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Episode 126: On the high seas of time paradoxes...

June 21st, 2013, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, April 27th, 2013, 3:53 pm

This week's Review? Xenoblade Chronicles! So here we are, A JRPG to review, this game is talked about like it's the best thing since sliced bread, and one of the games that makes the Wii worth owning.

So does it? Well let's talk about this.

Ok, look, I have found most over hyped games are never as good as they are hyped, and sadly this is another one of the games. For every one thing this game does right, it does about 10 more things badly.

Story 9/10: The story is one of the good ones, but this story is brought to us by the supposed group behind Xenosaga and the master piece Xenogears, not sure, but I would say this games story is fantastic, but still not quite the caliber of Xenosaga, and Xenosaga isn't quite as good as Xenogears. The story first starts off about 2 huge continental robot like being fighting, and the fight ending in a stalemate, from their thousands of years past and life formed on these entities. One biological, one mechanical and for unknown reasons the mechanical species is trying to kill the biological.

You start out playing a character named Duban who is using the only known weapon of damaging the mechenical species, the Monado, and energy blade of unknown origin, however the weapon is unstable unless in the hands of a chosen person, and the sword goes out of control mid fight, which causes a reaction that destroy's the Mechon's as they are know in the world and for 1 year the species leave each other alone.

You start as Shulk who is investigating the Monado, suddenly the Mechon suddenly attack the town after a year of being thought gone, and Shulk takes up the Monado to try and protect the people he loves, as soon as he touches it the sword changes and activates an new unknown power... the ability to see into the future, which helps shulk defend the town until a new mechon comes a massive monster with a metal face and can talk... sadly an event happens that causes the lost of someone dear to him, from there he goes on a mission to get revenge and remove the mechon from the world.

That's like the prologue to the story, very intense, alot of development, but unlike Ni No Kuni, which has an hour of story development overload, and then nothing to the last hour of the game, this game has CONSTANT development, this story is constantly evolving and becoming more in depth and interesting, characters are deep and likable and interesting. Sadly while they are well made and deep, they don't really EVOLVE and develop much, not like the games story anyway. The story tho is how it should be done, constantly doing something and building, and it makes you want to know what's going on.

Graphics 7/10: This game for a wii game is truly beautiful, you have amazing detail, draw distance, if you can see it, you mostly can walk to it, it's like Shadow of Colossus in that term,but sadly on an HDTV Wide screen sucks as the ratio is not built for it, and so you have about 1/3rd of the screen with massive black bars on it, and it's so pixelated it will hurt your eyes do to it's low quality.

Sound 8/10: Overall I can't say much towards the sound fx, nothing special to note, the voice acting can be turned to Japanese versions which I made sure to use, as most english voice actors can't do their job worth two dicks, and don't fit the character even remotely (points to One Piece), and they are damn good, they convey emotion well, they sound like they fit the characters, and they play there part perfectly.

Music 8/10: As I said once before I don't mention music unless it is noticable and this game has some AMAZING music, and some that is kind of not even in existance, from claiming melodies, to extreme j-rock, most songs are unique and amazing, and fit the scene and area, and the game has a day and night system and each area has a unique theme for both day and night, it's well done and very clean, and mostly fits all areas.

Gameplay 2/10: ...aaaaaaaaand here is where we hit the major stumbling blocks come in, the game has a dozen of good ideas, but so poorly implemented it's not even funny, the game is done in a MMO style real time turned based combat, and god is it the combination that just ruins a possibly run mechanic.

As yahtzee would say about these games, turn based is fine, real time is fine, but the hybrid version of the system are god awful and often you come out with getting the worse of both system and this game sure does that. The combat flows between moving across the field and entering the combat at the touch of a button. Select the enemy hit the button enter combat mode, now the way this game functions is a good idea, but poorly done or limited, unlike other games like this for consoles were a single attack makes you wait per attack in a turn based style, each attack has it's own cool down, like WoW style combat and you can level these skills to shorten this time, however unlike WoW, you have an extremely limited selection of choices on your bar, you can only have 8 attacks at once, and considering how the games mechanics work and limits your functions due to various gimmicks needed to get through combat when you have like a couple dozen plus skills and are limited to 8, this is thought to be strategy and balance, but it's not it limits and unbalances the combat in most cases.

