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Episode 168: Hungry? Eat this!

November 15th, 2013, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, August 22nd, 2013, 11:36 am

Review Tales of Xillia Here is the review for the newest addition to the Tales series, Xillia, Is it as good or far better the Graces F?

As Yahtzee would put it.

Short Answer? NO!

So here comes the review for Tales of Xillia a game many called the best of the series for many the many things it brought in terms of world, story, characters, and combat.

Let's get this out first this will not be a happy review, as I actually traded my Tales of Graces F in so I could afford this cause I'm flat broke, and I REALLY wish I hadn't after making my way through this game, so LET'S GET STARTED.

Graphics 5/10: Now let me get this out, this game is BEAUTIFUL, clean crisp graphics, great main character, Unique dungeons, and town designs, and rich colors, so WHY the 5/10?

Because the towns, Unique Dungeons, and major characters are the ONLY thing designed well, the rest of the game is a generic copy and paste job, since there is no world map it works off of a FFX style system where you traverse everything on foot. The major issue here is the connecting areas between towns, and dungeons are COMPLETELY the same except with recolors, as are the 6-7 enemy designs you will see throughout this LONG slosh through this boring game.

Story 2/10: Here is the story first off this is a multi part game so we don't even get the full story, cause Tales of Xillia 2 is coming in to screw it up, and Spoiler Warning ahead for that game!

(I'll go ahead and spoil it now because to fucking BAD, the ending is one of multi choice and they all end in either generic heroic sacrifice or shitty everyone dies ending, so anything you do in this game is completely pointless.)

Spoiler Ended, so going back to the story, the world of Xillia is one that works in harmony with creatures known as spirits, people use magic and by using that magic, feed spirits, and creating a perfect balance of co-existence. You can play one of 2 heroes, Juda, or Milla, which is designed in a way to hold out story information from people as you play from their perspective, and I would suggest playing Juda, because in general he IS the main hero and most of the major story elements are seen by him.

Then I would suggest NG+ on Milla, but by the time you get through this game you will want nothing to do with her cause she is in fact one of the worst characters in Tales history, and basically Tales series looking at Final Fantasy's Lighting, running to the series fans and saying you like a boring, annoying, condescending bitch who has nothing likable about her? Well then you'll LOVE MILLA, and guess what? We even made her voice actress SUCK and sound so horrible her voice will make your ears bleed!

Now the major elements here is that Juda while working his way through college in the greatest city in the land to be a doctor. He is then sent to find his teacher who went to one of the city's major laboratory to help in a special project. However when going there some suspicious behavior from the guards makes him question what's going, but before he can check it out he sees a young woman (Milla) walking across water and breaks her way into the labs, deciding he wants to know who she is and what is going on.

He finds that people with high abilities to use magic are being used as fuel to power various experiments, ONE such is a series of machines that absorb spirits and kill them to power a weapon of mass destruction, known as the LANCE of... something I can't remember cause it's really not that important.

This is where Milla comes in, she is supposedly the physical embodiment of a being known as the SPIRIT LORD MAXWELL! She can commune with the greater spirits known as Undine, Ifrit, Slyph and GNOME!

But during her attempt to destroy the LANCE! Something goes wrong and her greater Spirits are stolen from her, at that point Juda saves her and escapes, sadly now he has become the city's number 1 criminal and must now go on the run with Milla, and help her to regain her powers and STOP the lance.

Milla explain the reason this weapon must be destroy is that the way it uses magic actually kills spirits and the spirits are the being that give life to nature, if the spirits are killed then the world dies... and those of you who have played the tales series might be saying this... sounds VERY familiar in some ways, and it should as with the copy and paste job with 70% of this game the story is basically a direct rip off the VASTLY superior Tales of Vesperia.

Now in terms of the characters themselves all the characters are fantastic in your team, and even the major enemies are rich and well designed, they have their own faults there own personalities that clash well with each other, and their voice acting is great. It's such a shame though that they all orbit the god awful character of Milla. Here is how I would put it, the story is about Juda really, even if you play Milla it still is, with Milla as the object that PUSHES the story.

Why do I hate Milla so much? Well while everyone else in the team are interesting likable characters with faults and rich character development, Milla has non of this and is a consent fuck up and 16 ton weighted life preserver around everyone else's neck after their boat has gone down at sea.

There is nothing more important then destroying this Lance to her, and she is willing to sacrifice everyone to destroy it... except herself, she treats everyone around her like expendable garbage, she takes credit for everything that happens, and does nothing but get herself into trouble and scenario's that force the other characters to clean up after her. She is basically the Marines in aliens (except with NOTHING likable about her), and everyone else is Ripley!

