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Episode 154: I feel so violated...

September 27th, 2013, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, June 17th, 2013, 10:51 am

Tales of Graces F review ahead! Alrighty now let's get on with a much missed Beans Rants gaming review, this today I will be reviewing the Namco Bandai game Tales of Graces F!

Well I started this adventure with little interest, I didn't praticularly like the art on the box cover, and it gave a very different thought about what the game was about, however, I sat down and played it and this is what I have to say about.

Graphics 9/10: This game is beautiful even more so for a port of a Wii game, the graphics are clean, the character models that look very close to the art with very rich and unique designs, with many colors you can tell they use a large color palette of both brights and dark colors.

Environments are well done and have a lot of variety in design, and while no not the most DETAILED over bloated AAA score, honestly those games like Heavy Rain, Tomb Raider, Last of Us, are really quite well ugly. The limited color palette, and dark muddy realism look to everything, it just blah looking, Tales of Graces F has a much better graphics due to it being clean, vibrant colors and variety of them which wins it my favor.

Story 8/10: The story of Tales of Graces F, like many Tales games focus on a theme, and depending on the Takes game lightly touch it, and others HAMMER it home, most seem to consider that Tales of Graces F HAMMERS it in with nails, HOWEVER, I for one don't mind it, think of those really hokey 80-90's cartoons like He-man, Thunder Cats, and Sailor Moon.

While the story starts out weak with a arc known as the "Child Arc" which is mainly for story development and overall a tutorial, you play as Asbel, a spirit youth who is head strong trying to do his best and likes adventure, and his brother Hubert a little coward who is shy and smart, while out looking around the area around their town they come across a hill with a field of flowers, in that field is a young girl, no idea who she is or why she was their, and you can tell "what" she is from a mile away from her habits and body language, her name is Sophie.

Now due to events in the games story you will later jump by like several years and to the more adult phase, which takes basically every character and all their chemistry and colorful personalities at the start and basically Tales of Abyss's them, and if you have played tales of Abyss you will know what I mean, and by that I mean by being boring "edgy" emo adventure where everyone is a either whiny or a douchy dickhole.

However as the game progresses, you come across many of the other character mainly 2 known as Pascal, and Malik who join you team, which basically along with Sophie as long as you don't have a stick up your arse and can just enjoy the characters, will have you on your ass with their habits through the whole game. The games story touches some dark subjects at times, but the major focus is that of Friendship and it's eternal bonds with those around us.

The major focus is that of a character known as Richard who Asbel and co met in the child arc and made friends with, a persons who has been constantly betrayed and attacked, and something happens to him to make him "evil" events lead you on a quest to save richard through the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP, ok, it's not THAT bad, but the idea is hokey and it puts a smile on my face for sure. If you can just relax and not be insecure about the idea it's a nice charming story.

Music 9/10: The music score of Tales of Graces F along with its beautiful intro Mamoritai ~White Wishes~, I would have loved a full orchestra lyrical version of this, it's a beautiful song. The score has large variety and each zone has it's own theme and music as the story progressed monster battles theme changes up to give a lot of flavor to the. Overall it just has to be heard to really grasp.

Sound/Voices 6/10: While the sound themselves are rich and well done, I have a problem with a number of the voices, it's times like this I deduct points for no JP voice option, most the voices get the job done, while a few do it WELL like Malik, Sophie and Pascal, others are good, but nothing I would write home about.

Gameplay 9/10: This game has just about everything you could want a simple yet deep and engrossing combat system, lots of sidequest(with no freaking time limit like other tales games), NG+/Carry over options, TONS of mechanics and things to do.

Let's get started on the combat is done on a full movement 3d plain, you have free control over your character here, your attacks are limited as the system form normal tales games has been altered alittle, you have your normal attacks known as A Artes, these are your basic attacks and combos, you will only start out with 2-3 hit combos at first but later evolves into a very wide variety of movesets as you level up and get "titles"

Titles now are more then just something that you get and does NOTHING, titles in this game and there are ALOT like 150-200 per character, and these titles are used to level up stats, get new skills, and add some real depth to the games mechanics, which their are a lot of them. Your other moves more of "Special moves" are known as B Artes, these are moves you use outside of combos or in to add a spine to your combat, B artes for most tho are the "magic attacks" for magic type users, like the healer Cheria or the attack magic cannon Malik.

Entering combat is field based, meaning you have to run into an enemy to start a battle, it's not random encountering. The game has many mechanics, cooking which has almost ways been a standard in the series, this game also has a crating system, and a unique mechanics known as a eleth mixer which does a number of tings based off how much of a compound known as "ELETH" you have, interesting enough this item also levels up and can get more abilities and adds changes to both field and combat for more rewards.

Next is the various super and ultimate meters, which get unlocked via story, and titles. I'd go into more detail but that would take along time. Overall the game has ALOT going for it, also it has a NG+/Carry over element, but this one is a little different it's more of a shop that you use to buy NG+ items, which I like as it rewards alot of different ways to play and encourages multi playthrough I wish more games did this. One of the better options is to skip the childhood arc, others allow for 10 times the xp to make higher difficulties easier.

Lastly the one thing I don't care for the world is rather "Small" it works similar to the FFX game there you traverse the "world" which I don't like I love a WORLD map like in older FF games like 9, you can explore them and find all kinds of hidden things, their is alot waiting out their for you in a real WORLD map. While the game has a sense of exploration it still not quite a world map level.

Overall Score 9/10: Rent or buy? BUY THIS GAME, or at least rent it or something this is a game worth your time after putting 100+ hours in on only one playthrough and another 100+ on multiplaythrough you will get your money out of it. The game just has alot of good things going for it and it's worth your time, I went in with little hopes, and came out with probbly the best JRPG I have played since Dragon Quest 8.

"Castlevania is a Registered Trademark of Konami, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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