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Episode 44: Sucky... in a non linear way.

September 7th, 2012, 11:53 am

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Author's Comments:

Reply zignoff, June 30th, 2012, 1:49 pm

A new Review! Now let's move on to the next game to review. Were moving on to Capcom's new game Dragon's Dogma, which I mention last week. Let's get started on this now.

Graphics 8/10: Well in terms of the graphics, the theme here is a middle age scenario environments, King Arthur and such time frame, cities look very well designed in it's middle age style structure, many open fields, raging streams, rocky crags, and deep forests.

Other then that not much to say, the graphics are clean and crisp, I don't see any real problem with them, frame rate runs smooth, no clipping on the version I played, which is the PS3 version, also the game has some very incredible draw distance, along with great lighting effects, and day and night time effects.

Character models look accurate, and the creature designs are quite excellent, and very detailed. Spells and are also really impress, ranging from giant tornados, and giant meteor storms explosions from them are dynamic and impressive to see.

Sound/Music 6/10: The Bang of shields and swords, the explosions of fireballs and meteors, lighting and thunder sounds from bolt magic attacks, the cry of monsters, and roars of creatures, and the songs of harpies, many sounds are well done and clean.

The voice acting of the game leaves much to be desired though, I understand that it's a Middle Age style scenario game setting, and the English are a normal voice there, but god do the English suck at voice acting, I never understand why so many companies think they can act worth a shit. They can't and they are annoying to listen to. Please stop using them in every game you guys make...

Story 3/10: Here is the basic story, a dragon comes attacks your town, you try to save it and battle the dragon, you fail, the dragon pierces your chest, and steals your heart and uses a spell to keep you alive.

You wake up, and as you touch your scar, you hear a voice, it challenges you, you have become what is known as an Arisen, one charged with taking down the dragon, and to aid you is your pawns, your pawns are a soulless being that are from another dimension and are charged with following the arisen in their quest.

That's basically the story, it starts out strong, but the rest is done so poorly it's not funny, and much very vague in terms of explanation it's not funny. A number of the story sections are done in side quest, the problem of this comes in the next section.

Gameplay 6/10: Alright while the gameplay IS fantastic, it has many problems that could use some massive work. For starters the biggest issue comes from the games structure in team based designed, but no online co-op, the games functions screams online co-op in design, here is how it works, it's a free roam living world sand box style game, similar to that of a fallout 3, elder scrolls game, with gameplay elements, more tuned to a Demon/Dark Souls, Shadow of Colossus, and Monster Hunter elements.

Now along with moving around this world you can summon pawns to your team, the group including you, and your own homemade pawn, you can have 2 more people, now where a game that screams alot of online co-op fun, capcom decided to go with an advance AI system for the pawns, that LEARNS as you use them and as you progress, as you use them they learn enemy weaknesses, ways to fight, and how best to approach them.

Sadly, the AI is still very limited however, it can't plan, it can't strategize, and it can't think for itself, it merely sees an enemy and charges head long and makes a mess of things. This is the downfall of this system, people can complain about humans making mistakes, not following people around and going off on there own, but humans can also NOT have these issues, and not have the issues the AI has. It's just that simple.

Next is the actual combat, the game has 2 different structures of combat, the first is the main, the free roam movement, in combat allowing for combat actions using the left stick to move, and various mapped buttons to light, heavy attack and jump.

Along with this comes the class system, each character can have access to 9 total classes, pawns only get access to 6 of them, 3 basic classses, 3 advance classes, and the 3 player unique classes, Hybrid style, a combo of the 3 basic types, Melee, and heavy defense focus , Fighter, Warrior, Ranged style speed stealth style, Ranger and Strider, and Magic based, Mage and Sorcerer, the hybrids are Mystic Knight Melee/Mage, Magika Archer Range/Mage, Assassin Melee/Range mix.

Each class has it's own unique strengths, and weaknesses, but to find them you have to max them out to find what is best for you, and mix it well with your team. All come with unique moves which can bee accessed through holding the skill button, I believe shoulder buttons. But you have to be careful along with this each class has also it's own state buffs, which works with a HP system, a STAMINA system, and a weight system, each class as it levels gives a buff for it's leveling that other don't.

HP is obvious what it does, Stamina can be explained as the state needed for using moves, running, climbing, and spells. As mention comes the second part, the CLIMBING mechanics, this function is where the Shadow of Colossus, you can literally climb onto enemies and grab them, this mechanics is used in a number of ways, which usually leads to attack various weak points.

Lastly while all the stuff before is amazing, now comes the reason the score is lower, the quest system, the major issue the game has is helping the player find all it's many quest used in the game are story important, the major problem is that finding them and managing them it is not a user friendly system.

Each slight story progression in the game can lead to a score of missions, however while it opens up new missions, it closes off just as many story important quest also, along with that issue, the major reason it doesn't work is because of HOW the quest obtaining system is poor as hell, while others say, they like it not "HOLDING" there hand style quest system, there is a difference between hand holding and downright terrible and poor structures. A number of them are tied to achievements, and many are easily missable, and while there is a New Game plus, a single playthrough can last over 100 plus hours of gameplay, and the window for error is huge.

Example, some quest have ridiculous requirements to find, and have small frames at which to find them, there is no clear notice on the map or mini map, at the major movement of even the slightest story progression, a new quest might open up, and you literally have to go back to EVERY town and check EVERY person for missions, and with no real convenient or user friendly quick travel method, (there is one, but it's so limited and comes at such a late point in the game it's basically worthless) and taking literally hours to get back and forth between areas, it becomes tedious and boring to do such a thing.

Then you have the quest that unless you have a strategy guide for EVERY step of the way, you won't find them, such as one that literally has no icon or notice to let you know of it, you have to buy like 10 of a specific item from a traveling merchant who you saved at the beginning of the game, (but notice he CAN be missed if you don't follow the typical route at the start, this happened to me on the NG+ I played, while I was actually trying NOT to miss side quest), and then sell them back and buy 10 other items and THEN you get the quest, which again has a narrow window to find. It's a poor system and ruins ALOT of the gameplay.

Overall Score 7/10: While a great game and lots to do, the length of the game, mixed with it's very unforgiving systems make for a very annoying trip and while the game has new game plus, it has no real incentive to play over, no real new stuff to work for, no increased difficulty, nothing to make the experience worth playing over, while fun the first time, and that should be enough, you played the game before, and playing the same exact experience over is just that fun after you did it once before.

But overall rent or buy, either works, it's worth atleast a rent, and can be worth a buy.

"Legend of Zelda is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, September 8th, 2012, 11:57 am

It really depends for me it seems... @qazox: .. Some games are design to have you talk to everyone to find everything, the Tales games are like that a lot.

I use to do that, and on some games I still do, it's more of how the game presents itself in general weather I choose to talk to everyone or not :P

User's Comments:

Reply qazox, September 7th, 2012, 10:42 pm

Goonba: I think you're the green box within that green box.

About your rant last comic:

I just talked w/ everyone (just like I do 1st time through in any just never know)

The other RPG's you mentioned were great as well.

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