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Episode 96: More problems with the mechanics...

March 8th, 2013, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, January 5th, 2013, 12:49 pm

OK, here is the review for this week. This weeks Review for the Xbox 360 Arcade live Indie game, Dust: An Elysium Tale.

Now I'm not going to lie, I will be putting some Spoilers in here, so be ready and warned for this outcome.

Now I mention this game recently being on the really BAD ending list, and just so, the game has many faults, and personally I couldn't agree with people who seemed to overlook them.

Let's get started.

Graphics 8/10: Now one of the very known things about this game is it's unique very clean beautiful art work in game, and while it is very well done, considering it is said to be all done by one person according to Jim Sterling, the games has some odd moments when the art work seems to just become very low grade. The movie sections are the major ones here, they seem to be very low quality and seem flat and lifeless in my thoughts.

Now as for the game overall the graphics are well done, most environments have their own unique flair to them, the character models seem detailed and well animated, but for the more story focused characters, they come off rather bland at times. It's overall a more Furry themed image... without the sexy character models to back it up lol.

Music and Sound 7/10: Overall the voice acting is average, nothing really special, most seemed to fit well, but overall I wasn't floored by their acting skills, the games Music, well I don't remember any of it, as it really never did anything note worthy, you really have to try and make music show through and be heard in a good way.

One thing I can take from the new Metal gear Rising Revengance is the Sound track is completely EPIC, each boss has their own scores, fitting their characters and hype you in the fight... this game... meh... As for the sound effects, well I would be able to note them if it wasn't for the major problem which I will be pointing out here soon in gameplay, but from what I can tell you, their average.

Gameplay 2/10 (for Combat) and 5/10 (for overall game mechanics): Here is one of the major nails in the coffin, the games mechanics do have some note worthy aspects, but many are half assed and don't take full advantage. One example being this is a more metroid style game, with leveling aspects and alot of interesting mechanics, exploration and customizing your characters, however, the game has NO REPLAY VALUE, the fact is while the game has some decent mechanics like this, you'll never even get close to needing all of the beat gear, nor the best items,or to maxing level, which is fine, if the game had a carry over New game Plus to high difficulties.

But sadly, their isn't any, games with lots of little hidden things to find and power up become pointless when you can only get them near end game with nothing left to use them on and no option to carry it over to a higher difficulty, when you barely need a fraction of it to complete the game, and most of it has no point since the game is nearly over. But for games like this once you have EXPERIENCED the story and the world, and the game to almost 100%, the thrill of doing ti again from scratch once you FINALLY got all the powers, and now nothing to experiment on or play with it. Losses meaning without a proper NG+ mechanic.

Along with this, the other reason is the fact, the combat is severaly BROKEN, the game has little to no combat depth, the combo's list is simple at best, which isn't bad, but it lacks even the depth a Dynasty Warriors game. The X button does your regular attack, and the y can sometimes do a heavy attack, but these are normally pointless once you get a CERTAIN combo, once your partner character Fitch gets her ability to shoot her spells and you get the aerial whirl wind skill, the game is completely over for any depth. This is the game people need to play when they want to complain about mindless button mashing.

Simply jumping and hitting Y+B all the time allows you to fill the screen with a energy vortex of DEATH the basically kills anything with little to no threat, and when Fitch 's get her more powerful spells, (which is a flame torrent and a force lighting storm), the game is nothing more then mindlessly bashing the Y+B in air to death. Now to offset this Fitch has a limited amount of times she can use spells before recharging, but it's not that much a of a problem as by the time she is done using all her magic everything is already dead, another mechanics is the constant use of the Y button move can backlash and cause you to hurt yourself, but it takes ALOT to do that, and the remedy to this is to not use it for a second or to, which is easily exploited, so it's nothing really stopping you form spamming the hell of it the whole game.

The game tries throwing in one of 2 enemies that you "HAVE" to change up by doing a counter block to, but even those enemies are buried under the flurry of the Y+B magic flying whirlwind spam. The combat itself is very limited and not satisfying in the least, and is the king of Button mashing as far as I am concern, taking little to no effort once you get the right tools early in the game.

Story 1/10: This is the final problem with the game, it's story is GARBAGE, almost to the point of contradicting and non existent. You are some guy who wake's up and a magic sword tells him to go on a journey, you meet the supposed guardian of the sword, which is apparently 1 of 5 scared swords in this land.. well that's about it, this game as a very racism focused plot about the furries taking out the lizard people (called the moon tribe) cause they are different, that's basically the only staple to it.

Simple and straight forward, but very hollow, almost all the characters have no depth to them, the major city hub with all the side quest is a array of mixed mentally and socially people which never gets explains who they are, why they are here, or anything, in fact almost nothing of the world is put into perspective, things are HINTED towards, but never fleshed out at all. There are a few major characters, You, and Ginger, who HATES your guts cause you wear a outfit SIMILAR to an assassin unit that murdered her family, NOT THE SAME, but "SIMILAR" now as you progress through the game, the story does some of the worse possible element of trying to fill in a for being "realistic", which when I play games I want that crap thrown out the window.