The mechanics I mention are those accustomed with yet another problem this game has, the sole focus of the holy trinity of MMO style games, the tank, the healer, and the dps, and you need one of each, however there is only 1 tank, one healer, and 5 dps's. People say you can have whatever combination you WANT, however they would be fooling themselves, as the game combat is completely unbalanced as hell as I said. Most of your characters even with the best gear can only take 2-3 hits from most even level grunt types, when you fight major enemies in large groups (AND YOU WILL), you get slaughtered quickly unless you have a tank holding agro, but even he can only take 5-6 hits with out a healer, and as there is no mp, and only timer based moves, you will have to wait on heal s 95% of the time, that's if the terrible AI even does them, SOMEHOW when they only have healing moves, they still manage to NEVER HEAL.

But that's another of the issues the AI, unlike most games were you can alter, set up and manage AI, you can't at ALL in this game, which wouldn't be bad if you could switch control of character in combat, sadly you can't you can not, infact the character changing is horribly done, and you have to go through several menus to do it, extremely slow an clunky, and YOU will have to change as some quest can only be activated by certain characters, but before I get to that let me note one of the last problem with the character set up, you can only have 3 characters at a time, so 2 of your spots already are tooken up unless HEAVILY overleveled, so then that last spot is for however you want Riiiiight?

Sadly no the game forces you into a set character with this also, as the time mechanics I mentioned in the story before, are part of the combat, what happens is if an enemy is going to use an attack on you that would kill or cause serious damage to you, you will see the event and be able to pervent it, however there is ONLY person who has the skils to pervent it, SHULK, so now you are completely set in terms of character team set up, you will almost never use any of the other characters until you are way over leveled and going to lower places for side quest, and HOLY CRAP there are alot of them, remember how I talked about the prologue section, while it was probbly an hour of story total, the process of doing all of it was about 8-10 HOURS, the game stretches content to beyond breaking point which I don't mind, but the way this game goes about it is HORRIBLE, quest give extremely limited information, it gives you a GENERAL Location such as a WHOLE ZONE, and a name of a person to talk to or a thing to get from some enemy, but that's it and the zones are the HUGE, like the calm lands of FFX or the final zone in FF13 large, and thats EACH ZONE is that large, the game is massive.

Along with this, the townspeople have a life of their own, and function as such, and while this is interesting and adds a level of depth and immersion within the game, it sadly causes DOZENS of tedious annoyances each person has a set path they walk in, a set time you have to look for them, and no way of knowing with then having a name, and a blue dot on the mini map which is hard to see due to the graphics engine. Some quest require to go find a person you only have knowledge what town he is in, and the towns are massive at times also, so along with looking over the town every 4 hours, which you can luckily change the time in the game at any time, you still will have to search the town at least 3-4 times at various times to find the person, you only get a ! to show the mission on the mini map and only when you are close enough, making the task of quest VERY tedious and drawn out, cause quest in general can follow this formula, or even more limited.

The game has alot going for it in shear content, and ideas, but this isn't even a fraction of the games issues, and I'm running out of room. The game has a New Game plus, but sadly even with 100 hours of content, and post game content, sadly this game suffers from the problem of being so damn boring really quick due to the various problems the gameplay has, even after 80+ hours of the game I didn't finish it, and sadly it stopped being fun at 10 hours in, I tried to complete for the story, and tried to hope the gameplay got better, it never did, it just got worse.

Overall Score 5/10: even with the positives, the games gameplay is SO dull and badly done, it really ruins what could have been a great game, it's over priced, and limited to fine, my opinion, wait for the new X game coming to WII U and grab THAT.

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, June 22nd, 2013, 11:48 am

That's explained... @qazox: In the next episode.

Reply zignoff, June 23rd, 2013, 9:49 am

Glad you could tell :) @Darkhog: Was worried my crappy skills would make it hard to figure out!

User's Comments:

Reply qazox, June 21st, 2013, 8:46 pm

Dafuq? Which one is the real MC?

Reply Darkhog (Guest), June 22nd, 2013, 6:55 pm

@qazox They're both real. Just one is from wind waker.

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