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Episode 58: The Cartoon Way!

October 26th, 2012, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, August 13th, 2012, 8:41 pm

What to review this week? Hmm... Let's see oh, how about the awesomeness of Yakuza 3!

Ok,so this week I'm going to review Yakuza 3. Now this game is a personal favorite of mine, I never played the previous ones and while this one starts out slow, man once it gets going it's a monster of a game.

Story 9/10: I love the world this game exist in, and I will tell you the one thing that MAKES this game besides the AMAZINGLY awesome gameplay, and THAT is Kazuma Kiryu, the main hero, who to me is probbly one of thee BEST characters ever made in a game series. This character is likable in so many ways I couldn't possibly name them all. You really just have to play it JUST for him.

Ok the story is you play as a man who was once a Yakuza, and in fact the adopted son of a the head of the BIGGEST yakuza syndicate. The game actually has information and videos explaining the previous games, the main hero at one point let himself be caught and framed for murder to save his best friend and main love, he was in jail for over a decade, and once he came back he found everything had changed, his best friend was now a monster mob boss, and his lover was his wife and they had a daughter, which in the end you end up adopting. Many things happen many people are meet, and it comes to a point Yakuza just wants to do what his dad did take care of orphans like he was.

So this is where the story is, you are currently running a orphanage, and this story somebody is trying to buy up the land, but the person who runs the Yakuza's, that Kazuma came from and saved twice, won't sell them, and then suddenly somebody attempts to assassinate him. You have to put your ass kicking shoes back on and find out why this is happening and stop it!

Now the only reason why this game story doesn't get a perfect ten, even more so due to how well all the events from previous games play into it. Is because of how SLOW it is to get going, the main thing is the main story starts with you helping every one of your kids in the orphanage with very tedious task to learn more about them, and it takes awhile, while it's more to be a tutorial of how to play them game, it's just hurts the game cause it makes it hard for people to get into it and they get the wrong idea about it form the get go.

Sound 10/10: This game has some crisp and clean sounds, while only subbed, which fits me well, the voices are so damn good and fit so well, I could never imagine ANY US voice actor doing Kazuma after hearing him in this game, they just couldn't do him justice. Horns honk, voices chatter, bones crack, and music plays an awesome beat, the sound and music of this game is nice clean and flows real well.

Graphics 8.5/10: While not the BEST graphics due to it being more realistic, I think real type graphics don't need to go much farther, honestly if the main game graphics perfectly matched the main cut scenes it be more then enough, when I can see the character PORES, of their skin, I think were far enough along people. Overall they are clean and crisp. But not UNIQUE, but still very beautiful.

Gameplay: 10/10: Now THIS is the meat of the game, after the slow start you start to see what this game has. and it has ALOT, INSANE combat, tons of mini games, quest, a full open world to explore, unique serious and joke characters, all which blend well when interacting with Kazuma, fighting tournments, Crafting of weapons and gear, post game plus, new game plus, full rpg mechanics, literally over a hundreds of hours of gameplay, I know I am at 200 myself after 2 playthroughs!

The game has so much to do it's not funny, but the main function everyone will know form yakzua, is the ASS KICKING combat, the combat in this game is just BRUTAL, the things Kazuma can do, does do or can learn is staggering, and he can go about learning them in many ways from leveling to special unique quest and mini games, it's amazing how much is jam packed into this game.

I honestly can't say enough about it, basically during the main story as you walk around you may come across, this might start a gang fight, then you have to defend yourself, and let me say Kazuma is a MASTER of being bad ass, and brutal, combat consist of various unique driven combo button combinations, mixed with building a rage meter that allows for many HEAT action special moves, while the combat alone looks just painful, the Heat actions are just on a whole nother level of ass kicking. It's like cutting a wound from across a person stomach and throwing a huge bucket of salt and lemon juice on it :P. It just has to be seen to believe, I actually Cringed a few times for it.

Rent or Buy? BUY. BUY BUY BUY!, Yakuza 3 is now pretty cheap and should be an easy find, you don't have to have much knowledge of the game and it will fill you in on most of the main story line as long as you can. This is a game this should NOT be missed out on, it's just to damn good. Find it, buy it, get through the first slow part, and LOVE IT!

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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Reply qazox, October 26th, 2012, 10:20 pm

Neither can I, Goonba; niether can I.

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