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Episode 54: It's just a HARMLESS little Bunny Rabbit!

October 12th, 2012, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, August 13th, 2012, 8:26 pm

This week for a review...One Piece Pirate Warriors! One Piece Pirate Warriors Review! Here!

Ok, So a week ago or so I mention about being a One Piece fan, and about the poor choices were hurting the series here in the States and I know it sucked, but we should try to support it. However while I still believe that, with the information I have found out I can now UNDERSTAND, and somewhat agree with their choice.. though I wish they wouldn't Koei has gone and made some really STUPID and downright lazy choices with this game, which sadly will be it's downfall.

Now let's start this review off a little differently, were going to start with the Rent or Buy at the beginning, instead of the end.

Rent or Buy... well you can't sadly in the US it is digital only so that's out, now BUY or not?.. well .. Errr that's also a tough one... Allow me to explain why. You see, recently the EU version on EU amazon came out, it's 40-45 bucks. Now this again comes with case, book, physical game that's the only difference, but in EU this can still be sold in EU, plus you can play it on others systems or let friends borrow it.

Now if you can get a EU amazon account you can get this a little more then 45 bucks in shipping to US, I cant for some reason it wont allow me to use my card. However if you can the 45 price range is nice. Now comes time for the US release.. well... remember DD only no rent, not physical copy, no book, no resale value... 50 bucks.... NOW.. the EU version with middle man, Physical copy and all the same is 40 bucks US... WHAT is wrong with this picture here people?

People can try to argue about WELL warriors Orochi 3 was 50, YES, because it had an ASS load of content, and had to be close to the 360 copy physical release as to not give it a slight advantage, But WO3 had over 60 stages, 4 difficulties, 130+ characters all unique, and CHEAP DLC.

One Piece however.. well... look on to the review.

Story 6/10 Spoiler warnings!: Not because the story is bad, because it's the one piece story and the story is EPIC, however this score is based on HOW it was told. Poorly, basically the story takes place after the 2 year time skip, if you have no idea what that means well sorry for the spoilers. But I put a damn warning there for a reason, then it skips back 2 years before the crew got seperated by Kuma in the shady arch, after getting Brook on the team.

They basically explain the story to the character that weren't there, but sadly alot of arcs of the series are missing, they could have easily added Usopps home town fight, and the point from after crocodile to Enies lobby is COMPLETELY gone. so like 200 chapters of the series is missing from this over 600 chapter part of the series, that is ALOT of chapters people. That's one of the reasons it has a low score, lack of story and poorly told.

Graphics 9.5/10: What can I say, this is one of the major highlights of the game, the graphics are beautiful, character models match the designs of the anime/manga perfectly, they did an AMAZING job here, the filters they used give the game a unique look, and they are purely crisp and colorful. Very well done here.

Sound 5/10: What?!, But it's subbed?! you Hate the dubs, and love the JP voices why a low score for sound and voices?!

Well the reason for this is because while yes I hate the dubs, and love the subs, they still have to do there part, a lot of the most emotional sections where the actors did some of there best voicing felt... well Rushed.. like US dubbed rushed and lazy, alot of the emotion wasn't there like it was in the Unlimited Cruise series. I didnt feel anything like I should have, like the subs normally make me feel.

The sounds are crisp and clean, but it felt like they were WORKING and not acting today for some reason, it just didnt feel like their heart was in it this time, they felt like most US actors... Maybe it was how it was rushed, maybe it was the music who knows, it just didnt feel right.

Music 8/10: Honestly the music was mostly awesome it felt VERY One Piece styled, mostly it was all up beat and different for Koei, the only complaint I have is that they had NO emotional music for the scenes that needed it. It ruined alot of the tear jerker scenes.

Gameplay 7.5/10: Now I love Dynasty Warrior Games, and I LOVE One Piece this should be GREAT right?.. Well no, actually it's lazy. Luffy's story mode is about 5 hours long, not bad but it's only that long because of the extremely BORING and TEDIOUSLY long stages due to the rather poor QTE gimmicks and stage designs.

The stages are done in not a typical beat the SHIT out of 1000's of people but extremely bland, platforming and quick time events. It's more of a headache to get into, but after it's all over, then we can get to the MEAT of the game RIGHT?!.. Well yes.. but the problem is the meat is basically a low fat diet veggie burger, the game has literally no content for gameplay.

The major gameplay is from another log, which you play out sections of characters stories in a musuo style beat the crap out of thousands of enemies.. ok.. sadly only 100's.. yea.. you heard me.. 100's... where WO3 gave us thousands upon thousands kills per stage, like 4k a stage in some caes, getting 400 in these stages is a task.

The major problem also is that there are only like a total of 8-9 stages, while you play them from different character perspective, they ALL play the same. Zoro gets the most stages which is like 6 I think. Let's see Buggy, Don Krieg, Arlong, Drum Kingdom, Crocodile, Enies Lobby, and Shady, yea 7, and the other characters who have the same stages... it's the EXACT SAME STAGE, there are some SLIGHT changes, but nothing more so mainly because of the extremely lazy and bad choice they did with level design.

Instead of full in depth battle fields like Warriors Orochi, then went with the extremely DULL designs from the new Gundam Warrior games, which are the a bunch of boxes in various positions with narrow tunnels to each one, get to a section kill enough for the leader to come out, beat leader move on.

This design leaves nothing for originality or strategy. It was a BAD choice... and Lazy. I am so disappointed in Koei it's not funny. Now some people will be like BUT wait, It's a first try give them a break..... yea.. So was Fist of the Northstar Kenshiro's Rage and it's story mode and optional mode Dreams, were 50 times what this shit was, in Dreams a What if mode each character had full designed stages with completely different set ups and position and strategy every time and unique stages in general only for them.

One Piece had alot to offer, and it fell flat out on it's face at the starting gun. So you're probbly asking... WHY a 7.5?

Because of the combat mechanics... the combat mechanics are absolutely AMAZING, compared to the over S,T... S,S,T style games with onyl like 6-7 various combo's. The combo system in THIS game is MIND blowing, character are INSANELY in depth and unique with staggering amount so various combo's and move sets, literally into the 50 different combo's and equippable weapons on some the completely change move sets. The Real place this game shines is the Move sets. Also, the boss battles are ROUGH, the major bosses can be tough and challenging.

The also has challenge modes which seems like they may be fun, but I havent gotten far into them, and since there are only 2 so far, and IM guessing DLC, which is FINE, but the problem is I have a bad feeling the DLC price will be bad, like Fist of the North star bad, 2 stages and 1 costume for 10 bucks bad.

Overall score 7.0 for gamers, and 8.0 for one piece gamer fans. After this I don't know what to truly say, it's an OK game, but it's nothing more I really had some high hopes for this game.. but it let me down in MANY ways, the price was bad, the content was limited, and overall the one piece experience wasn't top notch.

I'm glad I supported it, but Koei did not make it easy on my sadly :(

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, October 13th, 2012, 9:28 am

Yea, but it's... @qazox: ... A BUNNY, it's so cute and laughable .. isn't?

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Reply qazox, October 12th, 2012, 10:16 pm

I told you 2 to run... why didn't you believe me?!?!?

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