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Episode 108: Arrows not included...

April 19th, 2013, 11:00 am

Average Rating: 5.00
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Author's Comments:

Reply zignoff, February 2nd, 2013, 7:00 pm

Yea Yea, I forgot that to... ANYWAY Yea, I know you have to buy the arrows before you can use them, but eh.. well .. GLITCH PHYSICS!, that's the answer!

Anyway here is the review for the Dead Space 3!

Alrighty time for this review, now let's see here, how should this start, well the question is, is Dead Space 3 good? or bad?, well read the review and find out!

Story 5/10: Well the reason for this score is due to a few things, but let me get to the start some time after the last game Issac has gone into hiding and things didn't work out with his girl friend, while moping about some solider guys come in, beat you up say you're ex girlfriend is missing and you need to help find her.

Along the way you find out they found the planet that is the source of the signal from the markers, and you go on a quest to put an end to this for good, but besides the necromorphs as a trade mark enemy, you know have various human enemies to deal with on you quest.

Most of the story is fine, and many could see the outcome in some cases a mile away, but their were a few major issues I will point out right now...

SPOILERS AHEAD! Skip if you want.

1: It has ANOTHER stupid ass poorly done heroic sacrifice for no reason and no point, just to have it YET again, without any context, or any aftermath to show the reasons for it being worth it or the best choice.

2: The game literally answers NOTHING about the markers in general, except the whole make us whole thing, you find an alien race, they found the markers also from some other race, and the convergence nearly succeeded and it was stopped in near completion. But the overall mystery of the markers is still completely unanswered, and this game really adds nothing to the story.

3. The co-op characters story is pointless, and adds nothing really and he also dies to, also the main villain is basically a james bond villain, all he needs is the spinning chair and a cat to stroke...

End Spoilers END SPOILERS!

Graphics 9/10: Credit where it is due, the graphics are gritty, and dark, and in some cases beautiful in the space settings and heavy landscape seeing. Everything is very fitting and natural in most cases, I can't find anything wrong with this here, monsters look great, and are detailed and creepy as hell.

Sounds/Music 7/10: I have no problems with any of the sounds, voice acting is top notch, fitting and do their job very well, explosions sound great, enemies sound.. "gooey", and humans scream in pain, as for music, I don't even know there is any, I wish games would try alittle harder on the music catergory, I barely ever notice it anymore lol.

Gameplay 8/10: Alrighty the meat of the game, the reason we're here, is it good? As a game YES, very much so, it is a fun game with it's weapon customization with tons of possibilities, NG+ gameplay modes, side quest and co-op missions and co-op gameplay that isn't FORCED.

HOWEVER, as a DEAD SPACE GAME?... yea, no, pretty much anything that gave the game it's feel and atmosphere is pretty much gone, monsters have many less "Scare" factors, and know charge at you like mad rhino every 5 seconds, and use nothing new to approach you, the randomness the first game gave is pretty much gone, enemies come out of the same locations as before and hell they barely even try the possum trick anymore.

Along with the Human enemies alot of the feeling in the game are gone for a fast paced shooter game, which is a good game, but just not a dead space game, and while we always have those few good additions, games just can't seem to learn that mini games the first time are fun and unique, but the option to have them turned off should be a part of the NG+ feature, as the same annoying mini games as before have been brought back with some new and even DULLER ones.

I don't mind a mini game maybe once or twice, and only if they are optional, but when they are required every 5 steps and are enforced to move forward, then no I HATE them...

The gunplay is solid, the new monsters are interesting and take a bit to figure out the best approach and the new tricks older ones learn are fun, but overall nothing really new to the overall package, and I would also have to point out, it looks like they did some sketchy things, once you get on world you will keep running across a tram you can get into and pick a location, however, you can never GO to any of them.. EVER, they are always locked.

Along with that the game suffers from Dragon Age 2 issues, (which I still enjoyed alot regardless for the combat improvements, and the few characters that actually had any personality or anything about them unlike in the first game or it's expansion, those being the Dwarf and the Pirate Woman lol), which are the side quest have repeating zone designs, it's literally a copy and paste job throughout the game.

Overall score? 8/10 Rent or Buy? Atleast worth a rent, I can suggest buying it if you can find it for 20-30, it's a fun game with lots to do, but sadly little reward as the new hardcore mode gives you a crappy screen mode that doesn't do what I had thought it would do. It is a good game, just again.. not a Dead Space game..

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

User's Comments:

Reply qazox, April 20th, 2013, 12:49 am

M.C.'s gonna be broke in about 3 minutes...

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