I like, Luffy can't be hurt by eneru's lighting, but can be hit by hit staff, Usopp can no be hallowed by Perona, and Sanji will not attack females "DIRECTLY" unless in his hyper mode.

The game has over 30 Story stages with 2 different endings and a seperate stage for each character and support character. Which is another feature I should mention, as you can equip characters with support characters this allows a person to temporarly swap with either another playable character during hyper mode if you fill what is known as the crew meter up, and extend you hyper mode, or use a non playable character and add a super finisher to your attack.

Co-op still isn't all that grand as one you have to have beaten a stage to do online co-op, and stages still suffer from being alittle to small on numbers. Which would make the challenge maps and DLC challenges map GREAT... WOULD but, fucking doesn't cause they yet again made them solo only, even on coach co-op :(

So yet again they have sets of Challenge stages that are very hard and have big maps with tons of enemies, great for some mindless co-op rampaging, but sadly they decided to be lazy with this part.

Overall score 9/10 Buy or Not? Now I mention before the first one was a overall a buy if you had the money and wanted something to play, but while good wasn't truly worth the full 50 and since you could only get it as a Digital download only, I mention to buy it, but only when it felt worth it, however as for one Piece Pirate warriors 2?

BUY, Buy it now and enjoy. This deserves the support, and is a good game with lots of replay value, with 4 difficulties, which can get pretty brutal as enemies become monsters and aggressive as hell on Super Hard, the game is a lot of mindless beat'em up/hack in slash fun with alot of unique characters and stages to wreck havoc on.

"Castlevania is a Registered Trademark of Konami, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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Reply qazox, December 6th, 2013, 10:49 pm

I hope that wasn't a masterball, could've used it vs. Dracula.

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