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Episode 98: Get a move on now!

March 15th, 2013, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, January 5th, 2013, 12:54 pm

A review on Mass Effect 3 and the series Well, here we go the full on Rant of this game and it's ending, and the series as a whole.

Ok, I don't know where to even start on this, I bought ME3 for 10 bucks.... beat it and was able to trade it in for 9 bucks, I still felt ripped off. Now this is going to be more of a Rant Review then a Review so bear with me.

Some items I will cover as part of ME3 only, and others I will compare them as a whole.

Graphics ME3 Only 9/10: The graphics of this game, are beautiful, I won't deny that in anyway, colors are rich, the environments are rich in detail, and most are unique in design, with dust and debris all over the place where appropriate and other places clean and shiny where they should be. Lighting and shadowing is well done, and the game is a joy to look at in it's major cutscenes. Nothing I can really complain about in here.

Sounds/Music ME3 Only 9/10: The Voice acting is top notch as usual, most generally the emotions can be felt and each character fits it's voice. The Sci Fi sounds are amazing, and fit well, each gun has a variety of unique sounds and they are very clean. The Music is mostly awesome, though during a certain theme song they keep taking away from the feeling of the song with the Reaper Farting sound. It really throws the effect the music is giving to a person out the window in my thoughts. If you have played it you know what I mean.'

Gameplay ME 1, 2, and 3 comparasion.

ME1 9/10: ME1 brought alot to the table, a good combat system with heavy leveling mechanics, deep conversation options, reactions and outcomes, a indepth weapon customizing system, which also got rid of that tried ammo system for a more strategic and interesting ammo system, where you gun would start to over heat and become unusable, some mods caused this cool down to be better, but was offset by various other mods which boosted the power, but caused it to over heat quickly. Creating a risk reward function in combat. Along with various skills you could master, the game offered alot of variety in gameplay mechanics. My favorite was a Sniper Rifle with a Super Inferno Shell which caused a massive explosion, with 500% damage and caused my gun to completely over heat instantly. However that shell pretty much killed ANYTHING it hit so, yea lol.

Along with that part of the gameplay is the conversation system, choosing the right path to help get certain reactions, in hopes in future games will lead to the right choices and the best (or worse depending on your play style and what you want.) It was ALL about choice and how it would affect the world, that's what the game LEAD us to believe... and ultimately lied to us on.

Next another wonderful feature in the game was the exploration, while I understand various "dungeons" were kind of copy and paste, the planets, were the real meat, allowing us to full explore planets, in hopes of finding interesting and unique quest, items, and events. While others found it "boring" I LOVED every minute of it, people bitched about them being empty, I'm sorry EVERY planet can't have an advance super race hidden form the world with a unique universe and gameplay, but this is the FIRST game, and it also speaks true that not EVERY planet is going to be populated. It's how it works sorry :/

One other thing the game did well was the achievement system, I wish ALL games did this, doing achievements not only of course gets you gamer score up, but also gives you prizes, like special NG+ bonuses and in game additions to new skills you can add to a class that doesn't normally have them. Making classes more personal.

I can say the ONLY reason I wouldn't consider this THE BEST of the series is one MINOR complaint. One MINOR issue, and that was the romancing options, I personally don't understand why TALI, who to me was the most interesting and character, and very attractive in her own way, was NOT a romance option? The race thing? So what is sex the only reason to have a romance? Cause she wasn't an adult? No she WAS old enough to be an adult, she was just not SEEN as an adult till she accomplished her trial. There was no reason not to have here as a romance. This is the ONLY reason I find ME2 slighty has an upper hand on ME1.

ME2 7/10: ME2 Takes of the mantel of starting to try and clean up various things of the game, but completely rips out many mechanics that just needed to be refined, but instead just got replaced with worse mechanics.

The Class system has seen a massive hit, as they try to make the classes more unique, they butcher them in a way to make them very limited and linear, while more unique, alot less personal in my thoughts, and disallowed for more personal design as you were kind of forced into a narrow class design. This wouldn't have been as bad if the game allowed you to change classes on NG+ to experiment and keep your levels, and items. But no, you have to start a whole new character, which can be VERY annoying.

