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Episode 52: Time to conquer this first dungeon...crap a lock.

October 5th, 2012, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, August 13th, 2012, 8:15 pm

A review on Darksiders 2 Darksiders 2 review ahead.

Let's get started, I'm a darksiders fan, I enjoy the character, love the world, and like the art style.

When I heard about Darksiders 2, well I was worried, however as saw more and more and read more and more, I started to also love it MORE AND MORE. I got incrediably hyped for it, and when it finally came out it was almost everything I had hoped for, while it has a few rough edges to clear up, it shaped up to be an epic game in most cases.

Story: 7/10 Basic story is this you are Death trying to proof your brother War's innocence, but not really by giving evidence to prove he was framed, but by actually REMOVING the crime, by bringing back humanity. Death's story is during the 100 years war was imprisoned.

That's a majority of the things you will be doing, however Death has his own issues to deal with, such a new enemy that has been destroying the worlds out there, known as the CORRUPTION.

I can't reveal much as the there are many spoilers, but I think the biggest problem most have are either how vague or off the wall some of the story is presented, while I had no issues and understood everything I can understand why people don't care for it.

Graphics: 9/10 Unlike most games using hyper real worthless graphics, which pretty much get out dated next yet, Darksiders 2 uses it's own fresh unique art, inspired by the various series, but mainly by the teams leading creative artist Joe Madureira. Which shows in alot of his creation of alot of hard work and talent. The world itself is unique and beautiful as it doesn't try to be real, but more original and unique.

Music: 9.5/10 Almost prefect, the music is downright amazing and I took almost immediate notice of it, all of it fit perfectly, it went from haunting melodies to an symphony of music that sounded almost like when optimus prime first appeared on the new michael bay films (which isn't to hard to miss since it's about the ONLY scene with transformers in his crappy movies).
The music is top notch and one of it's most memorable functions in my thoughts.

Sound/Voices: 8/10 Overall everything sounded clean, and crisp, most of the voices fit I was alittle worried about who voiced Death, but they did a good job, not the voice "I" would have picked, but he did good. Slashing, and cutting sound like cutting and slashing, explosions boom. Most generally everything was good, not real complaint, but not also wowing me.

Gameplay 7/10 Now we get to the meat and potato's, but also a majority of the problems. While Darksiders 2 adds so much to the game, it white lies, about how MUCH it has.

Example, they stated that each of the 4 worlds would be as big as the whole first game, now this is true at the first 2 worlds, the first is EASILY s big, the second world while smaller somewhat has alot more dungeons. The 3rd and 4th worlds however... well, there are just pathetic. both only have a single road to 1 dungeon and that's it, they aren't even half of the first game COMBINED. Then the game comes to a very disappointing final boss battle. It's basically looks like they ran out of time.

Another issue is the lack of variety in missions and dungeons, dungeons involved to much possible solving and most times way to much of the same set up, find 3 items put them together boom. Really boring after the first 10 times, missions were mostly nothing more then tedious fetch quest which the game does a poor job in helping the player find these items, and Lastly along with the lack of motivation, the game has a small level cap of 30, and only 1 new game plus at this time, which is insanely stupid for starters. I won't go into why the reasons it is, cause their are just to many.

Along with that the game suffers from various glitches, nothing to bad, but alittle more then they should have, mostly alot of freezing issues, that have for few lead to save issues :(

However, moving from the FEW bad issues it had, let's move on to the good, the new combat system is AWESOME, fights are fact, very involved and enjoyable I love beating enemies senseless with the variety of weapons, although it would be nice to have a FEW more weapon types, even though you have like Hammers and Axes, they both attacked the EXACT same way, only the charges which there are only 2 change, same with the fist weapons. But regardless there is alot to do in fights and it is easy to get lost in the fun. There are alot of missions, though not very varied do offer alot of fun most generally. The game has a number of awesome mechanics such as skill trees, loot system, leveling, and even possessed weapons you level through feeding materials to, No equipment possessed armor though which is weird.

The games does alot, and makes a majority of it it's own, such as while the game only has 1 new game plus, that new game plus is a proper new game plus, making new enemies appear, new areas open up, enemies have different moves, and special loot that can only be gotten in new game plus show up.

Final 7.5/10 Yes while this should higher due to the other items, my final score is MAJORILY about the gameplay, as that to me is what a game is about. Buy or RENT. Buy!, This is still a wonderful game, and after the patches I'm sure MOST of the problems will be fixed of the bads that I mention. Plus if we want to see a sequel to a game thay actually TRIES to focus on the gamer and gameplay, in my opinion it needs support, considering their outrageous hopes for the game, which they hope to sell 4 million to justify a sequel... which at this time, the game has sadly only sold 250,000.. :(

For a game they tried hard to focus on GAMEPLAY, I believe it's worth the buy, it's a fun game, I enjoyed it all the way from beginning to end, even with it's few short comings.

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, October 13th, 2012, 9:25 am

Of course he would @qazox: He just wouldn't be MC if he didn't.

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Reply qazox, October 5th, 2012, 11:28 pm

Just from the title I KNEW MC was going to do that with Goonba.

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