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Episode 50: So, this must be the place...

September 28th, 2012, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, July 11th, 2012, 1:32 am

Dead Island review to follow! Ok,this weeks review is based on a very epic game in my thoughts, and while this game had a rough start, after the few patches it needed came out. The game turn into an epic zombie game, this is the kind of zombie game done the right way.

While I have heard of Dayz another Zombie game, but much different style, and I'm sure it's good, but a number of the mechanics forced on players turned my off, so I probbly won't get around to it anytime soon.

Anyway moving on back to Dead Island. this is a First Person style game, but more focus on Melee, instead of Shooting. The gameplay mechanics mimic the successful series Borderlands to a T. It's a single to 4 player online co-op game.

The Story: 5/10 Meh, not it's strongest point however you can bare it for how awesome the gameplay is. The idea is you're 4 survivors each with a simple background, most of which you're a bunch of losers who ended up here for some money or something. During a party the characters get drunk and end up somehow in a hotel room. But something has happened... the area is destroyed and you hear horrible noises. People are falling from the balcony... ZOMBIES HAVE attacked, and now you must escape the island and find a cure. Eventually you'll find there is an evil plot behind the scenes. Blah.. but you can deal with it due to the awesome gameplay.

Sounds and Voices 6/10: Yea, the sounds are nice, cars sound like cars, the Zombies have the highest point with the sounds, they moan evilly, they scream horribly and echo can be heard and scare the hell out of you cause the zombies are hard as hell.

Graphics 7/10: Most the environments are very well done, they are detailed in an ugly way, the ocean looks beautiful, the sky looks enchanting, the bloody streets are creepy, and the inside of building are dark and destroyed. A well done scenario, The Zombies, are creepy and gruesome, they are torn up and mutanted and ugly, very well done also, the human characters however are ugly as hell, infact many look worse then the zombies, eye's look misplaced, and the bodies move awkwardly about, probbly the lowest point to the graphics in my thoughts :P.

Gameplay 9/10: The most enjoyable point of the game, and essentially makes it what is worth the price. Which is now about 15 bucks. As previously stated the gameplay is similar to that of Borderlands. But instead of loot focused and a shooter focused, it's based on melee combat and building mechanics. You can find loot but it's rare, and you major weapons are usually pieced together from raw materials you find around the area and worked on form blueprints you find.

The area's in the game in the beginning are much less linear then what they were in Borderlands, later on they became a bit more corridor based. The environments range from a beautiful beach, the a destroyed city, to a prison and a jungle.

Gameplay is set up a in quest based system the games quest system is a variety of fetch, and killing quest, nothing to original, with a few wonky missions here and there, and numerous secret mechanics helped them game along. While it doesn't sound like much, it's a blast to play, zombies come in a variety of flavors, nothing you really haven't seen before, while they are slow, or stupid, some are fast, or explode. Now, the biggest thing here though is that they are POWERFUL, they can kill a max character in seconds flat if you ganged up on, which can happen more times then you realize.

Trying to tackle large numbers is suicide, and you really have to think and work around the environment to really make sure you get out alive, even more so when you get into danger zones which have numerous high powered zombies around. The rewards can be great when you adventure out and explore, but they can have alot of moments of you getting completely murdered by the mobs.

Rent or Buy?: At the price of about 15 bucks now, Buy, the game is truly worth the time and you will spend hours with all the characters finding your character to play and work with, each with their own full skill trees and special powers. While nothing new, or to original, it does take alot of good concepts and makes a great game out of them.

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

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