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Episode 106: ..or maybe it was checkers....

April 12th, 2013, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, February 2nd, 2013, 6:42 pm

But not yahtzee! Anyway, Let's see we still have a ways to go on Zelda, but not TOO much longer. So hold on and just keep enjoying the randomness.

As for now we are going to do another review, the next game we review today is the next Koei game Fist of the North Star Ken's Rage 2!

This game is already dead...... No seriously, this game is quite dead. I don't know what has been going on with koei lately, but they have been doing some shitty work lately.

Alright welcome to Ken's Rage 2, which honestly is form what KOEI said the REAL way they wanted this game to be, so this is almost the like a freaking bizarro world here, how could anyone want their game to DOWNGRADE in so many areas. Well, I promised a review and here it is.... let's get the few things out of the way.

Graphics 8/10: Overall I like the way the graphics look, they fit the game well, my few problems is the textures at time seem, well noticiablly BAD, like whenever your loading a Unreal Engine game, *which I HATE* and all the textures are all globs of things before the next couple rendering levels. Along with that the game seems to have some clipping issues, mainly during cutscenes, but other then that they are good, the fit the anime universe well in my thoughts.

Story 6/10: Ok, so the is of the anime so logically it follows the anime to a tea, and honestly it does a wonderful job doing it, I personally love the cutscene style that design in a way to look like the original manga strip I think it's very creative, though I can understand the thought of it being rather lazy. But I don't mind to much, the problem I DO have with it is the dialogue CAN NOT BE SPED UP!, literally the dialogue takes FOREVER to go through, and the only way to get by it is to skip it completely with start. So none of these lovely buttons on the controller which could have been a nice skip text to next, or speed up dialogue, do ANYTHING.

Which is a pain because the dialogue takes AGES to go, and even for SIMPLE shit like example " Kenshiro had a gruntty look on his face as he tried his hardest to strain a turd out!".... 10 MINUTES LATER, "The turd was a fighter though and hung onto his rectum with the greatest of MIGHT!"... 10 minutes later...

It's honestly annoying and really drags on the games story mode, which is a bit long, but it's fine.. ok, well it would have been fine if not for the gameplay issues, which basically DESTROY the game. I'll get into that soon enough. The other issue I have is the Legends mode, before it was an awesome what if story mode, which showed various unique endings based on if characters did something different. For example, Jagi ran away instead of fighting Kenshiro, meets Amiba, and they become basically a pair of hero's by mistake helping various villagers and such, when they thought they were doing bad things and become good guys somewhat in the end, or one where Rei went and found his friend Shew and they helped save everyone and Rei ended up not dying.

This one mode however.. doesn't have any of that, it's basically like crappy back story. Like how the Hokuto Army was formed by Bat (yes not Bart as we know him) and Rin, (not lynn even though those names sound way better in my thoughts). Really stupid things that really nobody gives to rats arse about as we already know how it ends, they also have the text issues which REALLY drag on for way long. So yea, while had a lot of potential and gives PLENTY PLENTY of stages, they just aren't very interesting to do anymore in both story and gameplay.

Sound/Music 5/10: The game has JP voices only, which I don't mind, I prefer them as the US actors most generally don't fit and can't act worth dog shit 90% of the time, but I do understand the lack of them and believe it is the worth the point for the lack of them, along with that the sound effects are generally the same as they were, they work and do the job, nothing special really. The next is the music which is what really brings the score down, along with NOT getting more remakes of Fist of the North Star songs into the game *No FREAKING TOUGH BOY?!*, they went about REMOVING any of the GOOD songs such as the remake of the original intro in the first game, so the music is just downright boring and forgettable 95% of the time, maybe ONE or 2 good tracks, but nothing that deserve a good score.

Gameplay 2/10: Do what?! A Warriors game getting GAMEPLAY "THIS LOW" what is it bug ridden? Well, no this is not for bugs, but for the fact of how LAZY the game is and how the game basically strips ANYTHING fun out and doesn't add anything to make up for it... no really there is almost NOTHING noteworthy added to this game. Except the overally forced dodge mechanic, and the some tweaks to the legends mode battle. But they both have their own share of issues.

Let's start off with the games ONLY good thing really, there is a BUTTLOAD of content, the story is long with alot of stages, and the Legends mode is got an ass load of stages to play, however they are countered by the fact that literally everything else in the game sucks major donkey balls.

The major issue right off the bat, the combat system, ... it has been MANGLED, I believed when I first heard people talking about removing moves, they were talking about some of the specials which most characters had like 12, and most were pretty pointless, so no big worry. But not that is NOT the case, what they removed as about 90% of the games combat mechanics. Most characters now only have like 3 combo attacks. SOME new characters have alittle more unique way about doing it, but the problem is in the end they only have 3 combos even if they are fancier.

