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Episode 132: Goonba has changed sides?!

July 12th, 2013, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, April 27th, 2013, 4:24 pm

This week's Review? Project X Zone! Alrighty the Bandai/Namco/Sega/Capcom SJRPG is here for 3ds and let's review it and see if it's as awesome as it sounds!

Project X Zone Review here!

Update: Sorry for the lack of the review everyone, my internet went down tuesday and I haven't had a chance to get it written out for you all while dealing with comcast and it's garbage. I'll have it for you most likely today or tomorrow sorry in advance!

Ok time to review Project X Zone... Now this is a massive cross over Strategy RPG game similar to varies ones in Japan like the Super Robot Wars, and a sequel to the game Namco X Capcom, which never made it to the US and those of us who wanted to play it had to import it cause nobody in the industry has any balls... and are to cheap to do it.

Unlike Super Robot wars the combat system is a bit different I'll explain in the gameplay section, but it is a much more interactive mechanic then normal strategy games.

Graphics 9.5/10: As being a Handheld 3DS game, and having limited mechanics, the game overall sprite and character graphics are beautiful, the battle when doing attacks are fluid and have a lot of flair and well done, and the character artwork that's hand drawn for the animations is beautiful and even has it's backgrounds and designs are fitting for each of the zones and game's it represents.

Sound/Music 6.5/10: The voices are only in Japanese, which I LOVE, cause it means many of the characters voices fit and the fact they can ACT, now I will say I'm said to not see some of those who have seen proper US released voices like Original Dante, and Frank West no voiced by the actors, but the one's they have fit and sound really good. many of the characters have there own themes and such, but many range from great to meh. There are not many that I found I didn't care for. Overall, an option for US and JP voices would have helped, but I understand why as English voice actors are greedy bastards, and want more then their worth and well frankly they mostly suck.. The intro also was not very good, but most won't know as the music in the game has been butchered and many lyrics and such were removed.

Story 8/10: Overall the story is complicated for most, but since I'm doing a game using Shonen Jump Characters based on a SIMILAR concept, I understand and it's very simple to me. Overall the story is that there are hundreds of worlds connected through various means such mainly through items known as gates. These Gates can appear at random, or can be made, one such object is a magic stone which your main starting cast is guarding, one a Detective/Martial Arts Trainer named Kogoro Tenzai and His student a young Woman Names Mii Koryuji who is of a family that guard the stone.

Suddenly the stone goes missing and these two are attacked by bandits who want to capture the young woman for reasons unknown as the story progress these 2 get sucked into a new world by accident and forces unknown to them. The game keeps changing who you are controlling most the time as you go back and forth between various characters, now the thing his these characters are part of other games and worlds, such as Chun-li and Morrigan, or Ryu and Ken, Kos-Mos and Telos and so forth. That's part of the games theme is the cameo from all these various game worlds. The overall story is of all these characters joining together to fight the villains of there world and fix the scatter worlds and get everyone home.

Gameplay 7/10: This is the meat of the game, as the game functions like a SRPG in it's map based move character near enemy attack in range block by block mechanic this game add alot more depth to it through the combat engine. Which is a controlled combo based system, where you hit the attack button and the a direction to string together combo and build up points core, and your X meter to do moves, spells and ultimates. Now I have seen some people try to say this is similar to a beat rhythm game... those people are "MORONS".... First off you have no right or wrong way to performing those combo's nor do you have any restrictions, you can combo any attacks you want and any order, getting the timing right as to make sure the enemy does not touch the ground, as enemies become harder they have the chance to block your attacks and shield themselves, making you do no damage, the trick is to make sure they don't touch the ground during your combo to get max damage.

You only get a set number of attacks and times to attack at first, but as you level you get more combo's and more points to extend your combo, and unless you know what your doing an enemy can turn a fight around on you in a heartbeat. Along with your own combo you can have a summon and a tag attack move, each team can have a summon character once gotten through the story, and a tag attack is done when a character is next to you be it diagonal or side. Each can be done once or more depending on your skills to add extra hits and cause enemies to enter a Cross phase which freezes them in the spot and allows for maximum damage and combo. One of the reasons you want this is to build up the X meter, which I found sadly everyone has to share the same bar, kind of stupid in my thoughts, and limits you greatly even more so when the enemy who is VAST in number can go beyond the limit of 100 points with ease, *unlike you which requires hitting enemies in Cross Phase to go pas the maximum to 150%" and I don't think share their own X bar, but Im not sure on this as the enemy always seems to be hitting with supers, which are DEVASTATING.

The major problem with this is the X bar is used for EVERYTHING, but attacking and moving. It's used to Defend, Counter, use spells, do ultimates, and being shared amongst your vast team and some spells requiring a large percentage to use, you have to micromanage it alot sadly, but it's also the only real way to do decent damage to bosses, who have unreal attack and HP. The game features a NG+ function and tons of stages, but it's sadly a on rail SRPG, go from battle to battle, no free battle to help level, no adventuring aspects, so it takes a hit for that, and for more reason then one, as also these games have one habit I have ALWAYS hated in the SRW series... it takes about 2/3rd's of the game to get the whole cast, and you barely get a chance to use them Such as Megaman and Zero, don't come in til halfway into the game and then you split up and still can't use them :/ So you'll barely get a chance to use some of your favorites, or you'll get them almost the whole game depending who you like.

Cast ?/10: Overall I think this needed a seperate score, and I don't know how to score it, the cast of characters range from great to huh? Sega's is the major head scratcher, as IM sure many have wondered no Sonic, Knuckles and Tails summoning combo, I also wondered on a number of the choices, many of which most won't know or care for. While Capcom has Ryu and Ken, Dante and Frank West, Chris and Jill Megaman and Zero, and Namco has Kos-Mos and Telos, kite and Black Rose, Jin and Ling, Sega really doesn't have anyone they have Virtua Fighter which is probbly the only real known one but they have 4 Sakura Wars characters in the game, why I don't know, as only one even made it here, and yes i know this game had no intention of originally coming over, but why not like Kazuma Kiryu and Shenmue, or Vyse, and Fiona from Skies of Arcadia. The choices Sega made are kind of silly.

Overall: 8/10 IT's a great game, with lots of replay value and tons of good content, I'd suggest buying to help support getting more of these games here.

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, July 15th, 2013, 10:01 am

I'll try and think of something.. @Darkhog: But it's rather hard, as I want people to try and guess it on the first page cause I don't put the trademark on the first page once the arc starts.

The start of the new arc starts in the end of august I can tell you that. Ill try and think of a way to hint at it... But honestly isn't that half the fun waiting to find out?

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Reply qazox, July 12th, 2013, 9:43 pm


Wait a minute... when did goonba get a second pair of floating eyes?

Reply Darkhog (Guest), July 13th, 2013, 3:40 pm

Please give little less vague hint about next game, one that could be used to pinpoint it if reader is bright.

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