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Episode 72: Time to improvise, Super Robot Style!

December 14th, 2012, 11:00 am

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Author's Comments:

Reply zignoff, October 26th, 2012, 11:22 am

Oh lookie! A giant Robot Reference what a coincidence! Because today I will be reviewing a Giant Robot game!


Ok so let's start off, with the fact I am a G1 Transformers fan, a nut of it if you will, I also am a huge fan of Beast Wars, so I obviously played the first game of this War for Cybertron, and while it was good, I let it off as it was a new IP, and a first attempt and it did it well. However, I am not as forgiving on sequels that completely lack an refinement and take more away, and/or waste time on crappy modes that really are unnecessary.

Story: 7/10 Hey it's the transformer world, you can do many things with it, but if your going to follow G1 lore, then you better damn well do it correctly. While the game has many elements that keeps true to the G1 cartoon, it has just as many elements that it gets just as wrong.

I can't go into much without adding spoilers, but if you can deal with them twisting around alot of the lore of the world, and making it their own, and somewhat half assing it, then yeah, you can survive, I'll give them props on many of the interesting ways they came about bringing some of the characters in like the Dinobots, and it works, SOMEWHAT, I have to say a number of the elements surrounding them are done poorly.

The story is told through chapters played out as different characters, and some times it switches on a dime, you'll be playing starscream at one point and only 10 minutes into his campaign it changes to Grimlock. Kind of odd, but it happens. So take it for what it is, the autobots are trying to make it through a portal to a new world, and start over, and Megatron is being a douche', but in a fitting way typical villain way, an also a not original G1 Megatron fitting way at least in my thoughts.

Sounds/Music 8/10: Not bad, not GREAT, some of voice actors, like the person who did Bumblebee, which is the guy who does Ichigo from bleach seem to be missing, so they half ass the content by removing bumblebee's ability to talk. What exactly was he doing that couldn't allow him to do it again, he isn't THAT good, or that important of a person to warrant that, I'm assuming he wanted more money and got greedy, so in the end he didn't get crap, serves him right.

Explosions are explosions, voice acting for the most part is well done, and fits the characters, and hell Peter is still doing Optimus Prime, that's enough already. Robots transform to the somewhat original transformation sound, engines humm, jets fire, it all sounds good, and works.

Graphics 9/10: The graphics are probbly the best thing in the game, they look beautiful, character models are sharp, and clean, the designs are fitting and I love the world, and how inorganic it looks, they really brought the world of cybertron to life in this game it shows.

Gameplay 5/10: Holy crap?! What happened here a 5/10? Trust me I'd make it lower, if I didn't consider the fact lower would almost mean the game is unplayable. Which it isn't but the score is what the game is.. AVERAGE... nothing more... to me it was dull, it removed various GOOD elements, and barely adding anything to the game, it didn't address many items people wanted, to make it more about the "Experience" which to me is a LAZY ASS excuse on High Moon Studios.

Ok the overall gunplay mechanics are fine, their tune well, and play smoothly, that's good, a game should do that. But in terms of overall content and replay value and incentive you seriously dropped the freaking ball on.

The campaign is played now solo, no co-op like the previous game had, the issue that everyone wanted was for us to play our own custom made autobot/decepticon was ignored for the "Experience" they wanted the games' campaign to be about the "experience" Which is basically them saying were to lazy and cheap to WORK on the campaign cause we think our shitty versus mode is awesome.

Funny how they mention that when the freaking campaign of the game is barely clocked in at 5-6 HOURS, 5 to 6 HOURS, and 2 of those hours are terribly done padding to lengthen the games extremely mundane stages. The characters basically play the same, their vehicle mode, and their "unique" skill which only does anything special in story for optimus and could have just been set up to be for any character. There is nothing special about them.

Oh wait, my bad, their is the one THIRD of a stage for bruticus, yes, One THIRD of a stage, not the FULL stage for him like they said, and the stage of Grimlock, which is one of the most BORING ass stages in the whole FREAKING game, and is also the LONGEST, it's a terrible basic hack'n slash that is truly nothing more then a button masher, you know the thing people keep saying DW IS, but isn't even close to, look you want to know what a button masher is people, then play grimlocks stage, THAT is truly a one hit button masher, with his transformation as a timed hyper mode that really sucks.

Along with this the game only reply value comes from the weapon upgrading system, but the weapons only have 2-4 upgrades and more of them are just accuracy or power increases, not many actually do anything worth two damns, and while their are blueprints to find more, their really just the basic weapons, nothing really unique to them, and for the ones you get for beating the game, you can't even UPGRADE THEM.

So whats good about the campaign mode for this game? The gameplay? HELL no, it's long and boring, if can be as refined as hell, but if it's as basic as hell then who cares, The Experience? yea that 3-5 hour game without the padding and cutscenes? Which is only worth a damn ONCE as you can't change the events or story/

So what's left? Horde mode survival, which is basic as hell and can't even use your custom characters in, and a Shitty Versus mode which they seem to focus WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to much time on, and it still turned out terrible. Look I'm not hating on it because I suck at it, hell I got the MVP achievement my FIRST FIGHT, it's not that's it's the fact versus games are done all to hell, and there are dozens of others that do it a HELL of a lot better, if I wanted to do versus, I would PLAY a versus focused game, like team fortress, but this, no just freaking stop.

Overall 5/10: Compared to what games like Borderlands 2 and Darksiders 2 did in comparing how MUCH they improved and made the game so much more then what they were, HMS should be freaking ASHAMED of themselves for releasing such a generic piece of garbage like this with barely any incentive to play, I am a huge transformers fan, but I am a gamer WAY before that, and my gamer is telling my he is sad to see a game like this with so little to offer in a world that could have done so much more.

Rent or Buy ? Rent atleats, it's still an OK game, and if you realy like pvp versus, then you should get some more gameplay out of this then I did. But Buy? no HMS needs to be punished for their half ass lazier cheapness, and they should know better.

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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Reply qazox, December 14th, 2012, 10:16 pm

I think he forgot his Pokeball... maybe that would work more than a "Gooooooonbuuuummmmmmmmeeerangaaaaaa"

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