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Episode 86: Oh god, you again...

February 1st, 2013, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, December 3rd, 2012, 7:53 pm

Ok, haven't had a review in a while sooo... Let's review a game, I'm going to do a favorite of mine, and that would be Dark Souls the Sequel to Demon Soul, very awesome games.

Ok, let's get this going on here. Ok Dark Soul's, now this game has some different opinions on it and I will say that I am one of the people who LOVE this game.

Story ?/10: Ok, story on Dark Souls is kind of hard to figure out, as the basic concept is this, flame is the major power of the world, and it was seperated amongst a variety of creatures, and eventually this power started to fade out, and then came across these zombie like people who have a flame mark that shows them what they are, basically you're one of them and you have to reignite the power of fire.

Basically, now the game story is found through a NUMEROUS of NPC interactions, and actually you have to dig for them to find them, and this is why I have a ? next to the score as I never really found any of the story, but I have heard it's very good, and what I have read online for it, seems to be pretty good. So this can be debatable :P

Graphics 8/10: The graphics are a more realistic tone, though with various fantasy elements, enemies look well detailed, and extremely unique in design, environments are insanely detailed and clean most the time, except for one of the major issues which is why it gets a little lower score, the game has a grainy film of it, and many of the "darker" areas show up, the darkness element of the game makes almost impossible to move around properly.

Sounds/Music 9/10: The sounds are very good, again their isn't much to say on this, swords clash against steel sounds correct, when weapons break boxes they sound accurate, the monsters screams sound good. The voices are well done, most fit the characters, and they do a good job with the voice acting in most cases. The music is good, for what I can remember, and that's one of the major complaints on this as a whole, the music is rather forgettable and could have been done a lot better.

Gameplay 10/10: This is the mighty meat of the game, this is a challenging skill based, every enemy has his own battle mechanics and a specific way you have to approach, now this can make the game hard of easy. it's like the monster hunter games, once you learn the enemies pattern, what weapons work and don't they get "easier", but that doesn't mean they are push over. The major leveling mechanic is the soul system and as you level with souls, the amount required raises per level, so while you first level was like 5 souls, at level 100 it takes over a couple hundred thousand per level, and at that point it takes ALOT of farming to build up levels, and this is where the death system works in as if you die you lose all your souls, but not all is not lost as you can get them all back IF you get to you spot of death.

It's based on entirely on YOUR skill, this isn't a fast paced hack n slash DMC, or a run and gun like Resident Evil 6. Your character moves more realistically, you have a HP bar, a Stamina, and a MP bar, you major actions like running, defense, and attacking with weapons require stamina, various types of magic skills, that work of different states, for the magic user focus player. Now for those focused on melee, they added a skill called pyromaniac (I think), fire magic which is the major focus of the games story, which is a replacement for magic and doesn't really focus on a specific state. So when you need to have a spell for a certain enemy, this is the way to go for non magic users.

Now along with this, the game has a PROPER NG+, and if you want to 100% the game, you will need to play over multiple times, as you can't get everything first playthrough, everything is carried over, and the game increases in difficulty, enemies AI is more aggressive, they take more to kill, but also give more souls to level. Overall this game is perfect in almost every way, but as every game there is always something you can improve upon.

Overall Score 9/10: Rent or buy? Since the game is at 20 bucks, it's atleast worth a TRY, but all depends what kind of games you like, this is a skill base heavy game, with a more slow thought focus combat, you can't just run into combat like a moron you have to try to play correctly.

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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