Kenshiro gets Triangle, Square Triangle, Square Square Triangle, and Square 5 times... THAT IS IT, and no there are no more, I have maxed him out in the dumb down leveling system, (which I will get to soon), these are the same 4 attacks you will be using for the WHOLE game, and when doing only one of these moves S,S,T for about 12 hours of the main story mode, you are so sick of the game as a whole it's scary, infact that's the same moveset for about 40%-50% of the games cast if not more, I almost stopped playing after that. The only things you get are signature moves, which aren't even that good, as unless you have leveled up the very specific states you won't even be able to USE them in sections of the story that almost require them, making some fights VERY difficult, if not impossible.

Also it should be pointed out, that signature moves no longer have the text and the character shouting them like in the first game and the anime, maybe not to big of a thing, but it takes away from the charm the original game, along with this the HYPER modes are now completely gone, and replaced with nothing, so characters from the previous game have lost a completely unique moveset altogether, now I guess they hoped doubling the cast would add something to this lost? It literally doesn't, most are either copies of just badly designed extra, one of the worst things, is a Character who literally does NOTHING in the series, is in maybe one or two episodes, Juza of the Clouds, a worthless moron, get's the most unique moveset in the game, literally double what kenshiro has, and all kinds of unique things, REALLY?! This guy was FOOT note and he gets more depth then 90% of the games characters?!

Sigh, so then what about the leveling system, well instead of a extremely indepth meridan leveling system which took like HOURS of gameplay to complete on one guy, the leveling is based on 5 states, which are Health, Attack, Defense, Signature, and Something else, can't remember, Style maybe? and to level them you have to do specific things, which at first I thought this was an interesting idea, and had alot of merit. However none of it was worth a damn 90% of the time, and it really didn't change anything to the character, except allow them to get be able to USE their damn signatures... That's really about it. Just a wasted potential...

So lastly we have the Legends mode, which sadly even this has taken a hit in terms of gameplay, stages are now more empires style gameplay focused, and feel very limited, go to a point A on the map kill 50 enemies, beat the boss, rinse repeat, while the game adds alittle flair to this by making certain bases have different difficulty ranks and sub missions in order to get bonuses to get better scrolls which is part of the new item system, which really doesn't do anything special no worth a damn, which adds alittle strategy to the gameplay, but nothing game changing. So about after 3 hours of this I just stopped, I was bored to tears and only 15 hours from a DW game, that's NOT a good sign. SO I deleted this overpriced pile from my system and I'll probbly never played it again.

When I say over priced let me also explain, I bought this on the PSN cause most of my friends have the PS3, and they were planning on getting it, the game came out with NO PHYSICAL COPY on PS3 for 60 FREAKING BUCKS?!, I guess they didn't want to play favors since xbox and Wii U got physical copies, and the thing is there were two different ones, both 60 bucks one came the game alone, and another with some dlc costumes, some people accidently bought the one without the costumes and got screwed over, I didn't luckily but really, why not offer the game for 10 bucks less for the lack of costumes? I never understood this pricing structure the lack of middle man, physical book, case, disc, lack of resale value and unable to let friends borrow it, should INSTANTLY be 20 to 30 bucks LESS, no excuses.

Every fiber of my being was saying NOT to buy this, and I knew I shouldn't have, but I did to support Koei at the time, because they had made so many good games. Oh and let's not forget the DISC LOCKED CONTENT/DATA LOCKED CONTENT, the game just released 3 characters ALREADY in the game for 8 bucks a POP, Amiba, Han one of the 3 shura, and are you kidding me here?!, NAMELESS SHURA?! That joke of a character that beat got his ass handed to him by Falco?! 8 bucks a piece, not 8 bucks for all 3, it's actually 18 bucks for all 3.... and most of their movesets are pieces of OTHER characters movesets... good lord...

But I went and even got the new DW7 Empires, those games are usually fun and I heard alot of good things about it, but it also was boring as hell and it happened just as quick, it literally didn't add anything, but one new gimmick which is barely noticeable, Koei has fooled me alot lately, but not anymore, Koei HAS one more change to keep me as a customer, with One Piece Pirate Warriors 2, and if that doesn't blow my socks into orbit, I'm done with them, I'll be bargain binning them from that point on.

Final verdict? 3/10: While this game isn't buggy, it's number of back stepping is just the worse I have ever seen in a game, and deserves no praise or money for this lazy attempt, if this is what Koei envisioned the game to be then they need to be kicked square in the gentials by Kenshiro himself.

Rent or buy? Don't bother, go grab the far superior and much cheaper first game, the only real difference was the movement speed in the first was slower, big freaking hairy ballsack deal, this game deserves no money whatsoever until Koei starts to realize they are getting lazy, and honestly I'm thinking it's tecmo's fault.

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, April 14th, 2013, 3:52 pm

It's a reference to death. @Darkhog: A number of cultures and story's have it where people play a contest or game of chance against death for their souls and/or lives.

Chess is the more common game.

User's Comments:

Reply qazox, April 12th, 2013, 9:53 pm

I hope it wasn't strip Monopoly....

Reply Darkhog (Guest), April 14th, 2013, 3:45 pm

I think I don't get Chess/Monopoly reference...

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