The Weapon system is stream lined, and by that I mean BUTCHERED, the personal customization is all but gone, the AMMO system is back, and makes no sense to why, it explained cause they found it made it easier to maintain combat or something in the game world. However, this function is similar to if you got a blow out on the road, and I came up to you with some square rock wheels like something form the flint stones, and said YES while they won't turn well at all, at least you'll never have a blow out now right?! It's takes care of the over heat system, but at the cost that if you run out of ammo, (which is VERY often), you're pretty much screwed... that it you're dead. A way to fix this (which they didn't do) was to make it so if you ran out of ammo the guns with function on the over heating system again and allow you to keep fighting. But no not happening. Though the addition of the new HEAVY weapons does add an extra fun mechanics and alittle flavor to the combat.

The choices system has tooken a hit also, while you still have a good amount of choices, your choices don't properly reflect what you actually say, (an item that gets much worse in the next game, Their is no real cities, the major hubs have been butchered into section, no more huge indepth hubs that allow for exploration and such, (seriously I spent like 15+ hours in just the citidal alone when I first started the game.) Along with this the new moral QTE system is annoying and forces you to watch almost ever scene, even if you have seen it a dozen times.

Another item removed and replaced was the planet exploration, no more of going down to planet's looking for interesting events, quest and items, now you get to sit and stare at a very SLOW scanning process for probe launching looking for mining items, or signals that allow you to fly down to a dungeon, which this was done to make the planets more UNIQUE and in depth, But honestly that is nice, they aren't all the unique in depth or impressive, better then before, but nothing worth losing such a fun mechanics, and the buggy, which for some reason most people were to retarded to figure out how to use it :/ Seriously point the camera in the direction you want to go, and PRESS UP.. not that hard, the damn thing goes about anywhere. There was nothing more fun then seeing an enemy base with soldiers waiting for you, ramping up a hill landing on a number of the enemies, jumping out and laying waste to survivors with the buggy as a shield. It was awesome.

One thing the game DOES do better, is the crew, the games Crew in this one has some of the most enjoyable characters ever, while the first game had a handful of REALLy enjoyable characters in my thoughts, (Garrus, Tali, and Wrex my personal favorites), The crew here are all very unqiue, with various interestintg backgrounds and indepth characters personality quirks, Wrex doesn't make it back, but grunt the one who replaces him, is a very unique and enjoyable character, fun to learn about. Tali and Garrus make a return, and YES Tali can be romanced, and I enjoyed it very much so. New addition I loved were Thane an assassin frogman with heavy religious believes (more buddhaish/taoist style which makes it actually INTERESTING), Legion a Geth who joins you as a repersentitive of it's people, and Doctor Mordin a salarin with many interesting moral codes, they all added to some of my favorite characters of all time with this series. All wonderful, along with Tali and Garrus, and Grunt. I Enjoyed alot of the cast.The only issue is how late in the game you get a number OF them.

One other thing in this game it does real well, is showing just HOW much your actions can count, as the last mission the suicide mission is heavily dependent on how much you have done, and if you have earned the loyality of the your comrades, it can be the difference between them living and not. Such as that you can also do things to upgrade your ship which is also another live or die mechanics. You MUST be ready for the finale to make sure everyone lives.

Continued below!

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, March 14th, 2013, 2:48 pm

Continued Below Part 2

ME3 5/10: This game has been butchered to a point where it's nothing more then a crappy over the shoulder shooting feast, and a shadow of it's former self and what made up 70% of the gameplay.

The game focuses way too much on it's shooting mechanics, and completely negates everything that made the gameplay. The classes seemed to have some more depth, but it's still the same system as in ME2.

The Weapons have seen a return of SOME customization, however, it's just 5 different modes, most doing the same thing with 1 being unique to that weapon class, the weapons ALSO now have weight, which restricts you in a various ways if you get to heavy, such as your biotics becoming a 3 times longer recharge time, so most generally you will only ever be allowed to bring 2 weapons, and while you can use ANY effectively, the weight system causes you to not use many of them. So while one step forward, it is followed by yet another 2 steps back. Along with that let's make it 3 steps, as Heavy weapons are now random pick ups, and you just have to HOPE to come across one and it's useful for the fight. Some are set up as forced to get through an area, it's just a horrible design, and limits your choices even more.