One of the major story quest, you come across a village and find a person is sick and needs this magical healing water, but something has caused it to dry up, and you are his only hope. THIS is the major plot element to focus you into doing the right thing, but it's not like you are given a choice, you have to do it anyway to progress in the world, but it does give more importance to the element and makes you want to do it more.

However, once you DO achieve the goal of freeing the water and bringing it back to the people, RIGHT as you basically get the water to the guy's lips, he dies... REALLY?! Now the game then tries to justify this with the magic sword saying "I knew this was going to happen, but didn't tell you." When you ask WHY, he basically states "Would it have mattered?" "If I had told you that would you have still gotten the water?", When you reply, "Yes, the people needed it and it was the right thing to do." He replay " Well then what's the problem? You can't always get what you want, even when you try your best..., if you had planned to do it what does it matter wither you couldn't save him or not?"

EXCUSE ME?... REALLY? That's NOT the point here. Do you know how absolutely infuriating that is to me? Yes, I needed to do it to help people, but that doesn't take away from the fact you dangled a banana in front of me like some type of trained chimp on a threadmill with the promise of something and then once done take it away cause I achieved your other goal. THIS IS NOT GOOD story telling, tradegy is an delicate artform and has to be done JUST right to have the effect needed, it can't be shoehorned in in a rushed or inconsistant fashion and believed to be given the same weight. When I play games for starters let me tell you, I don't want to be hit with the Bullshit "HARSH reality" crap, I an watch the news for that.

I play games to get away from that, to be able to do thee impossible, to achieve what can't be, yes I understand that it is a part of the life, and CAN happen, but I don't want to believe that EVERYTHING I try to accomplish is going to have this negative. Even more so when it's a main objective and story driven plot element. What kind of lesson does this teach anyone, why even bother trying at that point if failure is the only option? Cause it was for the "Greater good" Which might I add was never SHOWN within the games story, everything the water was supposed to do never really play a part in any way in the town it's people or anything, it's kind of a sticky note on the side of the quest log. Nothing changes in the town, you don't see any effect from it, it's just pointless.

The next element to the games story comes when you find out that You are the MERGED soul and body of the assassin that killed Ginger's family, and her Brother. Which the only explaination is of MOON TRIBE MAGIC!!! You have constant talks after that about what defines you, who you are, and how the evil assassin is clawing and trying to break his way out, and his brothers kindness is holding it back. This moral function is not played into the games mechanics, and we never get a choice in the way things play out. At the end once he finally decides he is neither the assassin nor the brother, is his own person and can no define his life and live it, after fighting the final boss, YOU FREAKING DIE!... In a completely anti climatic way, basically you go to fight the general who was a friend to the assassin, and after fighting him 6 TIMES in one of the most monotonous fights in boss history EVER, the volcano you happen to be fighting in EXPLODES.

As you crawl to the main boss, you exchange a bit of rather confusing dialogue that loops in logic from one point to the next, the conversation is like this. Genera boss: Oh... you... You're not him are you... (and after telling him and arguing he isn't THAT person) You say: I am... Then the general Says: No.. no you are him... Then you say " No I'm not him"... WHAT?! make up your DAMN mind, so after that, as Fitch and ginger try to save you you basically end up saying, oh well you can't get what want even if you try your best, and then you FUCKING DIE.....

SERIOUSLY?! You finally define yourself, you set up yourself to have a life and help other, and before you can even LIVE it, you DIE?!, After that during a funeral to herald your death, the game "HINTS" that you MIGHT be alive, but nothing solid, it makes no attempt to at being conclusive, it's just yet another symbolic pile of garbage with little to no depth or meaning... Oh yea, and their is also this whole FF7 crappy life thread thing that has a major story function, but it's as well explained as THAT was in FF7...

Overall (5/10 for the fact it has no bugs HOWEVER, I would give it a 3/10 for everything as it felt like a massive waste in many areas) So in MY opinion overall 3/10, but a 5/10 for an average game that does nothing special: You can't rent the game as it is a Arcade live game. Now I bought it for 7 bucks, and STILL felt ripped off. Lastly, the games Length, I saw people literally saying they had 15 hours, and on at 50% completion, I had 2 hours... and was at 99%... Something is off here... the game is SHORT, and easy to complete... honestly.. just pass this one up :/

Reply zignoff, March 9th, 2013, 2:16 pm

Never Been a TR fan. @qazox: I plan on giving it a try, but I never was a fan of the series other then lara's massive chest lol!

I tried more said to be improved uncharted series with Uncharted 2 like the 20 game of the year choices. I found it undeserving of even one mention as everything in that game was bland and just uninspired, it did everything well, but did nothing other then just average.

I'll get around to the new Tomb Raider soon enough.

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Reply qazox, March 8th, 2013, 10:27 pm

Just curious, have you played the new Tomb Raider yet? It's pretty dang good.

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