I can't go into to much detail, but be it as it is, she basically will ruin the whole experience for some people.

Now the other MAJOR issue this games story has is that EVERYONE but Milla, is LIKABLE, and relatable, and this mainly Means the "Villians" which aren't even really villains, Most of them are leaders of nations that are doing what they can to do whats right for their people, hell even the one more or less MAJOR villain is not even really Evil, his methods are wrong, but he and his people are desperate, and infact are only doing what they have to to buy enough time so that they can finish work on a device that helps everyone and will benefit human and spirits, he just goes about it the worse way he can.

So by the end the major boss battle is with a person who is probbly the least villainous of the Antagonist, and this leads to the major issue, what's at stake is VERY minimal, both sides are equally good, and have their ups and downs, and chances to take, you own included. It's not like the end of the world or something like that. So while the games biggest strength is it's unique way of handling the villains and heroes story's it's also sadly it's biggest weakness, since there is no real VILLAIN, nor anything at stake, there is no sense of climax to the final boss fight, it's very anti-climatic.

Sound and Music 8/10: Other then Milla's, the voices are well done, and sound great, the music is beautiful and clean and fits many of the locations.

Gameplay 3/10: Ok so where at the last part, and this is also a major issue, the gameplay is dumbed down to terrible levels, and many things are remove, and bad things are brought back. The combat of the game combines the CC system of Tales of Graces F (The Good) with the older TP system of the earlier games (The Bad), while this may seem like a good idea to some, the problem with this is now you actions have the major restrictions of BOTH mechanics, without the major benefits of either.

CC limits how many hits you can use in a combo, and the TP mechanic limits your actions as a whole.The Fighting engine works to the older games like Tales of Vesperia, but a new system called dualizing allows you to link up to other characters to combo enemies and character deeper combos. The problem? It rely's on the ally AI, which sucks, and the position of your characters and which combo you use. Creating a lot of open space where characters are trying to reposition themselves, to attack and failing.

Along with this the leveling system has tooken a nose dive also, leading into a branching web system similar to FFX and FF13 crystal grid, but unlike those having fewer options. The game has a level 100 level cap which hasn't been like that in awhile honestly, and each time you level you get grid points to put into them, however at much later levels like 50+ you go from getting 4-5 grid points, (which as the grid expands and you have to use more and more to fill in a section to unlock skills and moves) you go to getting 1 point a level.

Another annoying system to return is a Skill point system limiting your extra skills you can equip, unlike Tales of Graces F vastly superior title system (which I should mention titles are now useless again and do nothing, not even stat buffs or costumes, they are completely worthless) which keeps the buff after you unlocked it to use.

Along with this many items such as crafting, and cooking have been pretty much completely removed, and now to unlock new gear and foods, you gather materials which you give to the item shops and as they upgrade they unlock new gear. Which is a broken mechanic as you can use it to get end game gear not even halfway through the game if you patient enough.

Also side quest are basically non existent, and ALSO MISSABLE AGAIN, and MULTIPARTED at times and even those you have done parts off can become missable and as the game gives you literally no information, or knowledge where to go and what to do or when to continue these, you will have to go back to every location every time even ONE story element is done.

So literally, no crafting, no cooking, no side quest, no mini games, no exploration. The only thing this game has going for it is the combat and story, and even those stinks. The NG+ elements and Post game elements are even more pointless one of the key items is the Devil gear, weapons form demons, which are weak as hell, but can be powered up through the bonus dungeon, however, since you the game has nothing to offer besides that, unlocking the power ups is worthless, and not only that CAN NOT BE CARRIED OVER IN NG+!

Overall Score 2/10: Rent or Buy? Neither this game is easily the weakest in the series, Dumbed down mechanics, tons of copy pasted items, no side items to explore, no replay value. This is literally thee worst the series has seen, get either Tales of Graces F or Tales of Vesperia.

"Castlevania is a Registered Trademark of Konami, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, November 16th, 2013, 10:04 am

Hmm... @qazox: Not angry as much as disappointed, this game look and sounded like it had alot going for it, and after seeing where the series went from tales of vesperia to Tales of Graces F, which as you would know is pretty much part of my Super Tag JRPG all stars Unit with Xenogears, Breath of Fire 3, Dragon Quest 8 and Final Fantasy 4 and 9, this game had next to nothing going for it most the way through it felt rushed and a mess.

As I said before having no real source of major income but odd jobs and trade ins I had to trade in Tales of Graces F so that didn't help matters.

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Reply qazox, November 15th, 2013, 9:15 pm

So, uhm, you hate the game.

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