The exploration system is the same as before, but with one MINOR difference, the BING system, which you have to use to find out if a planet HAS something on it, now I don't know if you HAVE to use it for the item to spawn, but some items are actually invisible in the system until you do, the major part of the this being a problem is, that the bing Alerts the REAPERS, in the zone, and if you fill up you bar trying to find them, and it fills up QUICk, and once it's full that system is pretty much screwed for exploration until you do a question, either side or main.

Along with that is the quest system, the citidal is brought back SOMEwhat, and you can explore it, but the way the game handles the quest system is TERRIBLE, most times you have to walk around the city hub and wait for somebody to start talking about something, and then a quest suddenly comes up, the games tracking of this is freaking TERRIBLE, as the when the journal updates, if basically tells you what it wants, but doesn't bother to explain if you can get it yet or not, and also if you do GET it, you have no idea cause the journal doesn't update properly at ALL

Lastly the choice system has also been stripped down, if you even DO get a choice to say something now, it's limited, and most the time it's either something misleading you don't want, of telling people to go screw themselves. One example when liara asked me if their was something still between us (as I choose her over that hideous racist ashley in ME1 cause I couldn't choose TALI), my choices were basically, Yes or no, but how they were stated once I choose them was no was EWW GOD NO GO FUCK OFF basically. The other choice YES was basically pointed to me wanted to bone her again right on the spot. So no middle ground, it's really only yes of no choices. Along with further jumping off the written line that you pick with dialogue that doesn't even come close to matching it, it's not even in the ball park 90% of the time.

Along with that, in terms of the choice system means DICK here, everything you did, everything you worked for over 3 games 300+ dollars spent, 300+ hours of your life spent, loving a series, and crying and joy out of it, is WORTH DICK, it's pointless, all of it, everything....

Story Overall 7/10 for 99% of the game series and the last 10 minutes? 1/10 complete failure.

I remember seeing people say they LIKED this shoddy crap, HOW, how can anyone LIKE that garbage at the end? Let me explain in a variety of ways. The link below will help, we mostly know the story, you Are Shepard captain of the normandy, you find out of a race of synthetics is trying to destroy the galaxy, and you have to stop them, now while you believe your shows matter, in the last 10 minutes, well they don't and the 3rd game makes if very forced that you know it's theme. Which is one major item.


The game forces Self Sacrifice down your throat through the whole of the game, which is stop, meaningless, and disallows for you to make choices to change it. But it's all the wrong kind, it's not well though out, most of it is worthless, and comes out of no where just to have it. Almost every quest ends with SOMEBODY sacrificing themselves for the greater good. But honestly as it's supposed to be the one all most heroic thing ever.. to me after reading a series known as Ruroni Kenshin, I see if for what it truly is... a cowardice act something that only leaves more sorrow behind when somebody was looking for the more simplier way out, while yes done WELL it can be heroic, and meaningful, but when it's handled in the way it is in this game. It's meaning is lost, it's tossed out like candy. Some can't be avoided, but many where just tacked on. Tradegy is a part of real life, and war, however, this is a sci fi fantasy GAME, the last thing I want is to be GRITTY and REALISTIC... I have said this before tho.

Anyway the last point has to deal with the extended cut, let me point out I am a fan of Angry joe, but he had a moment on this, and failed badly on this.

Allow me to point out WHAT is so wrong with this, and why it isn't amazing, and shows Bioware doesn't care about us at ALL.

