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Episode 26: The Final Finale Finally of the final boss..... of the first world.

July 6th, 2012, 11:00 am

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Reply zignoff, May 11th, 2012, 2:08 pm

Another game, Another Page, Another Review! Ok, so what do we have for this review?!

Well I'll tell you, it's one of the newest games to a long line of fun mindless, hack'n slash/beat'm ups!

Warriors Orochi 3!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY, a good game to play and review!

Alright well let's get the first few items out of the way. Warriors Orochi 3 is one of a line of original stories by Koei using the characters of the Dynasty Warriors (which characters come form the chinese era war times of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.), and Samurai Warriors (Which characters I believe comes from the Sengoku Warring states era of Japan), and places them all around a world created, by a Mythical Japanese being known as the OROCHI!, yes the 8 headed serpent beast Orochi, killed by Susano'o in japanese lore. Also known for in the game Okami, GREAT game by the way.

Know instead of characters being stuck in their factions they are known for, Warriors has various characters mixing it up, such as Ieyasu Tokigawa, the last of the line of 3 leaders that unified Japan, joining up with Liu Bei, the lord of Shu from the RotTK. Many character go join up with various bands, or do their own thing, allowing their characters to flourish and show more of how they would act if they are not bound by history. WO3, appears to plausiblely be the end of this series, but hopefully not as this one did VERY impressive in not only fan reviews, but actually saw some great professional reviews, which is amazing signs. Nothing GRAND, but an 8-8.5/10 seems to be the standard review from most, which I like, cause this level of review seems more rounded and less paid off. Some people seem to get the Idea that 8 is an average and anything under is not worth it. But sorry, 5 is the average people, it is the middle ground. It's not unplayable, that would be a 0-1, 10 being perfect, 9 being awesome, 8 being great.

Get your though pattern correct. This isn't a school grading system 50% doesn't mean an F in this case.

Graphics: Ok, let's start off with the first part, to me Warriors games for what they all have going on, what happens, they focus on fixing the gameplay and not the graphics, which I love, games are meant to be played, not looked at and admired, but this series always seems to have really good clean graphics, nothing fantastic, but not remotely bad. Characters skin looks natural, the clothing is always well design and details, and the scenes always looks rich and real.

Audio: Sound Effects are always fun to hear, you hear the roar of the army, the sounds of arrows being shot, guns being fired, various low to high pitched screams of the soldiers you mow down by the thousands :). Fun times. On the OTHER hand, we have the voice overs in most Warrior games we have to deal with a bad Dubbed voices overs, while we do have good ones to, then the flat out so bad they are epic in a hilarious sort of way. Luckily, and to much dismay of the TONE deaf, and ones who think RE1's bad Voice acting was award winning for best ever. We have Japanese voices only, now I'm not some otaku weeaboo who thinks English voices suck and JP voices are superior. Not at all, so listen to em carefully.

I DON'T HATE "GOOD" ENGLISH DUBS!, I HATE THE NOTORIOUSLY BAAAAAAAAAAAAD ENGLISH DUBS, BEST EXAMPLE OF THE WORSE DUB IS ONE PIECE. Which 90% of all english dubs are bad. Reason being isn't because of some weeaboo thing, it's because...

ONE: They don't match even CLOSE to the original HAND PICKED BY THE CREATOR voice source, or is atleast comes CLOSE enough, and has the same mannerism in grammar and speech.

TWO: Most JP voices are INSANELY good actors, they convey the proper emotion, at the correct times in the correct way. Those who know this will understand as I have friends who can just listen to a scene without watching or reading it, and almost understand EXACTLY what's happening int he scene.

THREE: They not only have to fit the role, they have to ENJOY it, most dubs seem to being doing it for a pay check, and not because they want to or like it.

FOUR: English dubs have a BAD habit of having one VA do 50 different voices in ONE SERIES, this is fine if they do a little random that has a single line or something, and if the VA makes them sound a little different so their hard to catch, but then you have hacks like Chris R Sabat, WHO CAN'T ACT, do MULTIPLE main character roles and SOUNDS THE EXACT FREAKING SAME IN EVERY ROLE!, he comes in 2 flavors, Heavy Smoker who is in trying to take a HUGE dump, vegeta and piccolo from DBZ, and the Moronic RETARD who just got done crapping and is relieved by it Recoome and Mr. Popo!

LASTLY: Dub everything correctly, don't add shit, or change things, keep everything the way it should be, this is the WORST of the things, and the part the English dubs ALWAYS screw up. It's not OH COME MY WAY FUNIMATION, IT'S OKAMA WAY!

I have only ever seen 2 animes in english I can truly say did MOST of these perfectly, the only ones I DON'T mind watching and listening to in english. G(god) Gundam! and surprisingly Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, which yes I know they messed up badly on the last 2, but they did the rest SO well, that I honestly can look past some mistakes. Anyway moving along WO3 has MOSTLY (like 95%) great JP voices only, so if you can't get that stick out of your ass, then go away.

Let's not forget about the MUSIC of WO3, by far some of the best the series has seen, ranging from rock, metal, goofy style pop I think, to full symphony pieces. The music is some of the best the series has to offer, and gives a full idea of the emotion in each scenario.

Story: Now this is..., this is one of the 2 things that this series does amazing, this one honestly surprised me HOW awesome the story was in this game, and how well it tied to the gameplay, the idea is you start at the end, a giant 8 headed monster has appeared, nobody knows how, everyone has been killed due to the attacks form it and the demon, you are using the last 3 heroes alive of a mix from Dynasty warriors and Samurai Warriors, taking the last of your troops you make a desperate gamble to defeat the hydra. The battle goes badly, everyone starts to die, you weapons are gone,a and as you try to retreat, you are surround in and ambush and right before the hydra finishes you!!!!

