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Episode 68: The suspense is killing M.C.!

November 30th, 2012, 11:00 am

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Author's Comments:

Reply zignoff, October 26th, 2012, 11:01 am

What to review now? Let's try Resident Evil 6!

Ok for this week My nest review is over the new Resident Evil 6 and this game has seen some flip flop reviews and I can understand both sides.

Graphics: 7.5/10 Graphics are good, very real looking and sadly this is another problem as realistic type graphics sadly don't last long there is always a more realistic game down in the next 6 months, hell 3 months for all that matters. The Game is very dark, and hard to make anything out, which sadly while I guess is to add tension, also makes it hard to make things out and progress correctly. So ok, but nothing unique.

Sound and Music 7/10: Sounds are sound, zombies moan, roar, scream, water splashes and rivers run, people scream, car alarms sound, explosions so on and so forth all clean and crisp nothing bad on that, the voice acting is done well, most the voices fit, a little over acting here and there, but typical to a resident evil game honestly. Music lastly I honestly not even noticable, I hardly even remember there being any music honestly, so for what was there nothing really stands out.

Controls: 8/10 Overall the Controls seemed to work fine, the button layout is easy to get the hang of, and not overall complicated. I didn't have any issues with controls and and lag in input, other then issues with the QTE which is one of the games major problems.

Story: 7/10 The story is decent and is told from 4 different campaigns the 4th unlocked after everyone else, it's very REish as while some things are answered, in usual RE leaves with more questions then answers, and never really seems to make a complete story. The issue here is a new virus known as the C virus hitting the globe from a new group known as Neo Umbrella, and you have to find out whose behind it, stop it and even find a cure. The story is played by Chris and his new Side kick, Leon and his new side kick, and Sherry from RE2 all grown up with a new character who is Wesker's Son.

Gameplay: 5/10 Ok, here is where the game goes down hill, the major problem besides the extreme over used QTE, which QTE isn't a BIG problem when done right, which isn't often, as long as they aren't OVER used, and honestly I'd rather not have them at all, as I see them as a lazy developers handicap and an excuse to not allow players to do things themselves. But The major problem is besides having far to many, the limited time to do them and how quickly they show up is a nightmare on higher difficulty levels. I could do them, but just barely and I got some decent reflexs in general. So in general that's not a good start,

The next thing that really killed the game is the lack of RPG systems, you can no longer level up and customize guns, BIG mistake on capcoms part, but they replaced it with a skill system where you get skill points to by and equip upgrades, which HAD alot to offer, HOWEVER, they bungled it badly, you get 8 seperate skill set ups, but each set up can only hold 3 skills, which isn't nearly enough to make anything worth a damn.

Skill are like increased accuracy, item drops, infinite ammo, better healing, but since you can equip 3 of them at any time, and you can change sets in game, however the game doesn't pause and honestly who wants to manage skills half the time? If they had gone with the skills and weapon upgrades that would have been great, hell even 3 sets and 8 skills would have added onto the replay value, but no limited reason to level up in general makes for poor incentive to replay at all.

Lastly is the modes, each character gets a unique element to their game, though some more then others. Leon gets old school zombies and monsters like RE games, like how the new Revelations Jill sections, focus on atmosphere, and is downright the funnest campaign to play, as it feels very CLASSIC RE, like before that RE4 crap.

Chris and Sherry's and the 4th Campaign are basically the same more of RE 5 style, except Sherry's and the 4th is more puzzles, it would have been nice if it had a combo of chris and leons in enemies, but not so much, alot of fast smart enemies, but the mutation are alot more aggressive, enemies can have full mutations on higher difficulties, both arms and head and AND legs can all mutate before an enemy is down, making some monsters nasty if it happens. Better chances on higher difficulty.

Another note on this is a warning to playing online, me and a friend played and some how the game has SEPERATE difficulties which I don't know how that works, however. While he was on Veteran level, while we played, my game was set to beginner, and it scored it as such, how this changes things I'm unsure or how it even works I really don't know.

Lastly there is a couple of extra modes, like a Left for dead style agent hunt where you play as a monster and attack players, and a merc mode, just like the others. So that is it.

Final Score 6/10 A slighty above average game, but with the little replay value, in my thoughts not really worth a full price buy, Rent first to see what you think.

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Reply qazox, November 30th, 2012, 10:04 pm

I don't think Goonba's gonna work vs. Aquamentus.

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