Point 1: Ok, the god childs logic, you may be able to ask him more about it, but you still CAN NOT contest it at ALL, you can't point out how FLAWED his logic is, and barely gives a loose example of what they do and why. But in the end we DON'T CARE about THAT, the reapers are about to be destroyed, one way or another. What we wanted was to point out how completely WRONG this AI was, which isn't really an AI, it's far closer to a VI, an AI LEARNS, evolves and figures out things, a VI can't escape it's basic programming and evolve, it's stuck without ever changing. So this is NOT a AI it's a bad VI end of story, this fixed NOTHING. Wrong Again Joe

Point 2: The normandy PICK up, ok so if you have done this the whole normandy retrieval scene is completely off, ok when running down towards the final goal the Harbinger is GATLING blasting you, after you crew is hit, he just STOPS.. what does he need a recharge? He gives you enough time to bring you ship down, pick your crew up, while waiting like a full MINUTE on the ground, WATCHES as you leave and doesn't do ANYTHING, and as soon as it starts up again? LASER GATLING BLAST!... It's stupid and makes no sense. So again Angry joe is very wrong.

Point 3: The Normandy's Retreat... ok so... this weapon made specifically to kill REAPERS, is about to fire, you planned on doing this NEXT to earth, the world you are TRYING to save... and you ... Run?... Why, what's the point? RUN WHERE? it's meant to destroy reapers across the GALAXY, where are you going to outrun it to?! NEXT, while Joker refuses to, the rest of you crew, people who consider you FAMILY, and lovers.. tells him to go? No No No NO.. makes no sense, in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM! The point for retreating is weak to begin with.

Point 4: While the lack of the Relay's exploding makes sense which is the ONLY good change that makes sense, the other comes from the SHITTY reward afterwards. You get like 3 still images of events that happen afterwards. Here were mine

Earth being rebuilt.... Ok I already knew that was going to happen... That was kind of already known..

The Quarians on their homeworld.... Ok this had more issues, also APPEARANTLY the Anti Reaper weapon kills all SYNTHETICS... so All that HARD work to get the quarians and geth to find peace and choose to live together, which cost Legion his life might I add... WAS FREAKING pointless?!, it didn't matter wither we did it or not cause the geth ended up DYING ANYWAY! POINTLESS WASTE OF TIME!

The Krogan having babies... Again, wrex told me they were already having kids before the final battle.. Already knew that was happening..

Ok... That's it? Oh and the relays being rebuilt... Oh and a breath scene...

REALLY?! that's IT?!

What about the fears of the Krogan going rouge again and killing everything? What about the Geth where they rebuilt? What about Liara's Home planet? did it service? or is her race to dead? THESE are some of the thigns we wanted to know. Did my Shepard come back? did he head and walk through Tali's door at her beach front properity she wanted and live together to help others? THIS IS what we wanted people!

So this is the forced ending, they kept what they wanted, cause this is how CASEY hudson's moronic self wanted it, which the rest of the crew were PISSED about, and many threatened to quit over, along with that, this is NOT what the original creator had for the ending, his was MUCH better and made alot more sense. Infact it shows as the original creator was not even INVOLVED in this game, and was nothing more then a foot note. Along with this, Bioware had THIS to say about ME4....

"We have already said that the Commander Shepard trilogy is over and that the next game will not feature him/her. I see people saying, 'Well, they'll have to pick a canon ending.' No, because the game does not have to come after. Or before. Or off to the side. Or with characters you know. Or yaddayaddayadda. Wherever, whenever, whoever, etc. will all be revealed years down the road when we actually start talking about it."

So.. ok, you forced US into an ending, demanded we take it for you artsy integridy or whatever it's called, and yet, YOU throw it away and tell us oh well? REALLY?!

I'm done with bioware and EA. DS3 was the last game I'm buying form them, if I have any more interest I will wait for used...

This is our complaints. I'm not saying I wanted a Disney happy ending only, I just wanted one as a FREAKING choice, one of MANY endings that made me want to play it AGAIN to try and find an even BETTER ending next time around... as is now. I have nothing, but hatred for the game... a shadow of what it was, why some people say well like it for the GAMEplay, but the story WAS part of the gameplay, and the game itself is a shell of it's former self... So no... I'm not going to like it if it SUCKS...

Reply zignoff, March 16th, 2013, 9:40 pm

... :*( @qazox: No... I wanted to see my mutant Quarian Human cross babies.

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Reply qazox, March 16th, 2013, 12:28 am

Feel better now?

Reply qazox, March 18th, 2013, 10:02 pm

@zignoff: trust me... you don't. ;)

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