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March 1st, 2013, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, January 5th, 2013, 12:41 pm

Warning angry spoiler rant AHEAD! You've been warn....

*Breaths in.... Breaths out...*

I can take a note from Angry Joe on this.

What the FUCK is wrong with this generations gaming story telling?, why is it SO freaking hard to come up with a well fleshed out, fully structured ending, the is conclusive and good, and not lazy, and cliche as HELL?

I recently played 2 games,the first is the much talked about, and very argued Mass Effect 3, and let me say I bought this used at 10 dollars, and it was simply not worth it, the other was known as Indie Game called Dust: Elysium Tale for Xbox 360 live arcade (I think Spell correctly), and this one which is well liked for it's art and story (which let me tell you the arts decent, but the story? no but Ill go into that in the review), this ones ending sucked massive balls and both games really just made no sense whatsoever.

Look, tragic events happen, it's part of real life, we understand that and it CAN make for a powerful moment in a story, but when it's used in the ways ME3 and Dust does it, and AC3 from what I heard, then it's kills all the time, money, and effort you spent.

Some people can say, it's about the Journey not the destination, or it's just a game, get over it. Both are WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Look one we play games for something to enjoy, something to get away from the tiresome "real world" and just enjoy being able to express who we are and in a way that can only be done in a game, most of us immerse ourselves, and become the characters, we grow with the characters, and become a part of the world.

Lose can be a part of it, but it has to be executed well, and done with a purpose and because there is NO other way, no other method, but not to characters to important, or personal to the player experience. It's not something meant to be thrown in to create some generic cliche heart string pulls, it comes off when done lazy like that as a kick in the genitals for it.

Like the last 5 minutes of the epic anime Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann, which was pretty much ruined in that time frame. Where the 2nd half of the series was to REALLY save Mia, Simon's Fiance, destroying the Anti-Spirals and saving the universe was a secondary, and when everything happened, those who heroically died, died to save both Mia and the Universe, but you'll notice they 90% of them didn't die in the movie remake, only the 1 major unavoidable death, it HAD to happen and it sucked, but they did it in an epic way to make up for the tragedy, but then after the universe was saved, Mia safe, and Simon and Mia getting married, Mia basically disentigrates, WHY?

The creator I think must have gotten some hateful letters, cause he had to make a side chapter that mention that her father was cursed with Anti Spiral genes, and all his children was linked to him, but honestly? You're telling me the woman who was positively GLOWING that can be seen from orbit with positive Spiral energy was still subject to this rule? Really?

You don't kill off the major player for the plot not like that, and not in the last 5 minutes, yes I'm sure some people who to me are coming up with crap out their ass, will say something like, well it was for the greater good, or something generic and cliche like that, but no, that's a cowardly way to see it, the idea is to give the believe that even the impossible was attainable, and that what this series main focus was, and really you're going to go with this lazy cliche crap in the end?

Mass Effect 3 and Dust, BOTH suffer from this lazy cliche crap, it's old, and done to death, as much of a Disney Rainbow Shitting happily ever after ending, and given the choice? I'll take the happy cliche ending which leaves me smiling and happy I put the money and the time of my short life into the experience, not make me regret everything about it.

Also, people deserve something with some actual care and well crafted effort in an conclusion, heaven forbid a developer has to try and make a conclusion to the series that makes people WANT to go back and play, even more so for ME3. They supported the game and were coax to believe things which were promised by the company in their product which they failed to provide and went with the piss poor ending forced A,B,C ending they got.

Which I will also cover this which honestly? Fixes NOTHING, nothing that really was the major complaints, the extended ending cut, only fixes the bad gobble of mess the Casey Hudsons moronic self messed up, and even those scenes only add in more problems, and/or really don't solve anything. Just shows how lazy they got, and makes me wonder how people think Bioware cares about them with it, and how it's actually just damage control shit shining, in the end it's shiny now, but it's still just shit people.

Anyway, the major complaint, is the fact when was the last well crafted, fully structured ending, shows what happens to everyone, give a conclusive in depth ending which not only leaves people living mostly in a positive way, but goes into detail, about what everyone did, or is doing, really it's about finding out about what happened to these characters who you've grown to connect with and enjoy in different ways turn out, and if they changed due to your actions and behavior.

Hell I have the endings for both this and my series already planned, when and if the day comes for this this one, and when it comes to my main planned series.

Fully indepth, and explains what happens, and honestly it's hard, it's not easy, but that's the point here, it's NOT easy to make a good well thought out, and conclusive positive indepth endings, but just because you can't come up with one easily, doesn't mean you should wuss out and be lazy by doing one of the 3 most cliche endings ever.

Endings that are lazy and cliche come in 3 flavors, Happy Disney Blue birds, the tragic let down, and the classic, Just ending, which I haven't really mention yet, these are those endings to movies and games, where as the movie just suddenly ends, main goal done, and... BAM credits, nothing else, or like maybe a line or 2 with honestly no real happy or tragic, just yea we did it.. and black screen lol.

So yes, a lengthy rant which I will go more into detail on the in the reviews, but really ask yourself, in games this generation, when you really think about and give a real thought to it, don't say oh this was good, think really hard about how it, ask yourself, why is it good, can you give an indepth answer, and provide proper structure to it? I bet many can't for this generation, I'm sure they are out there, but there isn't many...

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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