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Episode 56: Let's get that key!

October 19th, 2012, 11:00 am

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Author's Comments:

Reply zignoff, August 13th, 2012, 8:32 pm

Who knew beating midgets could be so FUN! This Week, the review up coming is from the epic sequel to the epic series BORDERLANDS 2!

Alrighty time to review this, and honestly I don't know where to start, I once told my friend about darksiders 2 and said that THIS is how you do a a sequel from everything I read about it. Sadly then I played it.

Now mind you it was by no means a bad game at all it was a great game, and in the right direction for sequel, but I doesn't come near in scale to what this next game I'm to review. BORDERLANDS 2

Now THIS game is a proper sequel and it's truly a monster.

Story 9/10: Most will say the first game had no story, which in a way is I GUESS true, but the story WAS there, just seemed like a bunch of mini stories and random characters leading up to the main, but it was there, 4 character working together to find the vault to get untold riches.

Now the story in THIS game takes everything in the previous game into account and DRASTICALLY improves upon, it and honestly it has a really good story overall. After the vault monster died in the first one it appears it triggered a response in the planet that caused a mysterious element known as eridium to burst forth and cause massive changes to the planet.

This altered the entire planet bringing back oceans, forest, making flash freezes. The whole world is new now, A man known as handsome jack who seems to be in charge of the market group of weapons and such Hyperion has come with new evidence that their is ANOTHER vault on Pandora and he claims it's the REAL ONE.

Jack calls for more vault hunters to come help him find the vault, but it turns out to be a trap, now as 1 of the 4 vault hunters to ever survive jacks ambushes, you are on a quest to get revenge find out the truth.. and GET BLOODY RICH!

Yea, sounds like a pitch, but a heck of a lot better then what BL1 hadm almost EVERY character makes a return and plays a BIG part in the story it's amazing how much they have :)

Sounds 9/10: Overall most voice overs fit very well and can do a decent overall job on acting, everything is overall crisp and clean and I had no issues with any sounds, the Music is quite decent at times to, but it's overshadowed by all the BOOMS and CRACKLES of everything going on at once. But none the less rather good.

Graphics 9/10: The previous games graphics come back in much more define goodness, they really outdid themselves, all the characters are unique and well design and have a lot of detail, which comes in so enjoyable in it's odd choices in cel shading, I can honestly say more games need to try for this, not this style in general but to focus more on making unique graphics that can stand the test of time. Instead of these crappy hyper real graphics that get out dated the next year. BL1 STILL looks awesome even after all this time, and BL2 just made everything better, there are a couple of ODD models and designs that look off at times, but nothing that isn't something you can't just pass over.

GAMEPLAY 9/10: This game has SO much I don't know where to begin, and what I can add, the missions of the previous game which were simple fetch or kill quest mostly have been completely revamped, missions MAY be brought down to most fetch and kills, but they go about it in such a UNIQUE and fresh way, that missions really never feel or get old, and you honestly can't wait to do the next one, then some are just completely outrageous.

Example at one point for story reasons you are asked to kill yourself, and you have a choice to either jump off a cliff and do it, or to deny it, now of course most would deny it, but since you can respawn it allows for a reward either way. Very interesting and something new to play with.

Overall the game plays great, I only ever came across 2 glitches and they were more of a sound issue, and one game mechanic issues. Nothing TO problematic just quitting and restarting fixes which isn't an issue due to how accurate it saves and you can almost jump right back into what you were doing at the same point. Which also leads to the online sections you can literally just jump into ANYONES game at any time, a great addition to what it had in the previous game, if a person is on a mission you haven't done yet, you will STILL get credit, now whether this moves your story or not I don't know. I haven't gone back to test it.

Now as for the mechanics of the game, the weapons and loot, THE gear in this game has been completely overhauled and apped up massively, each brand of weapon has their own unique gimmicks and mechanics, such as Jakobs gun mostly have rapid fire via button pressing and it looks like one of those old gun slinger pulling the hammer back kind of things.

The alien weapons have now been replaced with eridium tech, which now is something that ALL weapons can use, Rocket launchers are now RAIL CANNONS, pistols can be needle guns like form Halo, Assualt rifles can act like a storm trooper laser carbine, the list is endless, and then some guns have just completely outrageous designs and mechanics, it's so much fun to see what the next gun can do it's not funny.

Grenades and shields have also had upgrades and now do a load of unique skills like become turrets or power up your gun bullets for shield power. It's amazing the game has FULL rpg systems, and 4 completely brand new characters (5 with dlc now), now that comes to one of my first problems I guess I could say, while the new characters are unique, they don't really feel as good as previous borderlands, or nearly as versatile, the commando which I figured was like the soldier was completely different, and not nearly as good, his turrets get more firepower, and and do things like be warped to anywhere and have 2, but they can no loner heal, or regen ammo. Which make the commando a lot less self sufficent.

Then lastly there is the new game plus function which COMPLETELY changes the game, bosses have special random drops that only they have and you can get form them, you can start getting more eridium and rare guns, new enemies, enemies have new tactics and work as a team, it's a mad house and the first playthrough was already rather rough. I can't wait to see what it has. my only complaint is that it might STILL only have 1 new game plus, which is a MASSIVE bummer in my thoughts.

Overall 9/10: Rent or Buy, no quest BUY THIS FREAKING GAME, if you CANT buy, then atleast rent, don't let yourself lose out on such an amazing game.

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, October 22nd, 2012, 10:39 am

They really did a good job. @qazox: A number seem to say the first one is better, however, while I THINK I know what there talking about, the fact is, that BL2 basically has everything the first game had and more, and all is very well refined, it might be the characters or the fact it's such a different world this time. Who knows, But BL2 is what many games should strive for and don't.

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Reply qazox, October 19th, 2012, 10:06 pm

The Original Borderlands was awesome and Borderlands 2 is.... even more awesome!

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