The world becomes black and white and time is stop, suddenly a maiden comes to you and tells you she will help, she is Kaguya the Bamboo princess of the Moon from Mythical japan lore. With a wave of her hand you are sent back to your base before the last march. The idea is Kaguya will send you back into your own past so you may rewrite history, saving those who died, and bringing them back to make a force capable of beating the main villain, do to story elements you can't go back before the hydra to tell everyone about the monster YET, that comes later.

The beautiful way is how this is used in so many ways in a fight, the first fight you are able to save 2 people in the first fight, HOWEVER due to a wall being in your way and no way to open it, another hero dies, HOWEVER one of the people you saved explain he saw something that could help, so you go back into HIS past get a catapult to transport to the battle, go back to the previous fight and then proceed to save EVERYONE. It's brilliant.

Gameplay: Now this is where the game TRULY shines, I LOVE Warrior games, they always focus on the gameplay over everything else, and it shows, they fix and improve mechanics that have issues, they try to make more and more characters on screen without losing frame rate or performance. They improve and balance characters each game adding new movesets or improving old one. Each character has a huge array of combo's and movesets, each one feeling unique, ranging from short, mid and long range types. Fast and Slow. Quick or strong. It's great, finding the characters you love, which this game allows you to have a group of 3 people at once, and swap between them on the fly. Which finding 3 might seem easy, but with over 130+ characters that is VERY hard.

Each Character has their own unique weapons and moveset, the have their own combo's special and ultimate moves. Each character also has 4+ weapon levels and forms, and the weapon changes each new level form

People biggest complaints are as followed and I will address them.

It's a repetitive game, cause all you do is kill the same 1000 mindless troops over and over:

Ok first point what game can you TRULY say is NOT repetitive, EVERY sport game is the same no matter the if you play the computer or live person, racing games are all the same, drive around and beat the course, doesn't matter. Call of Duty FPS games, either go form point a to b, pull trigger kill enemy rinse repeat with even LESS variety. Versus? Play the same 10 maps MAYBE, and do the mission against live people, it's the same thing each time, even if you add a couple of game modes. I mean this arguement is so horrible, ALL games are repetitive, but games like DW make it FUN!, and that's important.

"Well then the AI is terrible, they just sit their and attack:"

Well if you make the game harder and take it off easy, then the enemies get MORE health, hit WAY harder, ( on chaos on a level 99 character with max Defense, grunts can kill you in like 5 hits, general in like 2-3, arrows can do it in 5. They get more aggressive and attack more.

What do you what? Elaborate sneak attack and indepth tactics showing advance AI, hell even the most ADVANCE AI, is barely that good, and those game only have 3 to 4 enemies at a time, this game literally has 2000+ enemies and allies, grunts, and general character doing hundreds of actions at once, do you know how much it would take to have each one have the computing power to do anymore? The stupidity of this comment is terrible.

Lastely "Well the games are so limited in the depth of comboing compared to DMC or GoW"

REALLY?!, That is the best arguement now? First off, DMC and GOW is based completely on such a combat system, they have 1 character to focus on, but let's be realistic, how much more depth, well in all honestly, kratos's MAIN weapon only has maybe 3 times the combo depth of a Dynasty Warriors weapon and he also can't really swap mid combo, and the other weapons barely have a little over DW depth, here is the thing, most god of war games only have 3-4 weapons if that with combo's... Warriors Orochi 3 has 130+ with full movesets, and with this system you can swap between character using 3 different weapons and make indepth combos. This same arguement for DMC, which DMC falls flat again the best explain DMC has what 5 weapons each with maybe 3 times the average Depth a DW game character has, but there is again ONLY 5 or so of them not including the OK ranged weapons. It's a poor arguement.

So why don't these games get always great reviews, i really don't know because their the same thing over and over, well thing is so is COD but it is the same thing since the FIRST game and has even LESS changes then a Warriors game over the times.

Warriors Orochi is an amazing hack'n Slash, beat'm up game with great graphics and sound, great controls, OK camera, and a few things I would like changed, such as the more indepth ability system from WO2 was removed, making it less of a reason to play the other character once you found some of your favoritees.

But with over 60+ stages, 300 plus hours of gameplay getting all the achievements will at least take 100 hours maybe even more I have over 150 and I still haven't platinumed it.

Plus AWESOME priced DLC, seriously if it's not FREE, the most you will pay is like 3 bucks, and those usually are needed for FULL stages, literally the first stage pack is 4 full stages with unique stories and special weapons for characters. and costumes for over 50 of the character are either FREE, or cost a BUCK, a BUCK people, capcom charges 10 bucks for 4 character costumes. It's amazing.

Final Conclusion Warriors Orochi 3: 8.5/10, Yea as much as I love the game why didn't I give it a 10/10, well because NO game ever deserves a 10/10, that means a game is perfect and can't get any better to me, and that's never true, and also some things I would have liked to be in the game wasn't some features removed, but nothing that makes the game any less of a pure JOY to play. BUY IT people.

"Super Mario Brothers is a Registered Trademark of Nintendo, all rights are reserved to them for using their characters likeness."

Reply zignoff, July 8th, 2012, 8:22 pm

Of course I will @tyibo: Megaman is already on the list of games, and let me tell you it is a LONG list, I plan on hitting up MANY nintendo games.

The series after Mario and the one after is already set up, I believe Megaman MIGHT be the next after the 3rd one, There are many to choose from :)

Streer Fighter and MK will be hit on eventually though to :)

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Reply tyibo (Guest), July 8th, 2012, 1:32 pm

dude you have to make MC do megaman at some point! and possibly street fighter or mortal combat. but Megaman is a must! XD i really enjoy the comic so far!

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