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Episode 110: ..You won't take credit?.. Well then...

April 26th, 2013, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, February 2nd, 2013, 7:11 pm

Today on Hate the Player! This week's review is of one of my personal favorite games.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate edition for 3ds!

I honestly don't know where to start on this game, it's hard to believe it's capcom, not only is it an awesome game, it's a vast IMPROVEMENT over the previous game Tri that we got in the U.S. (which I know it's a second upgrade of Tri since Portable 3 for PSP was an upgrade to tri in some ways)

However, it's odd to see a game only get improvements, not not add in some stupid crap that changes the overall game mechanics and ruins the original concept, like many companies including capcom are doing lately. So let's get started on the review.

Graphics 9/10: Honestly, graphics aren't important to me, as I have said many time, but I will give credit where due, and unlike morons like Penny Arcade who says it looks ugly cause their graphic whores who think graphics make the game obviously (not sure if they were joking, but if not then they are idiots in my thoughts), Monster Has very rich looking environments, not over detailed garbage with too much bloom, but designed to look natural to the surroundings. While some might have some questionable designs, most feel like something you would suspect to see.

The monsters which are the the major focus show the greatest detail, and alot of hard work in their design, when hit or the move some monsters skin will flap like an old man's turkey neck, but unlike the newest game conference and show case, the waddle waggly isn't the major breakthrough and showcase of the game, it's just a little extra to add some life like qualities to the monsters. The AI and way the monsters each uniquely function is what makes them what they are, and the gameplay is what makes the game fun.

Sounds/Music 9/10: The game has no real voices, more of a banjo kazooie grunts from people, and basic cheers, pain and grunts for the characters. However the Sounds of the monsters is brilliants, monsters have their own unique audio, while some same species share similar ones, like the various redesigns of the prey species (the velicoraptor type species), overall you won't find many of the monsters unique species that sound the same.

Another thing that is noticable on this game is the MUSIC, for once the music can be something that can be scored, the reason being is that boss larger monster encounters have their own themes, some have unique ones only for them, so if you're wandering around or fighting something and you can't tell what it is from the roar, the music will help hint it also.

Gameplay 9/10: The meat of the game, and one of it's best qualities, this game series is a skill based game, similar to the soul series, it requires understanding of all the mechanics not to get completely beat down. You literally need to know every aspect of the game to be good at it, how the environments work, the monsters rest areas, and spawn areas, the enemies movement and attack patterns in all forms normal, tired, and rage mode.

Knowing your weapons and what weapons you are good with will also mean wither you will enjoy the game or not and be successful in the hunt or not, with a large variety of weapons the game has alot to offer Allow me to list what we have and their basic mechanics.

Great Sword: My fourth weapon of choice, A Large weapon used mainly for heavy damage, it can block, and really the best way to use it is to wait for enemies openings, and use the charge function to pull out massive damage, while charging up if you charge long enough you get more power, but has the risk of being hit while charging, there is also a timing function where if you time the charge right you can critical with it. A difficult weapon to use, not a newbie weapon in my thoughts, takes a lot to learn and get a handle one, knowing the monsters is important for it.

Long Sword: The Sephiroth Style sword for most people I'm sure, as much as I hate that thought, it is a long bladed katana, but you wield it like it actually has weight to it, it does not have a block so an understanding of the dodge mechanics are a must, the weapon has fast sweeping attacks and as you attack and each his is successful, you build up a power gauge which can be used to unleash a powerful combo attack, it lowers over time, so constant hitting is a must. A good newbie weapon in most cases I would think.

HAMMER!: "MY MAIN" Weapon of choice, I love this thing, it's only downfall being the lack of cutting, which means you can't cut off tails form monsters for extra carves, but what it lacks in that, the destructive power alone is worth it, big and heavy you can not block, and must learn the timing of monsters, it basic function are various charge moves, but unlike the sword you can move while charging, allowing one to get in a good position for the perfect hit, mainly the head of the enemy, if possible anyway, along with that the basic 3 hit pound to a golf swing is deadly once you got a good opening. Another newbie unfriendly weapon in my thoughts, but it was the one I used since MH1.

Sword and Shield: A good newb weapon allows item usage while unsteathe and has good balance in attack speed and power, and can block attack. While I am not familiar with many changes to it over the generations, I still understand it's basic functions. It's a good starting out weapon.

Dual Blades: As the name says dual blades, a evade type high speed weapon focuses on doing massive damage in a short time, a DPS weapon as the term would be. This can be a pretty good starting weapon class also, you have your basic attacks and if you hit the special button you go into a stamina draining rage mode which allows you to unleash a flurry of combos, in this game their is also a bar that fills up as you fight in rage, I believe once maxed it gives you an attack boost. Very short range and in the face weapon.

Lance: The Walking tank, the lance is a very basic weapon, but is one of the best in terms of being the safe bet and very newb friendly, the basic attack consist of a straight forward stab 3 times, and 3 stabs at an angle to the air, you can also attack while blocking, which the lance has a tower shield one of the best in the game, blocks almost everything with ease, allows for the term "turtling" the enemy, One of the new functions is a charge attack to unleash an angled stab with power behind it hard to use, but effective, lastly it has a dashing attack.

Gunlance: My SECOND weapon of choice, the gunlance functions similar to the lance except not, it's alternate attacks are replaced with bullets and cannon shots, it's attack patterns are awkward, such as it's final stab is a slam down instead, which can be used to fire off all bullets at once into an enemy it hits, along with that instead of the dash, it has an attack known as Wyvern Fire, a huge charge attack that does massive damage. Being so awkward I would suggest only using this after you know the lance well.

Switch Ax: A newer weapon, which works like a combo of weapons, an evasion weapon, you swing it around in a way similar to that of the Longsword, as you attack the enemy, you build up a bar, once this bar is full you can transform this weapon into a Greatsword style weapon, but no block, fast attacks and has a gunlance style wyvern fire, a good newbie weapon in my thoughts, just kind of technical.

Heavy and Light Bowgun: I figure the these are similar enough overall to warrant one comment, these are the "guns" fof the games, the rifles and cannons, the major differences of them is the light can rapid fire, and the heavy has a station turret mode, these weapons I can't suggest for newbs at all, but they are a good idea to learn as when in a team, having 1 or 2 gunners can help out alot. The weapons work off various ammo, most of which needs to be made, some can be bought, an expensive class, but can hit with many types of damage, from status effects to elements, they can be very useful but long range weapons also require a different set of armor. So be careful when choosing.

Bow: My 3rd weapon of choice, a long range weapon, but works differently as it doesn't require ammo to work, you can coat the arrows in the same status effects as a bow gun, but aiming is a little different as bows have arcing paths to their fire, and arrows have a different way of firing of reach bow, along with that, they have a charge mechanic, which changes their shots and upgrades them this is the more newb friendly of the range weapons in my thoughts.

Along with the weapons you have various armors you get from killing/capturing monsters, harvesting their bodies, and gathering items such as mining rocks and fishing, etc. Armor also has it's own unique buffs which work well with weapon types so also good to figure out the best armor for you. I suggest learning atleast 3-4 different weapons to help keep you viable in combat for the various enemies, a monster hard with the Longsword, might be a snap with the hammer, and visa versa.

Lastly, is the solo and online mechanics, sadly the 3ds doesn't have an infrastucture,so you need others around to play the game , the wii U can go online, it is the better choice in my thoughts. Also if you can not get the Wii U version and must get the 3ds, get a Circle Pad Pro, it is a must in my thoughts, not saying playing without it isn't possible, it is, but you going to have a more rough time without it.

The solo mode has been made more of a focus, and many improvements have been made to help, before in earlier games, you were alone when playing, but as you progress through the solo game, you get 2 AI partners, which can be life savers if you customize them around you're play style, they level up and can be design to deal various forms of damage, and unlike tri, these little guys can be taken online, which you CAN access the online area and mission without being online, so you can still get all the games content with only the 3ds and no people to play with. Online has it's own town hub, new missions, and monsters to fight, in a rank based leveling system.

Overall Score 9/10 Rent or Buy: I would say ATLEAST rent the game if possible, but for me this is a no brainer it's a buy for sure, if nothing I stated sounds interesting, then I would suggest staying clear for now.

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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